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James Comey Please Tell the Memphis FBI That the Ex Wife of CIA Money Launderer Who Was Abused in the Tennessee Courts Asked Me to Post this letter to her daughter. It's TRAGIC that a Corrupt DA Kim Helper and Corrupt TN Judges are STILL Able to Abuse People in TN. Loretta Lynch Where is Leslie Caldwell? Tennessee Needs Her....

 pic of what she says in the below letter 

August 25, 2014
To my dearest daughter Ava,

Mommy loves you so.  Mommy always loved you.  As I’ve always told you, I never really expected you to come into my life.  You Really Were a miracle.  All the doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to have babies.  Well, we proved them wrong, didn’t we???  Yes we did.  

I feel that I need to tell you good-bye; just in case.  Tomorrow is the day Judge Robbie Beal will speak the words that will forever change our lives.  His words will become an Order that we (well, me mostly) will have to follow.  I am really worried that even though Mommy told the truth about us – about Why we went to Michigan (and that it Was legal to do so…) and I did tell him how mean grandma faye (“dad’s mom hurt you so much so many times).  I told him how dad was mean to mom and the judge heard that truth with his own ears.  I told him that I’m not crazy for believing you.  In fact, I wasn’t the only one you told that “the mean grandma lady” abused you, honey.  You told at least six other people too.  But a different judge told Mommy that she was crazy and that I made you say that.  Daddy even told you to shut up about his mom (that is on audio too), telling you Not to say those things because it never happened.  But honey, Mommy believed you.  Mommy believed you.  I’m sorry so many other people that Were supposed to help us, didn’t even help us at all.  It wasn’t because I told the wrong people or went to the wrong places to tell them about us being hurt.  I went to right places.  I went to the police, I went to the sheriff, I told six attorneys, I called the department of children’s services, You told the hospital in Michigan, You told the lady, Charli Legendre from the Davis House Child Advocacy Center in Williamson County, TN, You showed Mr. Mark Scruggs how she hurt you on a book on his coffee table in the lobby of his office, I told the Coldwater domestic abuse shelter in Michigan,  I told Michigan State University Safe Place (who they gave our location away to dad and his lying private investigator, Tony Poma), I told the State Police of Michigan, I told Eaton County Judge Osterhaven in Michigan, You told the Refuge Center in Franklin Faye hurt you, I told the Refuge Center in Franklin about how dad hurt me, 
I told the Spring Hill Police in Tennessee, I told former District Attorney Derek Smith, I told current Assistant District Attorney Laura “Kate” Yeager; both from the 21st judicial district in Tennessee, I filed six Orders of Protection – all of them were not heard and dismissed and/or not even served to dad; the one that was Ordered was good from January 2010 – April 2010; and I only removed it because it said so on the mediation that I thought dad was going to sign, but he didn’t – You told Grandma Bonnie (aka “G-Mom-Mom”),  I told dad’s lawyers and Deana Hood mocked me and told me that I was an insult to domestic violence victims, Mommy called the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services at least five times over five years.  Honey, I called everyone I could think of to call.  I went to every place I could think of to go.  I took us to domestic violence and sexual abuse centers, but Dad found us somehow at Michigan State University Safe Place on March 24, 2012 and took you away from Mommy.  You couldn’t see me for one whole Year, and I’m so sorry you had to go through that my baby girl.  I cried for you all the time.  It wasn’t legal (it wasn’t according to the rules) that dad took you that day.  He didn’t follow the rules.  I was supposed to receive papers, and they were supposed to keep you in Michigan until I could tell the judge our story and play them our tapes of our pain and suffering by dad and his mom.  But I didn’t know, because Dad didn’t give the papers, like he was supposed to.  I found out that fall of 2012.  And Mommy has been fighting and fighting and fighting for you all this time sweetheart.  

I’m afraid though.  I’m afraid that even though I told the truth again, tomorrow, August 26, 2014, the judge (Judge Beal, who was our judge for about a year from the beginning – and then after mom had 7 different judges, he’s been our judge now again for the final hearing).  The final hearing has been 7 long long and painful days in a court house where they really have seemed to ignore Momma.  The divorce was supposed to be over in April of 2010 – Mom signed the papers (they call it mediation) to go so we could be safe, but dad broke his promise to Mom honey, and didn’t sign them.  If I seemed stressed, when you and I were living on our own after dad told Mom he’d kill me if we didn’t leave – that was June 2009 – We were inseparable – was with each other every day, or close to it – until you were stolen on March 24th, 20`12 – it was because I was stressed and worried and sad, and confused why no one was helping us.  I tried not to let it show, but for so so long, Mommy has had to fight the people who were supposed to help us.  

