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*** Update1:26pm*** Judges Jeff Bivins, Robbie Beal and Timothy Easter Please Explain to Me "HOW" What Happened to Me in Your Courtrooms Happened? All I Want is RESPECT. Call Me: 615-955-7599

After years of frustration in the Tennessee Courts Sharyn Bovat has documented the abuse of a judicial system that's fueled by a Good Ole Boy network.   She has documented "selective" prosecution issues and civil rights violations that have happened to her in Tennessee.  The American constitution has had a "vacation" in the state of Tennessee and it's time for RESPECT for all people and that starts with a fair trial for the NISSAN Whistleblower

There are 2 Technical record and they are located at the TN Appeals Courts located at:

Appellate Court Office - Nashville
Supreme Court Building
401 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219-1407
(615) 741-2681
FAX: (615) 532-8757

each topic mentioned in the Brief are detailed in the technical recorcord.

I = Volume 1
II = Volume 2
R. = Record followed by the Page #

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kim Helper - Do You Know Mike Faulk? Please Don't Tell Me He's Your Cousin? I Can't Believe Governor Haslam Appointed a Man That Had an Affair with a Young Republican to the Bench. He Should NOT Be a Judge... At Least in Family Court

The Red State Refugee is Happy to be Living in a State that Sends Their Corrupt Governors to Jail

Best part about this is the Good Ole Boy problem I'm telling the Feds about is becoming "entertaining" and ya'll are proving my point that the "network" exists 'If" this is the BEST choice for a judge then it proves cronyism is alive and kicking in Tennessee.  The state is corrupt to the bone.   I would have no issue with Mike Faulk's affair EXCEPT I was crucified and belittled for my indiscretion.  It's NOT fair that those "not" in the clique suffer while those that "do worse" succeed & profit from the hard labor of the average hardworking taxpayer.   Ya'll will be happy to know I found god while living in Tennessee and I Say Thank You Jesus for Getting Me OUT!!!

Source Said "The Good Ole Boys are Circling the Wagons"....  
I'm NOT Upset That He Had a Affair with a Young Republican.  Heck There's Hope that Scott Desjarlais Will Win Re-Election. I Think it's TACKY He Denied It....   Faulk is a Hypocrite & They Don't Do Well in Purple States...  Good Thing He's Just Going to Be a Tennessee JUDGE.... Yes!!!   Governor Bill Haslam is Promoting a Man WIth a "Past" But He's 8th Generation Tennessee and a True "Good Ole Boy".... 

NOTE to Mike Faulk: If YOU would like to clarify the story PLEASE call me I've ALWAYS allowed by viewers to correct me if I'm wrong about my opinions.  FYI-  I sent YOU a lot of emails about the NISSAN fraud.  I will show any reporter that you were aware that I was "maliciously prosecuted"... you stayed SILENT - why? Heck so did all your colleagues in that cesspool they call the state capital.  
Have a Great Day!!!   Sharyn  615-944-7599

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary

Judge This Tennessee

"....A victory by Faulk on Nov. 7 in the rural, conservative and overwhelmingly Republican state Senate District 4 would be key for the GOP in breaking a 16-16 tie with Democrats in the upper chamber......

But his campaign is facing unexpected trouble because the chairwoman of the Hawkins County Young Republicans has circulated a letter discouraging other Republicans from supporting Faulk, saying he had an affair with her during the race and criticizing him for repeatedly denying it...." Knoxville News

It's disturbing that articles about Mike Faulk have been "removed"  WHY?                                                               
Above are links from Mike Faulk's Wiki page.. Why did they disappear?  


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kim Helper How Do YOU Sleep at Night?

This Tennessee mom has fought the corrupt courts in Tennessee and she complained about lawyers that let a LOT of abuse happen.   She has found a good lawyer so I'm NOT saying that ALL lawyers are "evil twisted people"... Still in Tennessee those that succeed tend to be in the "clique"

Good News The FEDS are Putting the Spotlight on Tennessee

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary

This "Mom" was happy to hear the Haslam family & their unethical allies would soon be going to jail for what people connected to them did to her - she desperately wants the feds to deal with the issues of cronyism and corruption in the Tennessee courts that have let the Haslam family dictate the laws of the state.

She showed me LOTS of documents & proved to me that she was abused by Tennessee judges (some of them I heard will no longer judges:):)   They will have to answer questions during an "evaluation" and if they do NOT want to answer the questions they will NOT be allowed to run for re- election.  That means Tennesseans ONLY have to deal with the cronyism until their terms expire.  It's better than nothing.  OK- it's sad. 

Anyway this lady wants to see justice. NOW!!!

Recently she was just given a court date for her divorce that "started" her judicial nightmare, she was/is married to a Good Ole Boy whose family history is linked to the KKK.  The date the courts gave her was August 2014 and the system is going to abuse her for at "least" another year.

Sadly her child is abused in the process.  She has transcripts that show her child was violently spanked by the grandma who the little girl was forced live with (ordered by a TN judge).  It looks like the judge had a "conflict of interest" worse  the KKK rooted grandma told the police her 'yankee daughter in law' did things and the mom from Michigan was jailed 3 times.  LOT of court appearances & 2 of charges were dropped but a trespass charge still exists YEARS later. She was accused of trespassing on the marital home.  (Kindof like Mark Sanford).  It's my belief the charge is "trumped up" and that is what happened to me.  Bottom-line the trespass charge is a "he said -she said" and since were in the South... Kim Helper's office (The Williamson County DA) agrees with the Good Ole Boy.

