Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letter Sent to Tennessee Bar 'Access Justice' Committee - David Esquivel, Alex MacKay & Jim Barry.

Sharyn Bovat was the relocations consultant in Middle Tennessee used for top NISSAN executives.  She became friends with Catherine Perez the most powerful woman at NISSAN in 2008/2009 (Cal Vickers reported to her/John Martin BOTH relo clients of Sharyn). In 2009 Sharyn managed the relocation of Carlos Tavares & when she told him about issues of discrimination and corruption happening by NISSAN North America executives.  Learning on the executive floor that NISSAN used "ex Nixon" era CIA to keep Carlos Ghosn in control and knowing that Catherine had "access" to Carlos Ghosn so Sharyn started asking questions.

In the 80's Renault was used as a CIA cover company during Iran Contra.  Sharyn had NO IDEA that her being "ethical" would be a problem but it was ... people linked to the CIA in the 80's were scared of Sharyn.  For almost 4 years she's been targeted for harassment.  After being jaile 3 times she hired a lawyer that did NOTHING (Sharyn told Kline Preston in 2010 that Iran was a country responsible for the Lockerbie bombing & she was concerned the trumped up charges were do to the cover up).  Kline Preston sent a text to Sharyn in 2012 that Stephen Preston was/is a relative. NOW- Sharyn is unemployable & the stress is horrible.   Maybe Gannet will hire her?  This is getting weird.

On May 28, 2013, at 10:19 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

To The Access to Justice Committee develops and implements policy and initiatives to assist lawyers, the organized bar, law schools, legal services organizations & pro bono programs in providing access to the justice system for the poor & marginalized.

Hello TBA Justice Committee:
My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm looking for advice.

My American rights have been taken away and I'm trying to fight back BUT I fear without adequate legal representation might NOT happen due to National Security issues. Hedy Weinberg and Tennessee's ACLU had been useless.  I believe the ACLU discriminates against marginalized Neocons

In 2010 I told the lawyer Kline Preston who I hired to help me fight charges that Iran was involved with the Lockerbie bombing  & that is WHY I feared "trumped up charges were made against me.  On multiple occasions Mr. Preston wanted my sources.  Due to my loyalty to my sources I did not disclose non material facts to Mr. Preston and thank god I did not... still he wanted it.

In November 2012 I was told to go to attend an ABA National Security legal conference at the Ritz Carlton. There the top lawyer of the CIA spoke his nam 'Stephen Preston'.  I then texted my lawyer Kline Preston & he texted me back that YES!! it was a relative and said it was his brother. 
That "lack" of disclosure unprofessional.   I believe that what has happened to me is CLEARLY a political witch hunt.  The charges against me were EXTREME and Kline Preston never tried to get them dismissed.  He did not inform me about a pre trial diversion that the ADA Terry Wood says he offered. instead he told me minutes before a court hearing that I had to sign some papers that I did not have time to read.  Had he or the ADA Terry Wood offered me a pre trial diversion I would have told that to Mark Silverman the editor of the Tennessean. Recently I went back and read my emails and text messages between Silverman and me during that time and a pre trial diversion was NEVER mentioned-Because it was NEVER offered or Kline Preston did NOT tell me.  Someone is lying... WHO? Since Mark and I were sleeping together at the time I would have told him.  Please this has to get resolved. I do NOT want to have my friend subpoenaed-I need resolution.  Hurting the image of a good person is NOT want I want to do.

In 1993 due to my CIA past I had to leave the state of California ... members of my family feared that I would be "witch hunted" by the Clinton administration.  I had to leave the life I loved and was not able to maintain friendships.  At the age of 28 my life was destroyed....until now i never understood why.

My family was connected to CIA gun running in the Iran Contra era that included Operation Cyclone, that is when the USA gave weapons including stinger missiles to islamic extremist to help end communism.  Basically in the 80's America created Al Qaeda by giving them weapons to fight the Russians. Remember the movie Charlie's War? 

The CEO of NISSAN is connected to CIA drug trafficking & his father was a player in Operation Condor (when the CIA helped lead a mission that involved THROWING PEOPLE OUT OF AIRPLANES) ... it's been on my blog for years.

My grandfather was former naval intelligence & DOD lawyer who lived in Korea on the 38th parallel after ww2 (nobody knows what he did). My uncle was chief pilot of Pan Am & my mom was chief stewardess of Transocean Airlines and while living in Tokyo hired women to spy for America. 

Fast forward....In 2009 I learned on the executive floor at NISSAN North America that the CEO Carlos Ghosn hired ex Nixon era CIA to stay in control of the company.  I told this to Carlos Tavares who at the time (2009) was becoming the President of NISSAN North America.  I told him of discrimination and wasted spending of taxpayer money.   For the record over 20 years ago I told Oliver North (to his face) that I thought what he did was wrong & I'm one of the researchers that helped "restore his image." 

Anyway- From 2010 - 2012 I tried finding legal representation & I have "in writing" from multiple lawyers that representing me in the Tennessee courts is too "political"... due to National Security issues that are "complicated." 

FYI- I blogged over a year ago that a person from the Pentagon met with me and told me what I have blogged about is not classified.  He said people don't know about things because they are NOT reported.  He told me to NOT trust Gannett.   Hello!!!

Due to the complexity of my situation & that most lawyers in the state of Tennessee are not versed on foreign policy issues I've had to represent myself 'pro se' & I have been abused by the system.  

I will answer your question before you ask.  Most people would think that since Governor Haslam being a republican he would have "pushed" for judicial fairness for me BUT he's connected to Mitt Romney whose not a bad guy- prominent Neocons have no problems with the fact he got his "start" in business with money from people involved with El Salvadorian death squads. 