So, that’s why I wanted to write this letter to you.  Even though the TRUTH was told – there is a very good chance that the truth won’t matter again.  And we will still be apart.  I know that I promised you before on one of our supervised visits (that mom had to pay for – twice a month at the most was all we could see each other for 17 (seventeen, honey) Months – like we were the bad guys or something.  We weren’t the bad guys Ava.  You told Mommy the truth about your paternal grandmother, Evelyn Faye Burns, I reported it time and time again to anyone and everyone who I thought was going to help – But, honey they hurt us for that.  I wish I could tell you a good reason why, but there isn’t one.  But I can say that it was about some grown-ups wanting to be “popular” and OUR truth wouldn’t make them popular because they never helped us when it was their job to do so.  I bugged all the time to help us, so they got mad at Mom.  They bullied Mom a Lot.  But, honey, I fought as hard as I could.  I promise you that.  Not one single day went by that I didn’t call someone else, go somewhere else, look through all the papers Mom had to prove the Truth (which I did Do), and I cried a whole whole lot for Us.  I know you don’t like it when Mom is sad, but I was sad for you, my baby.  I was so sad for you.  You got taken away from mom while we were in a shelter – they didn’t follow the rules.  You Never should have been taken from Mom in Michigan and flew on an airplane with dad, back to Tennessee and kept from Mommy for so so long.  Dad wanted me to follow his rules – which meant he told me that I was ordered to see a guy named Dr. David W. McMillan (even David said so too, but that was a LIE) before I could see you.  They both lied to Mom.  He (that Dr. guy) would have told the judge/s in Tennessee that Mom was a bad mom, and I Knew it.  He was dad’s witness (although I never gave that guy permission to Ever see You) who told Judge Derek Smith (the DA who I tried in vain to have him punish grandma faye for beating you – and the Williamson county sheriff’s office – Deputy Aaron Ferguson talked to You and You told him that dad’s mom hurt you and there was a restraining order in place too, honey, but she’s bad – and she hurt you anyways.  Sgt. McCurry, you and I went into the bathroom at the wmson county sheriff’s office and she took pictures of your strap marks and redness and bruising caused by the wicked lady – But Ava then DA, Derek Smith would not have her arrested for hurting you so so so much.  He Never should have been the judge to hearing the custody hearing on March 20, 2012 when he listened to made up stories from Dr. McMillan that mom was “alienating you” from your dad.  Mom Did withhold visits – but it was Because dad wouldn’t let Mom know that the “mean grandma lady” wouldn’t hurt you.  That’s called protecting you.  It’s a law honey, too.  It was my job to Protect You.  But they punished mom for it.  And after dad stole you, kidnapped you from Michigan, dad told me that I needed to see that lying Dr. McMillan (whose wife is a former judge, Marietta Shipley who has all kinds of alliance groups MTCA, Mediation Group) before I could see you.  Lots of people told me that I should, but Honey, I Knew it was a bad idea – because even though I could have Maybe seen you sooner than the one year that had passed, I knew it was a trap and you and I would forever be controlled by Troy Frank Burns, your biological father.  So I fought them.  I told them how they were wrong and how bad they were for lying and not helping us.  And remember I said that they were bullies?  They were honey and Mom made them all so so mad for fighting them.  

Tomorrow some bad lawyers who lie told the judge lots and lots of lies without any proof or because they tricked him – and he may not believe the Truth.  He may pretend to believe them.  The judge’s wife gave money to Deana Hood’s campaign to be a judge.  She, Deana, is one of dad’s lawyers.  I feel like we will be set up.  But, honey, please know that Mom tried with all her might and all her strength to fight for you.  Every single day for the past 2 and ½ Years since you’ve been gone from me – we haven’t been able to spend one minute alone together, not one night have we stayed the night with each other in 2 and ½ years.  And that does make me so so sad, that people can be so so mean to Us.  I cry for that too – I cry because I wish people weren’t so mean to each other.  It hurts Mom’s heart a lot.  And you know, it hurt Mom’s heart so so so much that mean people were allowed to hurt YOU.  And then I get so so angry that so far, no one has helped us.  And it’s only because they wanted to be “popular” and not have any one know that they let bad people hurt us, because then they wouldn’t look so popular anymore.  All we did, honey, was tell the truth.  

