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James Comey is the FBI Ever Gonna Bust the Rich People That Hurt America? I'm Losing Hope that Crony Corruption in the USA is Just Common & Swept Under the Rug... Why is America NOT a Fair Country?

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Date: December 28, 2014 at 8:06:10 PM PST
Subject: James Comey is the FBI Gonna Do RICK Investigation for DOD Whistleblower? Some Think the Corrupt People Control The Govt. Their Making Me Lose Hope - I told Amy Burns I'd Blog More IF The FEDS Allow Her to Be Railroaded 
To: Rhori Johnston <>,,, Deborah Rubenstein <>, Connie Reguli <>, Michael Dorris <>, Blake Farmer <>,

iGot MORE docs from Amy and 6 people will prove there's a pattern of Civil Rights abuse in Franklin TN-

Lots of people abused by Haslam linked Good Ole Boy network contacted me over Christmas.

These people are becoming HOPELESS & their stressing me out.
Look at you tube video - 

Between all the corruption IGNORED by the Feds and my panicking of Good Ole Boy retaliation that linked to sleazy CIA deals I'm starting to have PHYSICAL signs of the stress  

The abused people in TN are angry and they represent a LOT of America
Ya'll gotta FIX IT...  Please do RICO in TN & someone help Amy Burns cause I don't want to have to go back and blog MORE about Tennessee's Cesspool aka the Williamson Count Courts.

FBI do ya'll protect the connected rich people & ignore average America? Sure looks that way- please do something & Happy New Year!

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One of my viewers told me Bernie Ecclestone's Germany "deal" shows the CIA/Clique that's abused her & AMERICAN taxpayers  that led by business leaders who own Formula 1 teams - NFL teams and own futball clubs are winning - their linked to the CIA torturers & Dick Cheney.

Ecclestone's deal was like the Cleveland Brown's owner Jimmy Haslam & paying a fine means NOTHING to them.

UNLESS these crooks go to jail my life will be miserable.

These greedy people have HURT a lot of people and many victims of the CIA/MIC clique contacted me this week - I have 4 NEW corruption issues and now I have a facial tick...

The FBI needs to get tough of ALL fraudsters... 

 I'm one person and can't deal with all this corruption. It it's NOT gonna stop then one of the corrupt people please hire me.  Give me health insurance.  I don't need to keep fighting if I'm NEVER gonna win. It's just sad...not for just me but for America.

Have a Happy New Year!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

James Comey Can the FBI Communicate to Leslie Caldwell That America is on the Verge of a Moral Outburst - Seems Like Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore of Gannett Allowing for Suppression of News to Benefit the CIA is Starting to "Tick Off" People in a Country That Wants it's Democracy Back. MSM Game On!!!

FBI — Federal Statutes › ... › Civil Rights

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Title 18U.S.C.Section 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights · Title 18U.S.C.Section 242 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law · Title 18U.S.C.Section 245 ...

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: CONFIRMED Mark Silverman Acted as CIA Asset While Working at the Gannett Owned Tennessean: The State of Tennessee CIA cover companies get judicial privileges and the Gannett Owned Tennessean protects them? Boycott of Tennessean advertisers/Chamber Members considered options to clean up Tennessee. Ex Kalitta Pilot (CIA Black Op) Becomes Whistleblower to Force US Govt into Acting Ethically 
Date: October 12, 2014 at 12:49:40 PM EDT
To:, Michael Dorris <>, medea benjamin <>,,,, Mark Silverman <>,,,


This is Sad it was confirmed to me by a man with a top secret clearance that Mark Silverman lied to me he “is” a CIA asset, which I knew it just hurts to have it confirmed “again"(in 2012 a DOD Public Affairs guy told me and also an ex special ops guy connected to the late General Schwarzkopf told me about Gannett’s ties to the CIA. I kept asking Silverman would never admit it & lied over and over again. I was told to document the Tennessean (Gannett paper) for not reporting stories.

I’ve forgiven Mark for lying to me cause he was doing just what he was told just like Oliver North during Iran Contra) & was told that ALL the MSM firms were dominated by CIA interest & “nothing I can do about it”…   The Gary Webb issue is gonna be “downplayed” and Margaret Lesher & Sonny Bono will never have their murders investigated- too many involved with the cover-ups and it would hurt America “if” it was exposed. So i must “move on” … it was my bad for thinking the government wanted to STOP fraud, corruption, murders, and CIA led racketeering- guess I’m too much of an optimist thinking the best in America.

