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James Comey of the FBI - I KNOW That Ryan Loskarn Can Help in Tennessee Corruption Investigation. PLEASE Cut a Deal with Him & Lets Make Humanity Happen in Tennessee ... We Gotta Expose the Corrupt Courts that Are RACIST - They Did NOT Provide Justice for Martin Luther King. Odds are the People Linked to the Porn Loving Good Ole Boy Network Put/Wanted Al Gore in a Compromising Position and Took Advantage of His GREEN CREDENTIALS

It's possible that AL Gore was intentionally put in a "sexually" compromising position or WORSE made to appear like he was  by people linked to the FBI?
There is a small group in the FBI that allows for "things" to happen.  Ask Buck Revell he'll know.... It's my opinion that A lot of the problems America has today indirectly stem from "cover ups"...7 are TENNESSEE based- done by a small group of people... that is WHY I think I've been bullied.... 

I want the DC FBI to ask the TWO FBI offices in Tennessee about the prostitution thing.... I'll send this to the DOD IGO so "it" happens.  Now with the FBI getting funding maybe investigations can happen & I suspect the recent Ryan Loskarn issue is "linked" to the Tennessee POWER PLAYERS... 

I was told by people linked to Gore that he's a good egg. 

Sure I rant on my blogs about him in a quasi negative way. I'm MAD that he did NOT stop the judicial harassment I had in Tennessee BUT I did learn that the "judge swap" that occurred at my trial is most likely linked to Mr. Gore.

History Two days before a trial that could have led to me being jailed for a YEAR on trumped up charges for  a crime that does NOT exist a judge named Robbie Beal quashed my most of my subpoenas thus leaving me with "little" defense. Then a "clean judge" also called a special senior judge named Kurtz was brought to Williamson county to prosecute over a case that was for a 1st time misdemeanor. I later learned a political favor was used to keep me from being jailed.  The Governor had already appointed a judge (Jeff Bivins) to the criminal court of appeals to uphold the decision that I was guilty for a a crime that - does not exist.   Look up the records.  Governor Haslam appointed the judge that told me in court he'd jail me for a year.. The same judge that was present at a school board meeting that I attended about school rezoning that were racially motivated.  I spoke out in favor of diversity on the 10pm CBS news and the next day a 4th warrant was issued to arrest me... that warrant was later a "mistake" NOBODY has investigated .... The FBI knows a hate crime was committed to me and it's ignored WHY?

Back to Al Gore:
He might have been forced to back Green projects that would fail but people would profit from ….. It's linked to NISSAN execs and Carlos Ghosn.
 Prior to learning of the Al Gore Masseuse 2006 incident I learned from an EU source that Al was used for the "Green Credentials" so many could profit.  I blogged about it. The man that told me this was worked for the Prince of Qatar. He's come forward publicly supported me and wants to do a book with me. I know NOBODY would publish it.  For it has to much intel.

His words to me:

".... I was a consultant prince Fahad al Attiya of Qatar ..... He is a world famous car rally driver .... WHO LOVE GIMMICKS..... EVs fit that category like a glove...They (people in the Middle East) are also fiendishly greedy so they will pile-in with ....(people) like Al Gore on any quick in-and-out financial play where their name and kudos brings in the pigeons and patsies, the stock prices rises plenty, they sell out and pocket big dosh profits, and the stock price crashes to nothing......"

"This is the Tesla story by the way. It was Saudi and UAE princes who piled in with Peter Thiel & Co, the piled out with him....."

Multnomah County District Attorney Michael D. Schrunk issued a statement summarizing the deficiencies in the case: Witnesses at the hotel where the alleged incident occurred state they do not remember seeing or hearing anything unusual---directly contradicting Ms. Hagerty's published claim in the July 12, 2010 of the National Enquirer that she was "shaking and in shock" 
An attorney from the area that the Al Gore 2006 sexual incident happened that was not publicized told me that "there's more to the story"…..  
What's odd that in 2010 when green fraud issues were started to come out and taxpayer money was being printed at the Treasury the story from 2006 is broken to the press?   Who made that happen?  
 "..... noted in his memo that refusal by Hagerty and her attorneys to answer questions about whether she was paid, and that given "the Enquirer's documented practice of paying for stories, it is logical to assume Ms. Hagerty has been compensated."  The Associated Press does not generally identify people who say they are victims of sex crimes, but Hagerty had made her identity public by giving an interview to the National Enquirer...."    AP

