Wednesday, October 26, 2016

James Comey Maybe the FBI Should Find Out If Kim Helper are You Just a Minion of the Clinton Foundation's Ally NISSAN. YOU Abused Me Why?

The NISSAN Leaf is a crappy EV and NISSAN did not create the jobs promised for the 1.4 Billion dollars that they took as a loan with a Rutherford County IDB bond as the collateral.  The taxpayers are gonna suffer cause NISSAN ripped them off.  YOU Kim Helper should be in Jail!!!

Before i left DC I learned a private security guy was watching me: Ppl are worried because a reliable FBI informant told me about issues involving Seth Rich- I passed on the information to the Feds and "as usual" they won't tell me anything.
The Podesta ppl have invited me to q lot of stuff the last year, even a luncheon with Sidney Blumenthal. The event I was invited to in Vegas is aligned with the same ppl. They invite me just to 'pump me for info" & I go just to see what info they're pumping me for. To them politics is a game, to me it's a way to survive.
I miss my Shirlington life & will be back soon. 
In 2010 ppl aligned with Colin Powell who remembered me in the 80's/90's asked me to blog about issues that matter to the DOD 
In 2012 I learned Petraeus & the Tampa crowd who sent a ton of emails wrote about me & my blogs about corruption. In 2011 I was asked to blog about 3 men in Renault that were falsely accused of being spies. I used to date a respected FBI counter-intelligence agent & ppl connected to him told me in January they were innocent. I bought the domain in January - two weeks later the CEO of Renault said he had "multiple proofs they were guilty. In March 2011 the men were 100% vindicated, given over 2 million euros & offered their jobs back. 
The country of France owns Renault & they didn't like seeing my blogs naturally float up on Google searches that showed proof the CEO of the French owned company was corrupt- long story short I was told by a guy at AEI before an Eric Schmidt speech that My blogs were a main reason why the French insisted on being able to remove things from the Internet. 
I've now learned that the Clinton Foundation was a BIG player in making "the right to be forgotten" happen.

The NISSAN Leaf is a crappy EV and NISSAN did not create the jobs promised for the 1.4 Billion dollars that they took as a loan with a Rutherford County IDB bond as the collateral.  The taxpayers are gonna suffer cause NISAN ripped them off.  YOU Kim Helper should be in Jail!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kim Helper My Mom Always Said "The Best Revenge is Having a Good Life" & I'm Already Having a Good life (Thanks to People Connected to Al Gore & Oprah) & Soon I Hope to Have a Great Life. That's Means I'm Gonna Be VINDICATED!!!!

Kim Helper I really don't care if i never get justice for all the abuse YOU and the State of Tennessee did to me.  I've been told to articulate exactly what ya'll did to me & that LOTS people  know the problem is real I just need to explain WHY you need to be "brought down" basically I need to do a power point on WHY Tennessee is NOT healthy for society.  I'm confident  with all the times you people jailed me and all the court appearances I'm gonna prove judicial bullying. 

Kim Helper someday YOU"LL be exposed for being corrupt.  Anyway I'm in the process of getting a good life & filling out membership applications -this one asked me a LOT of thought provoking questions & here are my answers.  

Why I want to join **********

My wish is to integrate w/ the millennial & technical mindsets: I'm a 50 year old former op researcher for Karl Rove & Sal Russo operatives, I was trained to do political research at the age of 19 by Reagan's top operatives. In 1984 -1987 I was used to collect research on "how to get Americans to want to fund the Contras" & "how to restore the image of Oliver North"   In 1993 I left politics vowing to never go back then about 5 years ago ppl i worked for wanted me to come back ( i specialize in moderate/swing voters).  I've set up a focus group for this election and doing the process the old fashion way.  I've started having people text me their opinions on "hot topics" (recently I was one of the ppl used to get Nikki Haley to agree to get rid of the confederate flag). I believe that using tech in collecting research it can be a BIG tool in 2020. I'm sure the democrats are already using it & so are some GOP.  I'm an independent/freelance researcher whose not part of a big PAC yet some donors of PACS have used my research. 

List my 3 biggest challenges to having a good life....

1) With the GOP in chaos my political research project has dwindled to my focus group (which is important because these are the voters that will decide who wins). The group has ppl that have voted both Dem & GOP in previous elections.  

2) Also things I was involved with in the 80's are now declassified (getting digitalized)  I'm 80% at going ahead with a screenplay (I have selected a ghost writer who lives in The ******  (****** is the 1/2 point, I live in Shirlington). A few years ago I went to Hollywood and some are interested in doing a movie but my mom asked me to have some creative control (she didn't want to be portrayed as a crazed NeoCon).  

3) Al Gore.... I'm the reason why he left Tipper in 2010 (long story) anyway over a year ago i was asked if I would date him if he had to take over as the Democratic nominee.  Right now I'm more than a little stressed. I would not be applying for ***************  if I really thought I'd be FLOTUS next year I heard 3 women are in the running so basically i'm in the 2016 Presidential Edition of the Bachelor. Still I haven't been told I'm not picked so I still go to conferences & things his people recommend. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Kim Helper DA, Judges Jeff Bivins, Robbie Beal & Timothy Easter.... Put Your Seat-belts On....

Panama Papers will VINDICATE me & show how a GLOBAL clique linked to Putin, Clinton, Blair & others "operate" & the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn will be included & ALL my rants will not only be understood BUT the malicious actions of Kim Helper the Williamson County DA will be exposed.  Bridget Carpenter of Baker Donelson will be exposed, Kline Preston has already been exposed as being a CRAPPY/sleazy lawyer, Terry Wood the ADA will be exposed & so many others.  

Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : James Comey iHope …
Nov 23, 2015 · Thank You RightONLINE, AFP, Google & Al Gore for Giving Me the FREEDOM to Blog... Yes!!! It's a Weird Alliance BUT it's REAL!!! Enjoying breakfas

so much is happening my head is spinning!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

John Brennan I Want the CIA to Tweet Good Things About My Mom... She'll Die NOT Knowing that I'm OK From Being Maliciously Prosecuted By Kim Helper. James Comey I Want the FBI to Investigate Corruption in Williamson County Cause My Mom Feared People in Tennessee Connected to Howard Baker & a Good Ole Boy Network with CIA Ties Was Gonna Kill Me. They Almost Did BUT Luckily I Survived. The Fact That Alzheimers Prevented My Mom From Knowing I'm OK is VERY Upsetting. Still I Must Continue My Life in a Positive Way. My Mom Told Me Before He Mind Went "The Best REVENGE Is Having a Good Life".... My Goal is to Get a Screenplay I'm Working on About my Battle in the TN Courts Produced and in a Few Years I'll Be at the Oscars Letting the World Know that Justice Ain't Fair in Tennessee. Oprah's People Have ALREADY Expressed Interest in My Story Cause She was Raised in Tennessee & She Knows HOW Real the Racism I Whistle blow is in the State That the Daily Beast Ranked #1 in Corruption

Maybe the Good Ole Boys who asked me "whose my daddy" when I was in living & bullied in TN they should've asked me who my MOMMY was: Here's my website about my Mom a former mayor who acted ethically

My mom is in a hospice and I want EVERYONE in Tennessee to pray that in heaven she knows that her daughter is OK from all the judicial harassment she got in Tennessee.  My last memory of my mom is her crying because of false allegation NISSAN execs made and Kim Helper prosectued bogus charges.  She knew my mom was ill and she kept prosecuting me for a crime that does not exist. 

I spent 19 months in the TN courts fighting for my freedom and I was found guilty of a crime that's a lower level misdemeanor than most speeding tickets. The maximum penalty was $50.  The charges of my "stalking a corporation" were dropped. EVERYONE knows those charges were prosecuted because people in TN wanted to take away my 1st Amendment right.

Monday, January 4, 2016

***UPDATE*** James Comey Can YOU Tell the Memphis FBI that ConnieReguli is "Most Likely" Being Retaliated Against By the Tennessee Boardof Professional Responsibility

The mainstream media in Tennessee is VERY biased and they hurt people that are 

trying to expose issues This quote below I posted on the Nashville Post, they deleted it, &

I complained & they put it back.... 

Supreme Court upholds Brentwood lawyer's suspend Nashville Post (subscription)-Dec 29, 2015

... disciplining of Brentwood attorney Connie Reguli as well as a Williamson County Circuit Court order that she pay restitution to a former client.

FYI: Connie did not get suspended's probation, like a misdemeanor, the funny part is they did the SAME thing to me and worded it to sound a whole lot worse than it is. The way it's written makes a lawyer sound horrible.  It's bullying on their part. FYI  I looked into the website allegations that Sandy Garrett's people accused Connie Reguli of and a LOT of lawyers have bigger problems if the state goes after rhetoric FAIRLY.  I hope the Feds read the brief Connie Reguli filed that upset the TBPR always sides with the corrupt. It's just sad.

UPDATE #2  my comment posted at Nashville Post that was deleted is BACK sometimes when you point out unfairness people do the right thing:):)  I have screenshots showing they deleted it

I'm defending Connie Reguli because I met her at the TN State Capital 
lobbying to STOP judicial corruption .. I have been told by the Feds that allegations that Connie spoke out about are being looked at.  I think the timing of the "decision" against her is VERY 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Multiple People Think Franklin Attorney Connie Reguli KNOWN for Taking Whistleblower Clients Was VICIOUSLY Targeted by the TBPR & Corrupt Judges Let it Happen  Oops Connie Reguli is a "Brentwood" Attorney... everything else is accurate:):)

The FBI needs to stop the judicial corruption in Tennessee.  
Please call me for details on HOW i believe Connie Reguli is being railroaded. 

I need Connie to get he license back cause she’s one of the ONLY lawyers in I trust to take on Kline Preston whose REALLY corrupt. Also I’m beginning to think the State of Tennessee terrorized me in the courts cause I’m an illegitimate Kennedy.  Is that true?  Maybe Loretta Lynch’s ppl can tell me:):)  

Supreme Court upholds Brentwood lawyer's suspension

Nashville Post (subscription)-Dec 29, 2015
... disciplining of Brentwood attorney Connie Reguli as well as a Williamson County Circuit Court order that she pay restitution to a former client.

Board of Professional Responsibility | Tennessee ... › ... › Boards & Commissions

Tennessee Supreme Court
Sandy Garrett Chief Disciplinary Counsel Board of Professional Responsibility 10 Cadillac Drive, Suite 220. Brentwood, TN 37027. Phone: (615) 361-7500 Ext.

Sandy Garrett of The Tennessee Supreme Court's Board of ...

Jun 12, 2013 - UPDATE*** Sandy Garrett of the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility Did NOT Respond to My Complaint in a Professional Way.
You visited this page.

Sandy Garrett the LAWYER you need to go after is Kline Preston...

How come nobody thought it was unprofessional that I was told I'd be jailed in contempt of court if I didn't answer a question about "sex acts" and the case had NOTHING to do with sex 

Preston Shipp Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee ...

May 8, 2013 - Preston Shipp WHO Appointed You to be the Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee Courts? How Can YOU Say Kline Preston Did NOT Meet ...