Here's proof that an ADA in Williamson County Tennessee Terry Wood lied and Judge Timothy Easter accepted it. I truly believe that In Tennessee justice is ONLY fair to those BORN in Tennessee.

The DA knows that the child was given custody to a family that "likes" the word NIGGER.  Justice is NOT fair in Tennessee. Both this mom & me were charged with the same crime as Occupy Nashville protestors.  The exception is BOTH of us did not get proper notice that we were trespassing.  Her court documents were tampered with (we have proof) and I believe mine were too.  Gannett knows about this and reported NOTHING.  The Tennessean newspaper is protecting the TN politicians .

Odd fact the dad has a lawyer as so does the grandma.... The lawyers last name is "Hood"  kindof appropriate for a lawyer with KKK connected clients?

So in Tennessee college educated carpool mom from Michigan was forced to live in a shelter.  She learned about me from the internet & read my blog from a public library near that haven for abused women.  On Christmas day in 2012 she sent me an email and we later met at Starbucks. That day she showed up for coffee with a 11 x 14 framed picture of her little girl.   OMG!!!!  

The man that abused her is NOW being investigated by the IRS. For years the man that has denied her money for support and more important denied her - her child told the IRS he makes about 20k a year but MILLIONS are funneled in his checking account each year (this has gone on for a while).  She has an audio of him saying he did 2&1/2 million in sales.  

 His company books show that his liquor is paid for by the company... and his company pays BUILD a BEAR on a monthly bases.  He owns a "tractor" company.  Prior to a court hearing I called a couple of companies that bought tractors from him to ask about "odd invoices" and one owner told me he QUIT doing business with him due to the "sleaze" factor.  When they asked WHY I was calling I was honest - I said his wife is trying to prove that he made more that 20k a year because he does NOT want to pay to support her.  One guy told me THANK YOU & said he makes OVER 20k a years.  People have told me they "pray" for the lady I'm writing about.  She was recently granted in the courts $500 a month for living expenses.   This lady is the "face of poverty" and she KNOWS that people connected to the Tea Party, Marsha Blackburn, State Senator Jack Johnson, Governor Haslam & Beth Harwell (some last name as Aubrey Harwell?) know that she's & her child have suffered and are STILL suffering and they're STILL not forcing her "future ex" to treat her humanly.

So the good news is things are happening and she's comforted that he will someday be accountable.  She has connected to her "not yet ex" to the Haslam family ....  Sadly UNTIL justice happens her child is at risk.   I'm writing this because she told me she wants to "go viral".... the wait is HORRIBLE.  so "if" your a reporter that does domestic issues and wants the "5 year Tennessee Divorce from Hell" story call me Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599 & I'll connect you to what could be one of your greatest stories EVER. 

The audio transcripts SHOW the issues are real... the racism is real... the problems in TN are real.

Today corrupt people STILL run the courts in Tennessee.  I told her to be calm & to put her documents in a safe place and to be patient - progress is happening.  Telling her the reality that her issues cannot be address UNTIL they get the "big fish" ... To fix a society you have to "get to the root of the problem"....  She now gets to see her little girl "every-other week" this is after the mom had a year of isolation.  She knows the Good Ole Boys are scared and the network is going down.  She knows that her visitation was allowed because of her courage to FIGHT.   She knows that the internet has granted her the opportunity to tell her story.   NOW we need a BIGGER outlet than mine to share her story.  Her story NEEDS to be told.  She like me fears for her life.  She like me knows that ONLY when people see the inhumanity will her situation change.  She is the face of Haslam Values. My goal is to get her on National TV.  

FYI- This lady did reach out to the Tennessean BUT they refused to listen- the paper that's owned by Gannett does NOT step on the toes of those in power politically ESPECIALLY the Haslam family.

Sandy..... If YOU think it's OK for a woman to get asked "sexual positions" in an interrogaroy question then YOU need to be fired.   Your decision and the boards was WRONG!!!   I will join NOW and OTHER feminist groups to show "how bad" it is in Tennessee.  YOU disgust me!!!

I'm leaving this state that is #1 in corruption BUT I'm still fighting for the hardworking ethical people that have been abused.  I'm taking their voices all across America and will push for criminal investigations in cases that include state employees abusing their power... I'm  woman who fights to win and the Tennessee Good Ole Boys (and gals) have met their match.  Game On!!!

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The Benchmark Indictments Took OVER a Year.... 

"The scheme unraveled early last year following the suicide of Benchmark Capital, Inc.’s owner, Charles Candler, in March 2012 just days before agents from the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Postal Inspection Service swarmed his offices in Knoxville and Greenville, S.C.
This indictment is the result of an investigation conducted by the aforementioned agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank M. Dale, Jr. is representing the United States in the case.....In March, seven individuals hailing from Knoxville, Powell and Corryton filed a joint multi-million dollar lawsuit in Blount County Chancery Court against Allen, Thomas, Benchmark Capital, Inc., and Candler..."