 Multnomah County District Attorney Michael D. Schrunk issued a statement summarizing the deficiencies in the case:
1. Ms. Hagerty, who has red hair, states she called Mr. Gore immediately following the alleged incident and told him to "dream of redheaded women" seemingly in contradiction to her assertions that she was terrified of Mr. Gore.  
I texted this to my friend Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean. Over a year ago He told me that had I dated Al Gore the charges against me "most likely" would have been dropped.  That does not seem constitutional. 
I was told by MANY that he read my blog (since 2009- want my websats?) & he had a crush on me (which i thought was a joke-OMG the guy almost became PRESIDENT) in 2010 I was asked if I wanted to date him & I thought it was a joke.
Then in 2012 Mark Silverman  (Gannett Ben Bradlee winner told me that "had I dated him" the charges most likely would have been dropped.   Fleur Stanbrook the daughter of prominent British QC lawyer Clive Stanbrook told me that "you could do worse" saying I should have dated Al.  My daughters figure skating coach Laura Sanders told me  after Gore got a girlfriend in spring 2012 "he's taken - you lost your chance"  … This is just WEIRD!!!   

Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : Ed Gillespie IF You See Al ...

Oct 2, 2013 - Must Be the NISSAN Leaf Comment... I Know He's OFF LIMITS Cause He Has a Girlfriend: WOW!!! Huff Post Says Some in DC Want Gore in ...
Kline Preston who told me his brother was the top lawyer of the DOD Stephen Preston and has NOT "sent me an affidavit that he's not related to Stephen Preston" sent me a lot of bizarre text messages & asked me to list sex acts on an interrogatory question.... THIS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED.
He told me he had FBI connections in Nashville.... he bragged about his connections.
Kline Preston's messages to me about Al Gore are MISSING after my computer was CYBER attacked.  

Kline even suggested in one that I become Mr. Gore's masseur-I'm fighting for my reputation and fearing Tennessee is gonna jail me and I have to deal with this?  

At the time I wanted to think Kline was joking BUT now with the Ryan Loskarn issue - i wonder. It seems to me that the FBI should interrogate him.  He had a job that Tom Ingram had.

Numerous people have told me about issues in Tennessee of prostitution, porn and staged killings.  It really seemed "unbelievable" but NOW less likely.   
Tennessee Titan football player said this about the murder of Steve McNair - Eddie George said “It seems like it was too professionally done,”
A man came to me at Starbucks & told me he had access to the phone calls of the woman that killed Steve McNair and that there's NO WAY what was reported really happened.
 Evidently an ELITE prositiution ring exist in Nashville. I believe Al Gore knows about it BUT do not believe he used it or if he did someone documented his indiscretion and then blackmailed him into doing "green deals" that would fail BUT make some a LOT of money.
From one of my blogs and a reason WHY the Tennessee Good Ole Boys wanted me jailed and discredited 

"....Years later in the 90's when Haley Barbour was put in charge of the RNC I was used as a tool to dig for intel: after Clinton became elected  I was asked to "troll for tattle tales"  basically find women that would tell stories  Clinton". I did not do it - basically because people in the MIC thought it was too sleazy  It/they scared me. ..." 
My opinion is the people that are linked to the FBI in Tennessee that "seem" to cover things up are those responsible for AL Gore's LOSS in 2000.  Had Tennessee voted for Gore he would have won. The people in Tennessee linked to "mafia" stlye tactics are connected to ****** *******  & supporters of Gov Haslam and their allies make money from Oil-Putin & IRAN.
"In ference to the Elite protitution ring I was told the Steve McNair murder is linked to that….."  Sharyn Bovat

Sent: Sat, Oct 22, 2011 2:57 pm
Subject: Nissan Whistleblower told Fisker will go Bankrupt ...Same scam as Telsa (1st bankruptcy)..... Sharyn Bovat connected to Fisker & Solyndra.... Bovat's Arrests Likely Linked Green FRAUD & the White House
The total cost of the American involvement in Libya was 1.1 Billion and that INCLUDES humanitarian aid.  NISSAN took a DOE loan via the Treasury Bank for 1.4 Billion. I've been told that 300+ million is pocketed/poorly spent.   I've blogged that fact & that NISSAN can't repay the loan if the Leaf is not a success. NISSAN needs to show America how they spend the money.... America needs to do an audit!!!