Some people thought it was just Mark that was ignoring issues BUT it’s now easy to prove it’s still happening at the Tennessean. I’ve got audio that’s not been made public and more people are sharing issues they’ve documented. When a news agency holds back a story to protect unethical govt. practices corruption will continue. 

It’s been determined my blogging was “a Moral Outburst originating from a traumatic childhood”  ….. 

So ALL my rants on blogs that have had millions of views don’t stem from unethical actions by the CIA - according to the govt my blogging is my families fault?  

My mom has Alzheimer's & I have no contact with other members of my family. So I guess I have to accept it. What’s sad is my child will never know why her mommy was so abused-those that did it will not be accountable & Gannett will continue supporting CIA activities (some NOT legal) & whistleblower’s in America have less opportunities to expose issues. 

A bipartisan group is forming to strategize on how to force Gannett into reporting issues in Tennessee & possibly (a boycott of their advertisers is being discussed). 

Recently an ex Kalitta pilot opted for the Whistleblower option-he too had a “Moral Outburst” …  I don’t know how to communicate to Amy Burn’s the ex wife of a CIA money launderer her dream of vindication is fizzling so instead of telling her the “truth” about the CIA corrupt judicial system & the CIA muzzled mainstream media I told her to “keep fighting”…. the hope is Eric Holder’s replacement prosecutes those aligned with CIA “dirty ops”…. 

A man that works on declassification issues wisely said “the animals are running the zoo”… One federal employee told me my rants on blogs create hope for ethical “just doing their job" bureaucrats who have had little hope in seeing a change in culture.  One DOJ mid level staffer said the level of frustration in Justice is “explosive”… too much not prosecuted and the fear is “if” Clinton wins in 2016 it will continue “as is”.  

Then I learned (and verified) the US Chamber of Commerce is putting their resources into Hillary Clinton (2016) she will protect their interest which is aligned to the CIA’s interest. Staffers at the Chamber frustrated that the once Chamber a GOP campaign finance operation is NOW gone Dem. It’s “wild”…. New alliances are being formed and politics in America is the wild west.  

OK I’m done ranting… it’s just that good change in America can happen if the Feds simply do their jobs & it’s obvious James Comey is changing the culture at the FBI- thank you!  

Have a great weekend!

Please see what Amy Burns wrote to me & the issues in Tennessee are FEDERAL so lets do RICO.

On Oct 12, 2014, at 10:24 AM, Amy Burns another woman abused in the Tennessee courts wrote:

If I'm going to win; which I can tell you I shall - that means that You are going to win; which you shall - which means America wins - which by God's Grace She shall OR go down fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It ain't over til it's over. (Remember - I tried to file twice with the same office Hood works with, BUT they recommended that I wait to file - "he" then filed with that law firm to "get my ass in line".
I turned Ava's room into our new office. It's fantastic - windows, space, And I have Internet!!  Don't give up Sharyn (I Know you're not; "don't grow weary while doing good."
(That there is in the Holy book)  I'm with ya, Sister. You're not alone.

I’ve been blogging about juridical abuse done to Amy Burns in the Williamson County courts for YEARS & was told that lobbying for federal RICO was the only way to get justice for those (like me) that have suffered in the Tennessee courts. 

I’ve noticed a pattern of abuse done in the Tennessee courts: Favoritism is given to companies/people aligned with CIA ops. In many cases those people and companies are “not really” CIA aligned they just pretend to be to milk money from the government & protect the privileges of those in the Good Ole Boy network  - that needs to stop!  

For example Amy Burns who suffered 5+ years in the courts for a divorce, during that time was jailed 3 times (just like me). Her ex mother in law was allowed to “swear out” warrants and have her arrested (once at the ballet studio her child attended). Her ex husband is a money launderer for CIA operatives, TN has the highest ratio per capita of CIA cover companies & recently a ex Kalitta (think CIA torture rendition flights) pilot living in Middle Tennessee has come forward with more abuse done in the Tennessee courts to those that are ethical that speak up for doing the “Right Thing”… that pilot has noticed the Tennessean (Gannett owned paper) is protecting companies & individual aligned with the CIA. The ex Kalitta pilot is willing to “go public” but I told him to hold off in hopes he gets quiet resolution to his problem but if nothing happens he’s lined up some talk shows (I told him to wait until the torture report is released). Tennessee courts seem to torte people just like the CIA.