More History
In 1979/1980 I went to a boarding school and was the roommate of an girl form El Salvador whose family led death squads (remember the whacked priest).   Some people think I was raised by crazed war mongering Neocons I like to think I'm the child of Patriots.

Anyway Mitt Romney's people held NO LOYALTY to me due to the Sal Russo connection (Sal Russo is the king of the Tea Party).   Sal Russo is connected to corrupt people & good ethical people that I did research work for linked to Mr. Russo were murdered (it's on my blog).  

For the record I NEVER did anything illegal & don't lie- I did was research that I was told told to do.

TBA Access to Justice committee:I'm a hawk BUT not corrupt & deserve RESPECT. 
FYI- Governor Haslam is CORRUPT and odds are the Cleveland Browns will have a new owner within a year.  

Obviously the NeoCon issue did NOT bother Gannett's Maria De Varenne the newish editor of the Tennessean too.  The Tennessean endorsed Mr. Romney and I know that they knew of Mitt's "I love war" mentality.  In fact Gannett the parent of the Tennessean has a long history with the CIA. Some people connected to Mitt really believe that "if" America goes to TWO more wars we'll be "out of debt"... I call THAT "betting on 00"

Fun Fact
The GOP clean team in the GOP is Karl Rove/Ed Gillespie I believe they are the ones that helped me.  In the 80's it was Ed Gillespie who told me about the constitution and I'm VERY grateful.  FYI- I was recently told Al Gore helped me too - he could have helped a little faster but he was more concerned about the planet, if you know him remind of Suze Orman's rules PEOPLE FIRST- than the planet:):)

OK- I'm getting off topic. I have proof that NISSAN executives dodged subpoenas and that the ADA Terry Wood in Williamson County lied. 

Good News!!!  I did find a lawyer in Tennessee that I trust will be "on my side" still I need help in reference to the National Security issues involved with my case.  I fear  that I cannot tell that lawyer issues in reference to some NISSAN executives who are linked to global terrorism.  This fear is from the deception done to me by Kline Preston and the excessive arrests that happened to me in the State of Tennessee.  

Also Mr. Preston asked in an interrogatory question to list ALL the names of every lawyer I every met with in reference to this case.  That is attorney client privilege and out of respect for lawyers that did not take my case due to the complexity I refused to answer the question. Today - I live in fear that a corrupt Tennessee judge will find me in contempt of court for NOT disclosing that confidential information....  I want it clarified that it's illegal for him to ask that. 

Kline Preston is upset that I blogged about him - I only blogged/complained about him AFTER december 2012 AFTER I learned of his lying. I NEVER said anything disrespectful about him until AFTER her broke his code of professionalism by texting me that Stephen Preston was his brother.  

Neo-Discrimination Victimization.
Recently my "ex lawyer" Kline Preston asked me to "list sexual positions" in an interrogatory question & Preston Shipp of the Board of Professional Responsibility found that did not meet the standards of being unprofessional.

I have copies of text messages that are very inappropriate  and ALL is documented.  When I complained to the Board of Professional Responsibility I was told what Kline Preston did was NOT unprofessional.  People have told me to "be grateful" that I'm moving out of Tennessee.  What's really sad is I used to be the top relocation consultant used to create jobs in the state.  

Preston Shipp Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee Supreme Courts

Please let me know who can assist me.
Thank you 

Sharyn Bovat

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Judge Jeff Bivins, Judge Timothy Easter and Judge Robbie Beal - Are YOU a Racist Like Kline Preston Who Seems to Have MORE Respect for Putin Than President Obama? I Can't Wait to Leave a State That Touts Leaders Like Governor Bill Haslam. Pilot Flying J Does Business in Iran. NOBODY In Tennessee Cares Either That or They Can NOT Read. The State That Ranks #1 in Corruption DESERVES the Title... My Name is Sharyn Bovat and Abraham Lincoln Was a GREAT President. Good Old Boys the South Will Fall Again With YOUR Xenophobic Bigotry Bias.... **** You!!!

Preston Shipp Thinks Kline Preston Does NOT Meet the Standards of Unprofessional. Kim Helper Tell Me What the Standard Is?

Message for Kim Helper..... The NEW YORK TIMES Basically Says That The People That Abused The NISSAN Whistleblower Are Responsible for Benghazi Cover Up.... The Williamson County DA's Office is Either Clueless or Conspired with Those Connected to CIA Drug Trafficking. Most People in The NORTH Just Think YOUR Stupid.

When I Tell People That Stephen Preston (The CIA General Counsel that Scrubbed the 
Benghazi Talking Points) Is the Man That My EX Lawyer Kline Preston "Joked" About 
Being HIs Brother & a Man That My Ex Lawyer WIll NOT Sign an Affidavit Saying He's NOT 
Related To... When They Hear That They Know That the NISSAN CEO is Really Connected 
to Ex CIA from the NIXON Era That Were Involved with Lebanese Based Drug Trafficking. 

Respectfully I (Sharyn Bovat) Deserves RESPECT. Someone should tell Marsha Blackburn 
her "former Finance Chairman and current President of Marsha Blackburn Inc. 
'not confirmed or denied RELATIVE' knows the Benghazi truth.

Marsha Blackburn should tell her fellow members of congress to ask the CIA General 
Counsel Stephen Preston to testify at Benghazi hearings.  

Kim Helper did YOU know that I was bullied by the IRS?   The Cincinnati office.  
I Was told that "other" issues were discovered the "same" time as mine.  
People at Gannett KNEW I was harassed by the IRS and said NOTHING.  huh.....