".... I was a consultant prince Fahad al Attiya of Qatar ..... He is a world famous car rally driver .... WHO LOVE GIMMICKS..... EVs fit that category like a glove...They (people in the Middle East) are also fiendishly greedy so they will pile-in with ....(people) like Al Gore on any quick in-and-out financial play where their name and kudos brings in the pigeons and patsies, the stock prices rises plenty, they sell out and pocket big dosh profits, and the stock price crashes to nothing......"

"This is the Tesla story by the way. It was Saudi and UAE princes who piled in with Peter Thiel & Co, the piled out with him....."

NISSAN Whistleblower's IP addresses shows that FISKER Automotive another 1/2 Billion dollar DOE recipient that 98% WILL go bankrupt according to auto analyst from 3 continents 

Fisker like Solyndra read Bovat's blog....along with people at the White House.  Fisker suppliers in Irvine, Watertown, Oslo & Anaheim read the blog. Along with people that profit from the soliciting of DOE funds.

NOW Bovat's been told there's "probable cause" that Bovat was "railroaded" in Tennessee by
 NISSAN executives connected to Carlos Ghosn and the White House could have "encouraged it" therefore Bovat can subpoena the Solyndra/White House/Fisker/NISSAN emails for her "trumped up" trial.... wow!!!  
A woman who worked for Al Gore told Sharyn in June 2010 that "they" appreciated her efforts to show the need for energy independence.  Shortly AFTER that meeting Sharyn verified NISSAN was using "outdated" technology and started blogging AGAINST the DOE funded EV.  She had already blogged since June 2009 that the Leaf was destined to fail.

Now its clear Al Gore was "assisting" profiteers in the Middle East.   Today a viewer in "another land" sent Sharyn and email on WHY Qatar was ALSO an investor in!!!
  read above  I've been approached by a very credible transportation analyst to co write a book.....   cool!!!

Eddie George Thinks McNair Case Might Not Be Open And Shut

Though the objective evidence points toward a conclusion that Sahel Kazemi shot and killed former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and then turned the gun on herself, there’s skepticism regarding the question of whether it was truly a murder-suicide — or whether it was merely made to look like one.
One such skeptic is former Oilers and Titans running back Eddie George, who joined the franchise as a first-round pick one year after McNair was the third overall selection in the draft.
Appearing earlier today on Sirius NFL Radio with Peter King and Bob Papa, George said he hopes that police are very thorough.  The 1995 Heisman winner also suggested that, in his mind, it’s not an open-and-shut case.
“It seems like it was too professionally done,” George said.
If it truly was a double murder, then George probably is right — the crime was committed not by a crazed ex-boyfriend or a jealous soon-to-be-ex-wife, but by someone(s) who gets paid good money to kill people.
And there’s reason to at least explore carefully whether anyone else might have perpetrated the crime.  A reporter from the Tennessean told King and Papa that 35 minutes passed between the moment the bodies were found and the placement of a call to police.
Something about that doesn’t feel right, and something about the entire situation is making us and plenty of others wonder whether someone is trying to get away with murder.

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Judge Jeff Bivens, Timothey Easter & Robbie Beal - I'm Telling Kim Helper That I'm NOT the ONLY Person Abused in the Tennessee Court. A Powerful Guy Told Me "If Martin Luther King's Family Could NOT Get Justice in Tennessee HOW Can YOU?"

I had spoked to the staffer last week - he was aware of a scandal brewing of Lamar having donors that profit from IRAN. Also the Haslam family has a board member Mike Loya that "skirts" sanctions & is currently trying to buy MORE Iranian oil. Loftarn knew that Mitt Romney profited from Iran via Vitol, Blueknight and Charlesbank (his son Tagg too)... Also I communicated a NEW issue involving FBI Suppression and Judicial abuse in the Tennessee courts about Martin Luther King (involving James Earl Ray case in late 90's & Judges Quashing Motions.FYI Recently I (mysteriously) got a packet of 
NOW unsealed FBI reports & Affidavits from Tennessee lawyers- people want the Issue of racism in the courts I think THAT is why James Comey is making the new FBI recruits go to the MLK memorial. Issues are "most likely" getting exposed. I'm Not naming any judges, politicians or lawyers on this blog post BUT I told Lamar's now ex staffer. Also I did say that "racist words" were used by people in power & I was sent the audio tapes. I'm scared because this staffer was going to help me NOW he's charged with child porn? I want the FBI to investigate. They guy could be guilty but to me it seems like a "frame up" Today new source verified my concerns are JUSTIFIED!

