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Please Read.... I Forgave The Russians... I Can Forgive You if You Can Tell Me Why?

From: Sharyn Bovat []
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 12:27 PM
Cc:;;;; tn;

Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Letter to Senator Finney and Senator Jack Johnson.


Senator Finney's office THANK YOU for having your office contact me and then reaching out to Senator Jack Johnson in reference to my email asking for voices to help communicate the need for NISSAN to mediate.  The abuse of the whistleblower is "real".  The bullying and harassment I've received for speaking out against discrimination and wasted spending of taxpayer money has been documented.  The fraud in reference to the Leaf EV is real.  I could not file a  False Claims lawsuit against Nissan because of the "trumped up" charges against me and also because the collateral for the NISSAN leaf loan is a tax payer backed IDB bond. Sadly I see no need for me to talk to Mr. Johnson since he has known about the me and my whistle blowing and has done nothing. Although when he see's me at Republican events is always polite.  

My goal was to get this resolved quietly and I wanted NISSAN to mediate.  I filed a Malicious Prosecution case on July 19th.  NISSAN delayed responding and NOW they say the DA is responsible for EVERYTHING.   I was told Terry Wood the ADA is accepting 100% responsibility, he's doing an affidavit.  That's ridicules.  From the beginning NISSAN hired Joe Baugh the former DA for Williamson County and for NISSAN to say they had "no" part in the Malicious Prosecution of me is insane.  

It looks like their goal has been to "drag this out" past the election.  I was told they wanted the Dept. of Energy Loan "written off" and want President Obama to win reelection to make that happen. The NISSAN Leaf is a failure. As a taxpayer I find that DISGUSTING!  

If a reporter looks at what NISSAN just filed (weeks before the election) they'll see a documented drafted to Slander me some more.  
I will offer to reporters copies of the court transcripts.  People that have read the find the fact the case got to trial beyond bizarre.

Sirs, this has gone on for over 3 years next week I'm going meet with "non biased" people in the DOJ.  I'm a Republican but also an American and luckily I think if Eric Holder keeps his position he might NOW investigate.  His office needs to find out HOW a whistle blower who spoke out about the abuse of FEDERAL taxpayer money could be "railroaded" in the Tennessee courts. For me to endure 3 arrest - 19+ months in the courts system is insane. My web stats show that many companies that took Stimulus money from the same program as NISSAN read my blog.  Oddly Solyndra read my blog EVERYDAY I was arrested.  

FYI- This summer at the RNC convention in Tampa I was told by a congressional staffer that Darrell Issa had a team working on the NISSAN fraud. Maybe when I'm in DC next week someone will give me an update on that.

For over 3 years I've been slandered and made employable by NISSAN. The discrimination I told Carlos Tavares who was the President of NISSAN America was proven by the companies internal statistics (women in management went form 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew.  Just recently NISSAN did a press release saying  women in management since 2009 has gone up 75%.

Also - I was outed by NISSAN for doing "research work" for operatives connected to the CIA & the DIA. It's been explained to me that since the people were connected to the CIA that ordered the excessive retaliation of me that too can be investigated.   A NISSAN corp. services Director said I was the companies #2 Security threat. Senators... I was the "relocation consultant".  People in the community were told I was a "gay"  "crazy" and a "spy."  What was done to discredit me was excessive.

Oddly at the same time I was fighting for my freedom in the Tennessee courts 3 men in Paris from Renault NISSAN's parent company were 3 men were "falsely" accused of being spies.  

The men were accused on January 3rd 2011 the same day I was meeting in DC to talk to people about the NISSAN fraud. That same 24 hour time period a Federal judge ordered NISSAN to open their books in Bermuda....maybe a coincidence? 

The second week of January I learned they were innocent and started a viral effort to have them vindicated.  I found out about a week after they were accused that they were indeed innocent by "contacts"... Because I'm a "former Cold War researcher"...I did a press release saying they were innocent at the same time the NISSAN CEO said he had "multiple proofs"  they were guilty.  The fact is the "proof he paid for" hadn't been completed.  My viral effort stopped the framing of the me.   It gets more complicated but I think you get the "idea."

