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*** UPDATE*** CLARIFICATION*** James Comey Can Todd McCall at the Memphis FBI Look into Election Fraud Done By Bill Beck with Help of Steve Gibson of Tennessee - He Says on His FEC Statement He & His Wife Pam Beck of TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigations) Don't Live in the Same House... The Rumor That Bill Beck is a Carpetbagger Who Ran for Judge a Few Years Ago using His Mom's Address...That Rumor He Said Was NOT True... NOW I'm Asking That Source to Clarify... I Want the TRUTH....

iWas RIGHT!!! 

The Tennesesean NEVER reported that Stephen Fotopulos was/is unemployed.  I even asked Bill Beck that and he confirmed.   Also the immigration group he USED to work with did a LOT for the Kurdish immigrants that are linked to Iranian sympathizers that have helped the Haslam family ...

Pilot Flying J has a board member named Mike Loya of Vitol and their BIG in Turkey who "oddly" reads "this blog" a lot!

  1. Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary

    3 days ago - Reid Weingarten I'm in DC Next Week - Lunch? I'll Let YOU Buy Cause You Have Access to the Jimmy Haslam Tab:):) Pls Tell Eric Holder i've ...

Bill Beck "On the Record"  Fotopulos NOT a lawyer... unemployed -- Maria DeVarenne editor of Gannett "melted with Stephen Fotopulos....  Bill Beck says he won't date me too:):)

*** Clarification*** 

Stephen Fotopulos is running to promote his issue on immigration & is no longer working for the taxpayer funded immigration center-Fotopulos is friends with Tennessean writers too.
I heard he's not a bad guy BUT will steer votes away from Jennifer Buck Wallace who deserves the nomination.  Bill Beck the Crony friend of the Good Ole Boy network who does "not" really live in the district will most likely win due to Fotopulos "spoiler" status.  Beck has NOT appeared at many candidate's forums - does not like to discuss the issues BUT is giving free ice cream to those that do "early" voting today. Did the Tennessean purposely endorse Stephen so Bill Beck could win?  I don't know...  
"...The third Democrat in the primary is an unconventional one, Stephen Fotopulos, 40. Fotopulos is a soft-spoken Navy veteran who moved to East Nashville 10 years ago. He is the former executive director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and a lobbyist on immigrant issues at the legislature.  Fotopulos has made remarkable strides with the Republican supermajority on litmus test issues for the tea party. He helped bring about passage of a bill extending in-state tuition to American-born children of undocumented immigrants, which surprised many legislative observers..."

Let me start with this "rant" with an I told ya so....

 Check into this...

I will email the update to those on this list...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
SubjectCBS News picking up story about Bill Beck Being "Sneaky" & NOW I learned Stephen Fotopulas is a "Spoiler".... Supplied by Allies of Chamber of Commerce & They Created a "Shell" Company to Pretend to Help IMMIGRANT and Get Cash
Date: July 30, 2014 at 3:05:32 PM CDT
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>,,, Mark Silverman <>, Michael Dorris <>,,,, "" <>,,,

It’s ILLEGAL to tamper with an Election & BOTH Bill Beck and Stephen Fotopulas have done that…

Evidently Bill Beck is a Known “slum lord” and so are his clients and they get FEDERAL money to house immigrants and this Stephen Fotopulas is 
an immigration lawyer…. I also learned the he as some Haley Barbour connections linked to the CIA/MIC clique that’s connected to FedEx fraud…

Fotopulas has NO endorsers on his website & I have a person that will testify to the “lack of sincerity of Stephen Fotopulas..

If anything I say is WRONG tell me… I was NOT wrong about FedEx- Maybe soon Kim Helper, Jeff Bivens & Scott Becker of NISSAN will be in chains… you too Reuter

Have a Great Day!