He made 169K a year he did not need to "distribute" porn for money. I learned at a National Security conference that "framing people with porn is easy".... Once being accused it's hard to get back a reputation. Also ehe staffer was well respected & heavily vetted. He was NOT a newbie to DC. More suspicion is: A photographer was on standby "ready" to take the perfect "perp walk" photo outside his home .
Lamar Alexander IMMEDIATELY had a replacement ready Lamar Alexander said guilty or INNOCENT he lost his job. http://haslamfbiirsraid.blogsp......

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    FBI Director James Comey Here's An Example of the Bullying the DOD Whistleblower Endured. I've Emailed the Knoxville FBI & Kim Helper - I Want JUSTICE!!!!

    I've asked the FBI

    To show how bad the bullying was to Sharyn and her daughter: 

    While driving to a figure skating competition in 2011 I was severely bullied by trucks on the road .  I was driving from Franklin to Carmel Indiana.   During that time I had death threats and was TERRIFIED- My daughter drove with her coach Laura Sanders and some other skaters during that time driving with my daughter made me nervous and Laura Sanders knew and kindly helped by driving my child:  .Previously NISSAN Titan truck followed me "way to closely"  and my child was in the car.  I could NOT get the plate # because in Tennessee front plates are not required.  I learned from others that those in the Good Ole Boy network terrorize others in the same way.   The drive to Carmel was terrifying… I did NOT have NISSAN Titan trucks folioing me I had BIG SEMI's and they would surround me and cut in front of me.  Earlier I learned someone from the Florida Trucking Industry was investigating me and I told that to Mark Silverman - At that time It was assumed to be Governor Haslam link.  Anyway…. I ended up driving on the right lane about 40 miles per hour crying and it took me 10 hours to get there and arrived about 1am.   

    Laura Sanders and the other skaters will remember because I had about 6 Zuca bags with their skates and they feared they would not be able to compete or do practice ice without there skates.. Laura was mad at me for being so late… she'll remember.  I've got MORE horror stories too & people KNOW this really happened. I will take a lie detector test to - anything to expose what has happened - happened. 

    Read More:

    Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary

    4 days ago - Reid Weingarten: If Gannett Still Helps the CIA and FBI Then I'm Toast. I Don't Want to Die. Tell Eric Holder We Have a Breakthrough On IRAN ...
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    James Comey NEW FBI DIrector THIS Is WHY the FEDS Need to Investigate Kim Helper the Williamson County DA, Along with ADA Terry Wood, Judge Jeff Bivins, Judge Robbie Beal, Judge Timothy Easter, Howard Baker, Baker Donelson, Tom Ingram , Bill Lacy, Fred Thompson & Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO..

    below is from the FBI website:  What NISSAN does in sharing technology with Putin and IRAN puts NISSAN execs in America on the "performing TREASON" list.
    Kim Helper - Helped Khomeini by bullying the whistleblower.....It's not that complicated and i hope the FBI "targets" the Williamson County DA's office for ALL that has happened to Sharyn Bovat.

    Below was posted last month BUT I've 
    been "ranting" about the problem for YEARS

    Scott Becker & Bill Krueger YOU Should Be Tried for Treason

    Aug 28, 2013 Scott Becker & Bill Krueger YOU Should Be Tried for Treason - Along with a LOT of Members of Congress. Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO ...

    "The (NISSAN) prototype utilizes a laser guidance system, radar sensors, and an array of cameras to navigate its surroundings – all of which are built into the car...."  Wall Street Journal 

    CLARIFICATION  meant to say Grandfather founded Baker Donelson

    these text messages sent to Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner and former editor of the Tennessean - IF anything happens to me investigate him too.  He lied to me about having tickets to my trial… BUT I still like him as a "friend" but somoene needs to ask him questions.... James Comey of the FBI  Mark Silverman is Most likely NOT guilty bus he's  a good start on the RICO investigation.  Don't send him to jail.. He's gonna write my book:):) 

    Mark Silverman texted me ... He's babysitting and will call later.

    I'm getting paranoid... BUT this whole thing has been very stressful I learned last week that an unconstitutional law was passed MAINLY to have me jailed...

