Friday, November 23, 2018

Kim Helper Should Send Herself to Jail

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: November 23, 2018 at 12:12:49 AM EST
To:,, Mark Silverman <>, Rhori Johnston <>,,
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Subject: Nissan Whistleblower Offers Black Friday Deal to Nissan for Destrying Her Life When She Spoke Truth to Tavares

Black Friday DEAL 

I lost custody of my child
I can’t afford health insurance 


I told the truth 
I deserve JUSTICE
I know a ton of Federal Agents


I HATE Nissan
I’m tired of talking about Nissan

I’m emotionally drained & the reality is EVERYONE not cc’d should be going to jail EXCEPT for Rhori Johnston but if being a crappy friend was a crime he’d belong behind bars too.So please lets wrap this up.

As a PRECEDENT we’ll use the Renault Three ( I saved the lives of the 3 Renault execs falsely accused as spies at Renault after I got a tip that Ghosn was framing them) . Whatever the men at Renault got I’ll take (about 2 1/2 million euros I believe).

Good Ole Boys… DON’T discount my settlement because I’m a woman. I think Nissan has discriminated enough. Mark Stout is a MiniMe of Greg Kelly IF he doesn’t get fired then Nissan is doomed. 

Had the FBI listened to me when I first whistle blew America wouldn’t have given them 1.4 Billion for the Nissan Leaf BUT I learned a lot of that money is in “off shore accounts”…. A friend of Dee Kelly told me. Evidently money for the Electric Car is in Aruba with Natalie Holloway.

Could you please make the deal before Nissan goes Bankrupt…. I think it’s a real possibility. The corruption with Nissan and the State of Tennessee is DEEP. IDB bonds were abused and I heard Nissan bonds are “junk”…. If ppl want to not settle it’s OK I’m sure after I recover from stuffing myself I’ll have the energy to BLOG LIKE A MANIAC and tell ppl how ABUSED I was in Tennessee by the courts and by the people who I thought were my friends. After seeing so many deal in my email box I thought I’d offer one to Nissan. 

The car execs “lack” of a moral compass reminds me everyday I’m bless to live in Florida and in Virginia. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharyn Bovat

This offer expires…..