 Lets Get Pam Beck & Steve Gibson to Cut Immunity Deals...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

***Update *** James Comey Another Reason For the FBI to Do RICO in Tennessee is the Crony Capitalism at the Capital... Bill Beck LIED About Where He Lives I've Got Multiple Witnesses Including a Pug & a Chow - Good Ole Boys Ya'll Should Stay Away From Redheads... We BITE....

During all the Bredesen CRONY green projects…..   Bill Beck led the effort to get the grants etc for the Chamber … which is part of the Good Ole Boy network ...Can you see if Discover Madison got any ECD grants?  

This Bill Beck has a lot of luggage…    more than Macy's in Greenhills

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Bill Beck How Much ECD Money Did You Get for Green Projects that Failed? I'm telling the FBI to add YOU to RICO Haslams are TOO BIG to Jail but your not:):)
Date: July 30, 2014 at 8:40:32 AM CDT

Guys sending me an affidavit that you LIED & Proof Phil Bredesen gave you $$$ I’m gonna bring him down too..because when he was Gov I was followed by a State Troope and he had Michael Thomason befriend me & “spy” on me - I got proof that Gannett “did NOT report issues that they knew were true”….Also we got “pics” of the home you say you live in - the ONLY thing “fresh” in the home is your sign BILL BECK for Senate….  Your law partner and owner of your”declared" home says on “a legal form” that he lived at that house too…   Odd some of your donors are linked to Andrea Ball of HR Comp too…  I’m cc’ing the Knoxville FBI so they’ll investigate.  If I’m wrong they can tell me:):)

I’m a former opposition researcher for Karl Rover operatives- I’m MAD that Crony Capitalist jailed me so they could use money that was supposed to “save the planet” and keep America Energy independent for for personal gain.
I was told that TN has a LOT of bond debt and people linked to the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce will do anything to “cover it up”…..Also that the ONLY way to stop the FRAUD and cronyism is to send people to jail.

Bill Beck is it true you & your law partners are “slum lords” and planning to profit from the “wave of immigrants”  I was told that Chamber allies are making money from the refugees? 
How can that be?

Obviously the Haslam family is TOO BIG to jail - but your not...

Please respond …. 

Sharyn Bovat

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Is it true your husband is running for State office using an address the he does not live at-A witness says Bill walks the Pug and Chow at the address he "does NOT live at" & the I learned Election Fraud Happening... Thus WHY I deserve Dreamforce Pass because TRULY I'm an Awesome Journalist. 
Date: July 29, 2014 at 3:15:49 PM CDT
To:,,, Michael Dorris <>, Annie Meenan <>, Sheryl So <>

Pam Beck, Memphis FBI, & IC Whistleblower Dir & Mike Dorris (ex ethical FBI): Please Investigate
Sheryl & Annie still more proof I’m a journalist…one that will fight until I get respect as a whistleblower 

It’s been verified that Bill Beck does not live at the address he claimed.  I was told Gannett did an article that would downplay the issue too- thus allowing for cronyism to continue.  Chas Sisk the writer is from a KNOWN Good Ole Boy family linked to the Haslam Klan too.

Also Bill Beck is a Democrat (just like Gary Wade?) & I was told that former Governor Bredesen is backing Bill Beck to help hide bad bond debt done to green projects that include the NISSAN Leaf & Solar Panel firms that went bankrupt….  Is that true?

BIGGER is a neighbor at the address you posted as your residence said that “nobody has lived their for 5 years” and then a guy told me the property is owned by a legal partner of yours & then a person living in your “non” district said yove been walking the Pug and Chow and recently the chow had a “shave” and YES Bill Beck live in Hendersonville.
It’s called FRAUD and I want the FBI to include Bill Beck in a RICO case.

The Feds to look at you his wife Pam Beck works at TBI and the state has allowed for human trafficking trucks to be refueled at Pilot Flying J truck stops. Also I was bullied by the TBI and I want that looked at too.  TBI aided NISSAN a company that fuels Putin and  Khomeini. Please comment and investigate.

If what I’m saying is false please tell me cause I’m planning to blog about it. I’m still collecting sources.