The three men after I was able to convince the French to expedite the investigation were found innocent and vindicated in less than a few month.  By spring they had gotten settlement checks and their jobs back.  All I'm asking for is RESPECT like that they received.

FYI- The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn got his "jump start" in business by using contacts of his Brazilian father who was part of Operation Condor.  Mr. Ghosn had nothing to do with that (to my knowledge) he did however play a role in Iran Contra and "most likely" the Cover Up of the crash of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.  Fun Fact:  The first female President of Brazil is asking for a "truth" investigation about Operation Condor. 

Knowing that I Carlos Ghosn feared being "outed" for his past I  put EVERYTHING I know on blogs so they would have NO REASON to kill me.  FYI- A friend of the late Marvin Runyon told me about the 'faux suicide" of another NISSAN whistleblower in Tennessee.   Mr. Runyon was connected to the CIA.

NOW YOU CAN SEE WHY I WAN NISSAN TO MEDIATE..... This is "complicated".... in court NISSAN's Rob Trayham made fun of me for "claiming" that I had PTSD.  Well I was taken by force out of my hotel room in the former USSR by a bunch of men in the early morning - they strapped me to a board and transported to an abandon building.  I had no idea what they were going to do to me.  I was terrified. If that can't give a woman PTSD then I do not know what's needed to qualify.  The night I was "saved" I slept in the same room President Nixon used when he was in Leningrad.  I have pictures.  or you can contact Mark Silverman the former Tennessean editor. He 

HELLO Tennessee - PTSD is real.  Nissan used my words about PTSD to discredit me.  I'm worried about women coming back from Afghanistan.  NOBODY deserves to be treated disrespectfully - especially those of us that have served America. I have the transcripts and I'll share them with you. 

Anyway - I think the bullying of me has more to do with "my past" than what they accused me of.  TWO TIMES I was jailed on a "trumped up" stalking charge and BOTH times they were dropped.  

Why am I still being BULLIED? It's because of my connections in the intelligence community and the CEO Carlos Ghosn is connected to powerful people and they are scared about "what I know."  they really should not be...OK....YES!! they had a reason to fear me and their bullying BACKFIRED..... I put it all on a blog. Everyone knows that I had to blog about Iran Contra and Lockerbie "just to stay alive"...Remember I was silent until NISSAN "outed" me. The man that's been married to me for over a decade did not know I did research work until "this" happened.

The retaliation for whistle blowing has been severe- I've been "stalked" and followed by people connected to NISSAN and their goal of intimidated me was SQUASHED because kind people communicated to me that they were using the same tactics on me that they use on people that even "suggest" on going union.   

Senators you've got some "mean" boys at NISSAN and I'm tired of fighting them.  They have used the judicial system to bully me in the criminal courts and NOW they are doing the same in the Civil courts. I will not "cave" what they did is morally, ethically & legally wrong. Sir's I can publicly ask for mediation because in reference to the malicious prosecution of me...Because you don't need to hide your cards when you hold all the aces.  

Senator Johnson - SInce Scott Becker wants to "drag out" this at the expense of the taxpayers then OK.  

Next week I make my 9th trip to DC I will go find a Federal route.  

DISCLAIMER...  I have NO idea what's being investigated because people that meet with me know that I blog.  So a RICO investigation could already be in the works if not I'm leaning toward wanting one.  Too many people have "hands in the cookie jar" and it's time for the taxpayers to get RESPECT!!!

All I know is people can't figure out WHY NISSAN won't mediate?  Is NISSAN gonna be ballsy & try to get more bond $$$?

....BEFORE they deem the leaf a bust & restructure?   The "credit rating" of Rutherford county is gonna "sink" ... I've been told that even if President Obama wins the "odds"of the DOE loan being written off are "not good" in fact Lamar Alexander stepped down from his #3 leadership role 12 hours after I sent a bunch of information to Ed Gillespie's office.  I did that before I testified at the capital in September 2011.

