Monday, June 30, 2014

James Comey Please Tell the FBI to Include the Tennessee Courts in a RICO Investigation ... They're CORRUPT to the Bone.... Want a List of VICTIMS?

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Is Tennessee Gonna Prosecute INNOCENT Whistleblower Again on a Trumped Up Charges? Soon Sharyn Bovat Hopes to Move to a FREE of Tyranny Country... the NEW Nation of Scotland 
Date: June 30, 2014 at 12:47:32 PM CDT

Kim Helper DA:

Recently I’ve been invited to an event in TN in Williamson County. I fear traveling there due to “trumped up” charges I previously suffered.  I would like a statement from you that “if” a Good Ole Boy wants to jail me YOU won’t prosecute (I will alert the United Nations & the ACLU just in case another “monkey trial” happens in Tennessee simply because a whistleblower asked for RESPECT for the taxpayers). Ms. Helper - Fares go up soon so I need as response ASAP.  Maybe the FBI Could do the RICO Case?  I know people in DC want the Tennessee courts cleaned up & Haslam keeps appointing his Khomeini loving cronies to the bench and Kim Helper is aligned with Iranian profiteers.

Just to let you know my visits to TN will not be frequent cause ya’ll terrorized me for a long time and bullied my child and I do have “hate” in my heart for those that swore out warrants and had me jailed… it was done to humiliate me - to discredit me and also to take precious money away from the American taxpayer.  Fraud was allowed to happen. In the next week I’m actively going to support the Scottish referendum for FREEDOM for if the do become a nation I will seek asylum and live in a society that wants to create a “just society”….  A new poll showed that the government lies could “decide” the fate of that nation & I like humanity believes it’s time for the Lockerbie Truth… I was told a UK tabloid might break the story about me ( a whistleblower that slept with a TOP USA editor- a man that won the Ben Bradlee award and got a pultizer prize nomination… a man that told me he KNEW Iran was involved with the Lockerbie bombing).   If that story breaks I’ll support the people of Scotland that want FREEDOM from the likes of narcissist Tony Blair prime ministers that prey on 3rd world nations for consulting gigs. If Scotland becomes FREE of Tyranny I will seek Asylum ….

Saturday, June 28, 2014

James Comey Can YOU Please Tell the FBI I had NOTHING to Do With Howard Baker Dying.. Yes He Had Stress Cause He Knew He'd Be "Outed" for Sleazy-Dirty-Illegal Deals. BUT Because I Exposed It Does NOT Make Me Responsible for His Heart Attack. Also If You Look at My Webstats from Late 2009 & Early 2010 You'll See That Those Connected to Dick Cheney Read My Blog... I Heard his 2010 Heart Attack Aided By Stress That He's Be Exposed on My Blog - I've NEVER Gone Into Detail About His 9-11 "deal" Cause It's NOT My Cover Up. Granted I Know People That Did Counter Intelligence for Him & Had I NOT Left the Intel Community in the 90's I Would Have Been the Person Asked to Put the Sweet n Low Packets in the Vial for Colin Powell to Take to the United Nations. Thanks To My Grandfather i FLED & Have NOTHING to Do with That. Message to Kim Helper (Williamson County DA Who Abused a Whistleblower & Broke the Law - Thus Reason to End Prosecutor Immunity), Ed Gillespie (Senate Candidate & Decent Human Being), Mark Silverman (ex Gannett - Tennessean Editor & My Friend), Mike Dorris (ex FBI, current Credit Suisse & Used to Date Me), Sandy Garrett (Ignores Valid Complaints), Kline Preston (My Ex Lawyer that Lied To Me and Slandered Ronald Reagan & Admitted It in Interrogatory Question- Also Had a Conflict of Interest & NEVER Should Have Taken My Case - He's the One The Asked to Take the Case Too) the Memphis FBI, & Reid Weingarten the Best Friend of Eric Holder


