Monday, July 4, 2016

Kim Helper is Your Facebook Pic REALLY a Photo of ALL the Tennessee DA's or is it from a "White Pride" Event? It's Obvious Governor Bill Haslam Doesn't Appoint Black People.....

Why should NISSAN hire blacks for management when the State of TN has "little" respect for diversity ....

James Comey is the FBI Gonna Let Hillary "Get Away with It? Just Like Bill Beck of Tennessee Got Away with Breaking the Law... Sure His is JUST a DUI but His Case is CLEAR CUT Good Ole Boy Favoritism: The Judges Actions are the DEFINITION of Hypocrisy Bob Dickey Thank you for Letting This LITTLE Morsal of Truth Be Told in Tennessee , I Know the People at the Tennessean HATE Reporting Against the Good Ole Boy Network BUT This Time They Did & America Will Be Better for the Token

April of 2015 DUI Arrest (from WIKI)

State Rep. Bill Beck's April of 2015 DUI arrest video was released after DUI charges were dismissed during a hearing scheduled for July of 2015. Along with allegedly driving under the influence, Beck was also charged with violating the state's implied consent law. The arresting officer allegedly spotted Beck driving "with the left tires completely in the center turn lane." The officer said Beck's eyes were bloodshot and watery, that he smelled of alcohol and that his speech was "extremely slurred." Beck denied having consumed any alcohol and the charges were dismissed; July 2015.

i want people to know that "i like" Bill Beck because he knows living in TN is a "game" and he breaks the rules ALL the time and doesn't give a shit what people think of him.  He plays the system well & he's not ethical BUT "who cares"....the sad fact is in Tennessee being unethical is "expected" and the bad guys NEVER get punished.   Bill Beck LIED about his residency & he "got away with it"   ...

 it's his success that led me to making this video asking Hillary Clinton allies for a job.  I've watch Bill Beck & he enjoys a good life cause he "goes along to get along"... maybe Tennessee & America will never have ethical leaders.  Maybe Bill Beck is the Best of the Bunch? 

Watch: State Rep. Bill Beck's DUI arrest - The Tennessean
The Tennessean
Jul 29, 2015 - ... of state Rep. Carson "BillBeck's DUI arrest after his case was dismissed Tuesday. ... In the video, Beck directs his wife to call a sheriff's administrator and discusses his residency. ... Wine sales begin at grocery stores in Tennessee. 1: 22 ...
Story image for bill beck tennessee dui from The Tennessean

Judge dismisses Rep. Bill Beck's DUI case

The Tennessean-Jul 28, 2015
A judge on Tuesday threw out a drunken driving case against freshman state Rep. Bill Beck on the basis that the police officer did not have reasonable suspicion ...
Knoxville News Sentinel-Jul 30, 2015

Tennessee Judges Actions are the DEFINITION of Hypocrisy what was the evidence against me or Amy Burns?  Had either of us "really did" break a law like what Bill Beck then the book would've been thrown at us and EVERY Judge in the state would've convicted us.  

In Tennessee there are TWO justice systems. One is for the people "connected" to city leaders and the other is for those "not born in TN"....  

Les Goodman ·
How come there is no mention of a blood alcohol content?
Did the Representative refuse that, which is also a violation of Tennnessee Law?
LikeReply2Jul 29, 2015 6:11am
Alan Foster ·
Great question. Selective reporting?
LikeReply1Jul 29, 2015 11:01am
American Motorist Vote Alliance
Is this an endorsement of Drunk Driving in Tennessee? This polititcian should be harshly repremanded by the Tennessee Legistlature that he serves plus pay all the fines and time that any other American Motorist would have to.

Does the State of Tennessee not have a Character Clause for those elected to office?

We will be watching this Judges rulings on other DUI cases that come before the bench.

If one American Motorist should be allowed to "practice his drunk driving" then why not all Tennessee Motorist?
LikeReply3Jul 29, 2015 6:35am
Charlie Dyer ·
Lucky ducky.
Mark Schwartz ·
What a can of worms this opens up. The precedent has now been set. All the DUI attorneys will have a field day defending there clients. Next time we read about this politicians name will be after he kills someone while driving drunk again.
LikeReply3Jul 29, 2015 8:10am
Carin Reynolds ·
What this indicates is the criminals and crooks are not on the streets, but in our court houses as judges and politicians.
LikeReply6Jul 29, 2015 8:53am
Kate McCann Morales ·
Officer Nave - KUDOS to you Sir.! You are professional and couretous! I am sorry JUSTICE was overturned by what appears to be the same ol GOOD 'OL BOY system in Metro. They want the APPEARANCE OF BEING FAIR by bringing in a Cheatham county judge? - THAT'S SO RIDICULOUS.
Our Legal Dept. - what the hell - are you all not impartial enough to convict a councilman? This entire story is wrong on so many levels. Very, very disgusted with it all. Thanks to THE TENNESSEAN for letting the public see the wrong that was done here.
LikeReply4Jul 29, 2015 10:41am
Jason Hunt
This happens all the time in our judicial system. It is just news because it is a state rep and that he had the resources to challenge the propable cause. Even though there was no conviction, a druck driver was removed this time before he could potentially hurt someone.
LikeReply1Jul 30, 2015 11:23am