It was odd that NISSAN got 37 million in December 11 AFTER I spoke in Sept. and November 2011.  I clearly stated in my Sept. Testimony about the EV fraud, wasted spending of taxpayer money  and judicial retaliation at the capital.  BOTH of those are in the states archives.   

Maybe I'll cc lots of people in hope of someone reading this that can communicate to NISSAN that if I have to spend ALL my time seeking justice that might mean some of the NISSAN executives get to go JAIL.   Maybe that's not a bad idea?  

The FRAUD to America is real. 

Still I have a child whose suffered for OVER 3 years and I many my life back.  Also I want OUT of Tennessee. I've got PTSD and this state scares me.  The irony is I used to be considered one of the top relocation consultants for people wanting to move here.  If the Three men accused of being spies at Renault got to mediate... Why can't I?

Senator Finney you're my hero for being the 1st member of the Senate to offer sincere assistance.  Thank you.


Sharyn Bovat

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kim.... This is INSANE!!!

"Including today's announcement, Nissan has created or announced 2,000 new jobs in Tennessee since mid-2011...."  the Tennessean today

NISSAN .... that's amazing.... saying you've created or "announced" that many jobs.... It's the "same thing STEVEN Chu did with the Dept. of Energy.

When's the Grand Opening at the Battery Plant?
I want to see ALL the workers that were funded with STIMULUS money? Why don't you do an "audit" and show AMERICA how YOU spent 1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars to build a battery plant..Yates Construction says they go 84 million... TIme for transparency!!!

Read this... NISSAN is going to GET more MONEY!!!!
f NISSAN really hired all the people that they say there were hiring Tennessee would have 4% unemployment. The Leaf is supposed to provide 1300 jobs. The company took out a 1.4 Billion DOE loan - the collateral is a 2 Billion dollar taxpayer backed IDB bond.   
NIssan also took  37 Million in IDB bond debt in December 2011, that was NIssan's 17th or 18th time taking from 3,950,000,000 in IDB bond + the 2 Billion + the 1.4 Billion... 
What are NISSAN's global profits?  
Too many promises of jobs using bond money or taxpayer money but how many jobs "really" exist.  Also they pay 11-13 an hour and the turnover is high.  I was told a large amount of the 8oo # is replacing workers that got better jobs.  The good news is for auto workers better jobs exist.

Back to Me

NISSAN delayed responding to a Malicious prosecution case about the bullying of the whistleblower filed in JULY.   Then they respond just weeks before the election.  They worded their response in a way that SLANDERS me.

FYI... almost every paragraph they say i was arrested for Stalking/harassment.  YES!!!  I was on "trumped up charges" TWICE and BOTH times the charges got dropped.  THAT IS WHY I FILED the MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.

Now my friend Mark Silverman says they "most likely" did it on purpose so if a news agency looks at NISSAN's response they'll read about how a jury indicted me. In Tennessee Grand Jury's are known to indict ANYTHING!!!

If a reporter wants a copy of the transcripts of the Jury trial of a 1st time misdemeanor call Sharyn 615-415-6675.

Kim - are you in shock too?

"The Tennessean is one of the remaining holdovers in this State from the not-so-long-ago days of Democratic domination..."  The Examiner

A blog viewer emailed me at 5am...  told me he was in SHOCK!!!        I responded...