TODAY the Gannett owned Tennessean ran another “pro-appointment” puff piece for those aligned with the CIA connected Good Ole Boy network (linked to Howard Baker, Lamar Alexander, the Haslam family, Bob Corker, Tom Ingram & others) they’re part of a GLOBAL network that protects the oil industry & is linked to Henry Kissinger allies.

Last week a 3rd source “confirmed” that Gannett is a CIA asset & that the Tennessean won’t report stories that harm those connected to the CIA.  Therefore I would like to “challenge” the classification of “what is” a CIA cover company.  Too many victims in the courts due to protection of those in cover companies.  Bill Haslam has giving LOTS of taxpayer money to CIA cover companies (FedEx, Amazon, UBS, NISSAN & more)- also the ECD grants are awarded to companies/individuals with “less than stellar” records of succeeding.  A former CIA insurance broker (that did faux policies BUT made real money) told me of “laundering” and admitted there was not point to many policies except to get people paid.  When he told me that (years ago) I started asking questions and it seems like a LOT of people in Tennessee would classify themselves as CIA connected BUT really are not. Therefore “if” there is a way to identify “real” CIA cover companies then the percentage of people that are abused in the courts would diminish. In reference to the woman who was/still is being abused in the Tennessee courts I believe that Troy Burns is a person that helped those in a “faux” CIA cover company. This woman started reading my blogs from a library at the University of Michigan - she was living in a homeless shelter there. She just told me today that NOW she has unlimited access to the internet.  

God Bless America!


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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Re: See number 6
Date: October 12, 2014 at 10:35:10 AM EDT
To: another woman abused in the Tennessee courts 

Yes you are & keep fighting:):)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

James Comey Tennessee is #1 in Violent Crime According to FBI Statistics: My Viewers are Angry at the Haslam Judicial Appointments Because They'll Allow for the Crooks in the State to Flourish - Please Help!!!

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From: A Viewer of my blogs
Subject: Want a subject in TN to blog about?
Date: September 16, 2014 at 7:36:16 AM CDT
To: Sharyn Bovat <>

Here is one.

Why didn't the Tennessean publish notice of this meeting BEFORE it transpired so many could come and UNLOAD upon them?  Planned, . . . . you better believe it!

Article subtitle, - - -  "Many in talks say system is broken." - - -  Where have we heard this before?

Here is the link to today's Tennessean short article on the subject:

Why not give this a slant, . . . "Many are crooks in the justice system!!!!"

Guess who is in the picture in the Tennessean paper, . . . . Mr. Bivens himself, . . . .with one big smiling face! 

If this isn't enough to make you vomit, . . . .The Tennessean reported the new appointment of the new Attorney General, . . . Mr. Halsam's "right-hand man."  Watch the corruption NOW!

With pleasure,  (name withheld) BUT if a reporter wants to talk to writer of the email Please contact me Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

\I was RIGHT about the NISSAN Leaf fraud - because Kim Helper let trumped up charges against me continue for 19+ months I could not get a pro bono law firm to do a False Claims lawsuit that would have STOPPED the fraud done that was in reference to a 1.4 billion dollar Dept. of Energy loan. My "insider" sources were RIGHT.

Nissan faces battery plant cuts as electric car hopes fade

Fox Business-18 hours ago
Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn is preparing to cut battery manufacturing, people familiar with the matter said, in a new reversal on electric cars that ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wow!!! James Comey Have Todd McCall at the FBI Check This Out... I Never Saw this Before..... Kim Helper is Getting EXPOSED!!! Thank You Phil Williams News Channel 5


Beginning in May 2011, NewsChannel 5 began an investigative series exposing how some Tennessee law enforcement agencies had become more focused on profiting from the illegal drug trade, instead of stopping the flow of illegal drugs into the state.

At the center of that "Policing for Profit" investigation was the state's civil forfeiture laws, which allow agencies to seize cash based on the suspicion that it's drug money.

One of those people interviewed was Kim Helper, district attorney general for Tennessee's 21st Judicial District, and she was apparently unhappy with the outcome. 

Instead, it showed one of her agents offering two suspected drug couriers the chance to go free -- if they turned over their cash.  It questioned whether "the rules have been twisted by laws that let agencies keep the money they seize."

Note Sent to Kline Preston & Will Be Sent to Tennessee Courts.... Maybe Kim Helper Ya'll Can Tell Them I Want RESOLUTION. Thank You!

