Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mike Dorris FBI Guy - YOU OWE ME A DRINK!!! I never wanted to blog about you... your a nice guy-people like you. Still because your so well respected people told me **** ... Did you know I "saved" 3 French dudes who the NISSAN CEO accused of being spies in 2011- I got word the bank accounts were not yet complete to "frame them".... I know it was not YOU but someone used you as a way for me to believe what they said: I started a website called in early January 2011 & emailed the French consulate... A French spy later told me - I really did "save them" also that Sarkozy's allies HATED ME... Yikes.. Mike you knew me.. I never NEVER talked to you about CIA stuff... I was asked to go to Georgia during the time I dated you and I never told you...I'll admit that when asked to go to Georgia I thought I'd get to go to the Coca Cola museum & was perplexed that a democracy trip there was needed- but then I was told how long the flight was...oops. Anyway- People have accused me of wanting to be known as some kind of Super Spy... I was never that - I told a top DC lawyer in 2011 that I was simply a "friendly fixture" & just a researcher... granted people did NOT know what I was researching. So YES!!! I admit I was a spy... but an AMERICAN one.. I did NOT want to be a spy - I was born into it... For the record Mr. Dorris I did NOT want to be a Whistleblower... That happened cause I was an ex spy who was OUTED by people linked to the CIA that are scared of YOU ... Anyway.... My last statement to YOU Mr. Mike Dorris ex FBI current Credit Suisse (I read about you on Wiki-leaks.....that was weird)... Mike All I want is a life with less fear... I want fun... My true friends know that being a spy or whistleblower is not "me" because in my heart I really want to be PAT BENATAR

Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn - Note to NISSAN Board

Jan 18, 2012 - Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn. People that are connected to the CIA do not like seeing the bullying of a former research worker. Carlos Ghosn was 

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    [Source: FBI]After talks that last some time, Yemeni authorities agree to provide the FBIteam investigating the USS Cole bombing with passport photos of ...
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Mike Dorris Fbi | Hot on the trail of the FBI - Baltimore Sun
The Baltimore Sun
Jul 23, 2003 - The FBI's new mission of preventing another terrorist attack has fundamentally changed the way the bureau and its 14000 agents go about their ..

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    Nov 7, 2011 - Had the FBI learned what the CIA knew of the Malaysia summit at this ... to a CIA officer known only as “Chris” and FBI agent Michael Dorris.
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