"They had to do it- when the NISSAN "green" jobs don't happen that the Tennessean has promoted 'ad nausem' by multiple articles & After NISSAN announces they  can't pay back the Dept. of Energy loan for 1.4 Billion & when  NISSAN North America goes bankrupt and /or restructures & the Rutherford County IDB bond that was allowed to be the collateral is exorcised - taxes going up for Rutherford County residents and people will NOT trust them... Endorsing Mitt Romney is the only hope they have for saving their reputation and for news organization - Image is Everything...."  Sharyn Bovat

"...The Tennessee Paper that Helped Cover Up Dept. of Energy Fraud FINALLY Does Something not in their own interest but what is best for society.  I'm stunned after all I'd been through I thought they were going to keep the blinders on no matter how bad the economy or impact of the failed policies of President Obama were"   Sharyn Bovat - NISSAN Whistleblower

"...I'll make a bet that had NISSAN really been able to create the 1300 jobs promised for the 1.4 BIllion they would have endorsed President Obama....  I was told that a Tennessean reporter called NISSAN a "house of cards" and he still knew he could NOT report it..... Maybe Gannett has decided to stop helping President Obama hurt the economy and they want to Stop the hemreging  .."  Sharyn Bovat

Please note that I Sharyn Bovat have been fighting this Democratic prpaganda machine for a LONG time. Due to my whistle blowing against NISSAN that took 1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars to build a car that they knew would fail & gannett knew before TWO federal budgets were passed & they remained silent. 

I was told by Mark Silverman it was POLITICS.

Below are pictures & links of web sites that Sharyn has had for years... fighting the Democratic leaning mainstream media.

and a LOT more.  Maybe they'll report the NISSAN Fraud?   or the Discrimination done by NISSAN?

Odds ore my Viral Fight for Human Decency made a difference... if so THANK YOU GOD!!!

"I love America and like many others in this state believing in my heart that corruption and cronyism is destroying this nation I see this endorsement as a step forward"  Sharyn Bovat

Quotes from the Romney Endorsement...

"it is far less of an endorsement of Romney than a lack of endorsement of President Obama..."  the Tennessean.

Text between former Tennessean editor and Bed Bradlee winner Mark Silverman saying he "thought" one of my web sites ranting about Dept. of Energy Fraud would be mentioned in the emails congress subpoenaed in reference to Solyndra.  FYI Solyndra visited my blog 1142 time

Copy of  lawsuit NISSAN Leaf owners filed in LA and the Tennessean Failed to report it. 

The TENNESSEAN also failed to report that the NISSAN Whistleblower was jailed 3 times & has an ongoing malicious prosecution case "against" NISSAN.

"Nonetheless, this morning’s endorsement by an outlet which has long been seen by many conservatives as a kind of unofficial mouthpiece of the Tennessee Democratic establishment prompted the State’s Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville), to remark on the development with one word on Facebook-he simply wrote “wow...." the examiner

"....The Tennessean, which has long been a kind of pseudo-Democratic political print organ, has finally reached the final phase of dealing with defeat-acceptance. Further, they acknowledge that the President has failed on the single most important issue of his presidency, and that is dealing with the economic crisis (some would say collapse) that brought him to power..." the examiner



GOOGLE Maria De Varenne the editor of the Tennessean and see "what floats to the top"    GOOGLE Bob Dickey Gannett (he decides what goes in the news for Gannet Nationally) and see what "floats to the top."

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  1. ob.

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Kim Helper... Please Ask for Humanity

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Request for a Voice of Humanity…..
Date: October 15, 2012 10:43:24 PM CDT
To: Sharyn Bovat <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Mark Silverman <msilverm@gannett.con>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>
Cc: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Ken Marrero <>,, tn <>,, "Bruce W. McNeilage" <>, Amelia Chasse <>, Brandon Howell <>, Arthur Brooks <>, Jonathan Collegio <>,

Can you please encourage NISSAN sit at a conference room table and work this out.....

I have emails and proof that I can show WHY I did what I did. 
In 2009 I was told that I could be a Catalyst for change at NISSAN. Some people were upset with the cronyism. 

People gave me information to blog about.  They wanted me to do what I do, they wanted the culture to change in Tennessee. My friend Mark Silverman told me it' can't change... I finally get it.

My child does not need a mommy that's fighting  for her reputation...  I will show you an email I received from Carlos Tavares in 2010.  I will show you that people wanted me to expose that the battery was made with outdated technology.  