James Comey I Think This Might Help Todd McCall Investigate Kim Helper the Williamson County DA , Deana Hood a Lawyer Who Ran for Judge & Robbie Beal a Judge Who Obviously Has a "Conflict of Interest".... Ruling is TODAY and Amy Burns Thinks She's Gonna Get Burned AGAIN in the Corrupt Tennessee Courts... PLEASE Help!!

Polls opened at 7 a.m. Tuesday with little activity in the northern and western parts of Franklin.
By 7:30, only eight voters had cast ballots at the Franklin Recreation Center on Hillsboro Road in District 10
Heather Beal was one of the early risers. Beal said because her husband is Circuit Court Judge Robbie Beal, she is very familiar with the judicial candidates, which helps her vote.

Friday, August 22, 2014

James Comey it Looks Like I Need the FBI and Todd McCall's Office in Memphis To Look into Civil Rights Violations Happening in Tennessee I've Got a 1/2 Dozen Women That Were WRONGFULLY Jailed Just To Bully Them... One is In Court TODAY

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Background Check Shows I've NEVER Been Arrested-Was Told it's Clearly Civil Rights Violation.... ***AMY BURNS Whose Currently Abused in TN Courts is in Court TODAY****
Date: August 22, 2014 at 11:13:31 AM CDT
To:,, "" <>,,, Mark Silverman <>, Michael Dorris <>, Blake Farmer <>, Rhori Johnston <>,,

Ya’ll are trying to “cover up” the Judicial abuse done to me BUT I got the scares and FBI I want JUSTICE-How can my record show NO arrests?  Actually  I’m INNOCENT so it’s a good thing… still i think Tennessee is playing games with the system. iWant RICO to clean up Tennessee… you people can’t bully me by jailing me and then pretend it didn’t happen.  Is Mark Silverman gonna “forget” he was supposed to pull docs? 

OMG!!!  Amy Burns is being slaughtered by the Good Ole Boy corrupt judges and lawyers in Williamson County.
She has court today- I got pic and audio showing massive abuse done to her. Kim Helper STILL has criminal charges
filed against her and she clearly was the one abused.   I don’t understand HOW Tennessee courts can keep pretending to be
providers of justice.  It’s just sad.

God Bless America and “someone” please help Amy Burns-her child still suffers.


Monday, August 18, 2014

James Comey I'm Using the Photo of Me in Front of the FBI for My Press Pass.... In a Way Kim Helper is Responsible for My Success - Had She NOT Totally Abused the US Constitition and Assistint Terrorist Nations in Getting Weapons Tech i Never Would Have Had Over 3 Million Views. I Have Opportunities NOW Cause People Know I Told the Truth... I Had the Courage to Stand Up to Bullies. Sadly Some of the Bullies are Still in Congress

In winter of 2009 while managing the relocation of the incoming President of NISSAN North America Carlos Tavares I had the opportunity to tell a NISSAN Motors board member of issues of discrimination, wasteful spending, corruption and lack of respect for women happening NISSAN in TN. The problems magnified after the company relocated from California - I told him that HR was dominated by a Good Ole Boy network. What motivated me was on the executive floor I was told "Skirts Don't Speak at NISSAN North America" and later internal stats showed women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% the year I whistle blew.

Mr. Tavares had people communicate to me the problems were greater than what we both thought & I agreed to become a "change agent" on June 4th 2009 I started a blog as an "out of the box" way to change the corporate culture at NISSAN North America. My websites were a tool to show problems.

Learning from employees NISSAN took American taxpayers (over 1 billion) for the EV & they knew when asking Congress it would FAIL-NISSAN executives told me that they took the money due to a "cash flow" problem. The tech for the Leaf was from the 90's CARB days & deemed a finanical failure. Because i blogged about the issue I was bullied and harassed - even jailed. I learned that the local politicians had made money from bond dealsl & NISSAN had taken & still owes over 6 Billion in IDB bonds backed by local counties in TN.

To retaliate NISSAN cyberly "outed" me as a former researcher for CIA operatives-they wanted to stop other execs from telling me the foreign company was taking new American engineered auto tech to Iran & Russia. Renault makes cars in Tehran & while I was bullied NISSAN was negotiating with Putin to take ownership of Autovaz.

A DOD scientist told me 2011 to blog that American taxpayer funded auto tech is used in drones & weapons will go to out enemy. I blogged to stop Congress from funding tech for our enemies - that's how I became a Change Agent for America.

Click below link to see an application iSent to EDF....