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

Below has been on my other blog for YEARS

Connecting the Vanderbilt Bridge Club to the DOE Fraud and Solar Scams.... It's sad but TRUE Please read.... thanks....

One of my former bridge partners Michael connected to the INGRAM Family & Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr ( Also "most likely" the solar/NISSAN fraud that's happening).

 Michael Thomason worked as an appointee of the Bredesen He lied to me about what he did. About 18 months ago In DC I was tipped off that he was spying on me and Chris Clark of the Vanderbilt bridge club told me "that was ridiculas"

He quit playing bridge with me the same week that Bredesen left.

I've confronted him and members of the state senate know and immediatly he was taken "off" the state of Tennessee website

My other bridge partner was also Michaels other bridge partner and that was Mira Yamaoka

  1. Mira Yamaoka was the granddaughter of a man that owned the hotel across the street from the American Embassy in Japan (he was a spy for AMERICA).
  2. Mira befriended me while NISSAN was bullying me and she offered "moral support"...... She's a clinical hypnotherapist (who does really well investing.... in this market she made a LOT of money in green stocks) I asked Mira to do hypnotherapy on my when NISSAN executives had people harass me by following me and I was "stressed" later I was diagnosed with PTSD.
Mira told me that she could "not" work with me because of "who I used to work for" I asked her "how she knew" and she said she "got a call"... so the lady that could NOT help he with hypnotherapy that i wanted due to my PTSD (again that happened with NISSAN's head of Corp. Security Rob Trayham ordering people to follow and harass me ....) I was told by the friend of the late Marvin Runyon that Rob from NISSAN was used to stop people that wanted to "go union" . Evidently I got the "preferred" treatment. It's was HORRIBLE!!!
Mira Yamaoka's portfolio of "mostly" non compliant ENERGY stocks has had gone from about 1,000,000 to almost 3,000,000 mainly she invest in ENERGY's twisted but true.....
Chris Clark the woman that "selected" my bridge partners and encouraged me to play with Michael Thomason (I have emails). She's connected to the INGRAM's BUT I'm sure she's not one of the "green" energy profiteers. I like Chris.

Reagan-Farr,-Matt-Kisber,-TNInvestco,-Tennessee-Small-Business ...

Reagan-Farr,-Matt-Kisber,-TNInvestco ... December 17, 2008, VC-backed former Ingram exec launches online business. December 16, 2008, Gov. Bredesen ...
  1. Phil Bredesen: Person DB Profile: Solar

    Kisber-Farr solar startup met with CCA - The Daily News Journal ... will keep his position after Gov -elect Bill Haslam takes office Jan Tom In

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TENNESSEE Governor Bill Haslam Is Gonna Swear In Jeff Bivins on Wednesday...Call Me 4 FACTS on Why Jeff Bivin's is BAD for Tennessee & James Comey is the FBI Doing RICO... Some of My Viewers are REAL Mad at Eric Holder for the Pilot Flying J Deal... Haley Barbour Needs to Be Exposed for Leading the Good Ole Boy Network Too.

Someone Google Jeff Bivins & do an Image Search then ask Billy Haslam WHY he appointed him to the Tennessee Supreme Court?
Jeff Bivins who let "trumped up" charges against a whistleblower who was jailed 3 times after speaking up against corruption & discrinaition done by a Good Ole Boy network linked to Haley Barbour & Tom Ingram Bivins is being sworn into the Supreme Court today...   Oddly a few years ago AFTER Sharyn Bovat spoke out at a School board meeting AGAINST a rezoning plan that would hurt diversity a "4th Warrant" to arrest her was issues.  That warrant was deemed a mistake and Sharyn was told "not to worry about it"... Sharyn (me) is worried cause in America this shit should NOT happen!

 Then ask him Why he appointed Mike Faulk?

He's a DUI lawyer that had an affair with a Young Republican .... Did he get the job cause he's a Good Ole Boy crony? 

Sorry Haley Barbour I'm gonna help expose your Good Ole Boy network...