    What's happening in Tennessee is barbaric and inhumane

    Many that voted for the unconstitutional bill profit from the State, Haslam or NISSAN.   It's RICO James Comey....Please investigate

    Pallbearers for Mr. Amon Carter Evans former 

    owner and operator of The Tennessean newspaper died Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at his residence...
    John Seigenthaler, Tommy Knowles, Jimmy Holt, Mary Warren, John J. Hooker, Tom Ingram and Senator Lamar Alexander, former Senator Jim Sasser and former Vice President Al Gore will be honorary pallbearers.

    Look at the pallbearer list of names…. Think we found the direct connection to all of them with the exception of Haslam. Normally you would attend but not be a pallbearer unless you felt kin to the person. 

    Now what is the connection beyond the newspaper?

    That is where all the political answers are buried. Did they all conspire to rig the elections of their time? 

    Where they all government? 

    There is way more than meets the eye here!!! 

    Find this out and link it back to Haslam more than just Ingram and it could be the biggest story in Tennessee in the last 50 or more years.

     Bill Lacy from Vanderbilt was the "strategist" for the Sonny Bono campaign.  It was his job to make Sonny viable but lose. This was a dirty trick against the moderate Tom Campbell.  California in the 80's was becoming too moderate & the wingers wanted control over California's cash and it was OK to elect a whacko radio show host Bruce Hersehensohn & let Barbara Boxer win.  

    1992 U.S. Senate primary election[edit source]

    In 1992, when Cranston retired, Herschensohn won the Republican nomination narrowly defeating U.S. Representative Tom Campbell, a more moderate Republican who had been on the faculty of Stanford University. Herschensohn received 956,136 votes (38.2 percent) to Campbell's 895,970 (35.8 percent). The remaining 417,848 ballots (16.7 percent) went to Mayor Sonny Bono of Palm Springs, also a relative moderate. During the primary campaign and afterwards, Herschensohn became a close friend of Bono and encouraged his former rival to seek election to the United States House of Representatives in 1994.[citation needed]

    Bill Lacy Wiki Profile:
    From 1975 to 1982, Lacy served in various positions within the Republican National Committee. In 1982, Lacy left the RNC to become the White House deputy director of political affairs. In 1983, Lacy left the White House to become a senior account executive at Decision Making Information, a polling firm. In 1984, Lacy returned to the Republican National Committee to become the group's political director. From 1985 to 1986, Lacy returned to President Ronald Reagan's administration to serve as White House director of political affairs. Lacy worked as a strategist for Kansas Senator Bob Dole's 1988 presidential primary campaign, Dole's 1992 senatorial campaign and his 1996 presidential campaign.

    Howard Baker — Baker represented Tennessee in the U.S. Senate from 1967 until 1985, retiring as Senate Majority Leader.
    After leaving the Senate, Baker was tapped by then-President Reagan to serve as White House chief of staff. The move was considered a strategic step to better the relationship between the administration and Congress. Reagan was under fire at the time for the Iran-Contra affair, and the addition of the personable and popular Baker quelled anxiety in the U.S. Senate.
    Baker, who was briefly a candidate for president in 1980, is best known nationally for his role as the lead Republican in the Watergate hearings, when Thompson served as his legal counsel.
    In 2005, Baker retired as U.S. Ambassador to Japan, a position to which he had been appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001. Baker is now senior counsel to the law firm Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, of which his grandfather was a founder.

    By the early 1990s, Thompson was earning hefty payments for movie and television roles. But Alexander, who had become secretary of education in the first Bush administration, had other ideas for him. After Tennessee Senator Albert Gore Jr. was elected vice president in 1992, creating a special election to fill the remainder of his Senate term in 1994, Alexander - who was laying the groundwork for his own run for president - implored Thompson to run for the Senate.
    The start of the campaign was a disaster for Thompson. He was down by more than 20 points in the polls to his Democratic challenger, Representative Jim Cooper, who called Thompson a "Gucci-wearing, Lincoln-driving, Perrier-drinking, Grey Poupon-spreading millionaire Washington special-interest lobbyist."
    Thompson was miserable, complaining about having to fly across the state to campaign in every corner. His long-time friend, Tom Ingram, asked Thompson what he would do if he could run the campaign exactly as he wanted.
    "I'd go down to Lawrenceburg, get a pickup truck off my Dad's lot, and drive a pickup across the state," Thompson responded, according to Ingram. The strategy worked. Thompson won the Senate seat with 61 percent of the vote, and was reelected to a full term two years later.