Sunday, February 28, 2016

John Brennan I Want the CIA to Tweet Good Things About My Mom... She'll Die NOT Knowing that I'm OK From Being Maliciously Prosecuted By Kim Helper. James Comey I Want the FBI to Investigate Corruption in Williamson County Cause My Mom Feared People in Tennessee Connected to Howard Baker & a Good Ole Boy Network with CIA Ties Was Gonna Kill Me. They Almost Did BUT Luckily I Survived. The Fact That Alzheimers Prevented My Mom From Knowing I'm OK is VERY Upsetting. Still I Must Continue My Life in a Positive Way. My Mom Told Me Before He Mind Went "The Best REVENGE Is Having a Good Life".... My Goal is to Get a Screenplay I'm Working on About my Battle in the TN Courts Produced and in a Few Years I'll Be at the Oscars Letting the World Know that Justice Ain't Fair in Tennessee. Oprah's People Have ALREADY Expressed Interest in My Story Cause She was Raised in Tennessee & She Knows HOW Real the Racism I Whistle blow is in the State That the Daily Beast Ranked #1 in Corruption

Maybe the Good Ole Boys who asked me "whose my daddy" when I was in living & bullied in TN they should've asked me who my MOMMY was: Here's my website about my Mom a former mayor who acted ethically

My mom is in a hospice and I want EVERYONE in Tennessee to pray that in heaven she knows that her daughter is OK from all the judicial harassment she got in Tennessee.  My last memory of my mom is her crying because of false allegation NISSAN execs made and Kim Helper prosectued bogus charges.  She knew my mom was ill and she kept prosecuting me for a crime that does not exist. 

I spent 19 months in the TN courts fighting for my freedom and I was found guilty of a crime that's a lower level misdemeanor than most speeding tickets. The maximum penalty was $50.  The charges of my "stalking a corporation" were dropped. EVERYONE knows those charges were prosecuted because people in TN wanted to take away my 1st Amendment right.