We will work out a way that I get my dignity and you get to keep enjoying the tax breaks with out me "ranting about the Leaf...."  I'm serious.  My child is suffering.  This needs to be resolved.

If what I did was ALL about money I would have taken the money HR VP Mark Stout offered me in 2009.

My blogging has been about "fairness" for all Nissan employees, the Taxpayers and for discrimination to stop.... and I'm realizing that in America it does not exist. You won.... my child & my health is MORE important.... 

What I want is what's fair and I want my REPUTATION back. I've been abused for 3 years.... Your tough and I'm sure you don't want me in Tennessee as much as I don't want to be here.

Carlos Tavares who was President of NISSAN North America & most likely the future CEO of Renault/NISSAN trusted me with his concerns about the "culture" of TN. One of his supporters will communicate that it's just not possible.   PLEASE help just tell NISSAN to be RESPECTFUL.

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat

Kim Helper Please Encourage This... It's TIme for Humanity... Terry Wood Should NOT Take ALL the Blame... Spare Him.... Just Tell NISSAN to Mediate in Good Faith... Thank You..

Let's sit at a conference room table and work this out.....

I have emails and proof that I can show WHY I did what I did. 
In 2009 I was told that I could be a Catalyst for change at NISSAN.

People gave me information to blog about.  They wanted me to do what I do.

My child does not need a mommy that's fighting  for her reputation...  I will show you an email I received from Carlos Tavares in 2010.  I will show you that people wanted me to expose that the battery was made with outdated technology.  

We will work out a way that I get my dignity and you get to keep enjoying the tax breaks with out me "ranting about the Leaf...."  I'm serious.  My child is suffering.  This needs to be resolved.

If what I did was ALL about money I would have taken the money HR VP Mark Stout offered me in 2009.

My blogging has been about "fairness" for all Nissan employees and for discrimination to stop.... and I'm realizing that in America it does not exist.

What I want is what's fair and I want my REPUTATION back.

A former NISSAN employee who has access to Carlos Tavares and he's asked if me he can reach out to him.  He sees the pain I'm in... I'm going to tell him to "do it" maybe the future CEO of NISSAN to to be a voice of humanity..  After all I Sharyn Bovat "saved the Renault Three"... it's time for me.

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat

Note to America.....

Based on the response provided by Baker Donelson NISSAN is blaming the ENTIRE Malicious Prosecution of Me Sharyn Bovat on the State of Tennessee.

The fact is NISSAN paid a Lawyer Joe Baugh who was the former DA of Williamson County to persecute me.  He babysat the case the entire 19+ months.   In the summer of 2010 Joe Baugh offered to have me to his office for coffee and "he'd make the case go away".... This was after a preliminary hearing in the summer 2010 when I got a "trumped up" stalking charged dropped by Judge Al Nation's.

FYI- I had to represent myself in sumer of 2010. nobody wanted to represent me.   The stress has been horrible...

What happened to a woman who spoke up against discrimination (that was proven) and about taxpayer money being spend to build a "car to fail" and that's being proven. to prosecute me for over 19 months is wrong.... NISSAN paid the lawyer who call my lawyer in the summer of 2010 and the NISSAN lawyer told him that they were going to keep arresting me and that my case would be too big for him.

Terry Wood the ADA is being blamed for the continued persecution of me... The fact is "someone" pressured him to do it... WHO?

Guess we'll find out with depositions.

I will fight for what is morally right.  I want my reputation back.  Since NISSAN wants to keep this going I need to work and need health insurance.  If anyone needs a bloggger call me (615) 415-6675.

OMG!!! I'm crying...

If the American judicial system has any sense of dignity for the law they will not let NISSAN off the hook for the abuse to Sharyn Bovat but also for the abuse to the taxpayers.....

I"m putting all that's on this blog in "draft mode"... the people that led effort to discredit me were from NISSAN.  I"m tired and can't believe that this is continuing.

God Bless America...

Sharyn Bovat