 Sharyn Bovat KNOWS Howard Baker did some good in his life but also knows the "dark side" of the Reagan era.  Understanding that his family is suffering people MUST remember the victims of Howard Baker's bullying.  Many people have been killed, jailed, or terrorized simply for speaking up against the man that controlled the Southern Good Ole Boy network that many call a "corporate mafia"...  Nancy Kassebaum was lovely to me when I was a "team player"in the 80's ... she was not married to Mr. Baker back then but she was from a family that was part of the network- a friend of the late Marvin Runyon who was disgusted on how I was treated by the Tennessee courts told me it the was "next generation" Good Ole Boy that was the one terrorizing me (they did not remember my family... that upset me cause he basically admitted that they terrorized people "not" in the family) - Howard Baker will be respected by those that profited from his reign - others told me his death gives them "joy".....

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: DOD Whistleblower in DC to INSIST on RICO 
Date: June 21, 2014 at 7:47:11 PM EDT

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>!
Subject: HR Comp IRS Issue and President of the US Chamber VERY Connected to Haslam (Past President of Trucking Association)....connected to BNP Paribas current issue & FRANCE has been used as middle man for 1979 Get Rid of Carter- Iran Contra & Lockerbie Cover Up.. Howard Baker Wanted to Be President in 1980...!
Date: June 18, 2014 at 10:29:27 AM CDT!
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>!
Cc: Michael Dorris <>,!

Lets hope the FBI “does something”.... Did you see what the Treasury lawyers did... I was told docs showing HOWARD BAKER linked to 79 Khomeini deal “might be hidden”... Mr Daly former owner of World Airways (most likely bio dad) said “we don’t get the French involved unless we want to make it complicated”... I already told the Feds my family was part of the “Get Rid of Carter” deal... it was so fired CIA and MIC contractors could have work with the NEW republican president and HOWARD BAKER “most likely” did it so he could be PRESIDENT in 1980... I’m mad cause people linked to Howard Baker murdered Sonny Bono and Margaret Lesher... Joe Arpaio is part of the “network” and lets people linked to CIA drug trafficking walk but young black & hispanic boys caught with a joint go to jail for decades. The GOP is NEVER gonna regain it’s standing if they don’t “change”..... Gannett won’t report ALL the abuses of Joe Arpaio cause their in the network... I’ve been tracking stories and several times that sleazy sherif could have lost re- election but the Gannett paper does NOT cover the campaigns... don’t worry if he runs again I’m sure the “underground” that got rid of Cantor will work it’s magic.... 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mitt Romney - iBuilt This RICO Case

                                                         Thank you FBI-DOJ-IRS for listening!!!

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: iBuilt this RICO case.... OK We BUILT this RICO Case ..... Thank You Treasury Elite YOU are My Heroes .... Reid Weingarten... Hire me? Your gonna be BUSY:):)
Date: June 17, 2014 at 4:14:45 PM CDT
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>,
Cc:, Michael Dorris <>, Mark Silverman <>,,,, "Barton J. Gordon" <>,,,

Mike Loya of Vitol on the Board of Pilot Flying J your gonna get BUSTED 
BNP Paribas Just Handed Over Files That Should Show IRAN CONTRA Profiteering lets hope the FBI based in Tennessee are NOT all in the pockets of the HASLAM Klan?
I’m still alive so iThink not:):) 

Reid Weingaten hope you already took a vacation… cause YOUR gonna be BUSY!!!

"BNP has given all its files to the U.S. authorities. The full Monty," reuters
Iran was the target of a U.S. embargo after the 1979 Islamic revolution, but its oil became subject to an EU embargo only in 2012 as part of Western efforts to persuade Tehran to abandon its nuclear program me. ….Although China was and remains the main importer of crude from Sudan, BNP also provided trade finance to major global trading houses such as Trafigura and Vitol(Mike Loya of Vitol is on the board of Pilot Flying J) , which were also involved in trading Sudanese oil at the time.
THANK YOU Treasury Dept   

ok FBI its your turn?

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