I may lose you tomorrow for a long long time, but Ava, Mom fought for You very very hard.  I had to borrow lots of money from g-ma-ma, and other people just to be able to fight and to buy paper to write letters and ink to print the truth and all kinds of things that their money helped Mom fight.  I probably will never be able to pay them back.  I was arrested three times for no reason honey, I was only trying to help YOU, but do Not feel bad for Mom.  It was Not your fault.  Grandma Faye lied to the Spring Hill, TN police on October 29, 2010 telling them that I pushed her inside.  I did not do that.  The Spring Hill Police came to your dance studio (you hadn’t seen dad’s mom for two whole years, but dad and her set mom up because dad was found guilty of contempt of court – not following the judge’s rules on October 14, 2010 – and he got mad at Mom and asked mean grandmother to come back into his life after two years – the last time he really had seen her was on Thanksgiving 2008 when she left dad’s house because I told her to quit saying that she would “make you a different child” and she’d give you “pop pops” – You were 2 years old, Ava and I told her to stop it.  She left that day, and didn’t come back until nearly two years later when dad asked her to help him get back at mom….It’s true honey.  It’s sad, but it’s true.  

Back to the story, so then grandma faye goes to a different police department that same evening (wmson county sheriff) and tells them under oath (before God!) that Mom pushed her outside in the parking lot.  They arrested mom that night.  Just this past Friday, grandma faye lied again – she told Judge Beal that Mom socked her in the arm and shoved her in the stomach with a teddy bear on October 29, 2010.  She lied three times about something that Never happened.  Dad recorded the incident and even altered (changed it) the tape and gave it to the DA and sheriff’s office.  
My lawyer then, Judy Oxford, told me to say that I did push her, but I refused.  That same District Attorney (DA) Derek Smith, I told you about earlier, well, before the trespassing incident – A nice lady judge Denise Andre dismissed those charges against me because they had no proof.  Well, I decided that the DA’s office should have dad and faye get “in trouble” for hurting mom and making her go through so much sadness, hurt, anger, money, time, etc. for over six long months, but “General Smith” didn’t want them to get in trouble then Either.  

The thing is Ava, he was hoping to be a JUDGE, himself.  Mom didn’t know that, but that’s the Truth and he got mad because Mom was asking him to admit that his office (where he was working) did something wrong by allowing Mom to be arrested when there was NO proof – only the Opposite – the evidence (papers and statements and audios) showed that dad and faye LIED to the police and everyone else.  But you see, he (Derek Smith) did not want to admit it, because, guess why???? 

Yes, he wanted to be “popular” and have people like and vote for him – even the Governor of Tennessee (Bill Haslam) told the people Derek was a good guy to vote for, so you see – Mom was making people nervous, so they wanted to shut me up.  
That’s when Deana Hood came in – around October 2011 – two months before the announcement would come from Governor Haslam that he would Appoint DA Derek Smith to fill an empty judge spot left open by now Supreme Court justice Jeff Bivins.  Guess what????? 

SHE wanted to be a judge too!!  She wanted to be “popular” so she poked her nose in mom and dad’s simple divorce because she wanted to try and make Derek happy (she wanted to be liked by the “popular” kids) so she tried to prevent me from telling anyone anything bad about grandma faye.  Her, the Deana lady’s motion (letter) to the judges was put on their desk almost Three years ago, and just on last Friday August 22, 2014, the judge finally got to hear her reasons – that’s when grandma faye lied AGAIN the 3rd time like I told you earlier.  It’s all messed up. 

Well, anyways, Deana wanted to be popular so she tried to shut Mom up and that meant shut You up too.  She made it seem like you were making up that granda faye hurt you LOTS of times…(you told lots of people too, but Deans told lies and lies about Mom trying to made me look like I was a liar, and you too, honey, I’m so sorry to let you know that.)  She’s bad, but that’s what happened.  

She didn’t win being a judge because Mom’s friend, Sharyn Bovat, posted an audio of dad saying he didn’t want you to marry “no NIGGER” and since she was dad’s lawyer, it made her look like the bad person she is – and she didn’t win being a judge.  
So, now she’s super mad at Mom.  And guess what?

She’s still trying to keep you away from mom – to hurt me.  But what makes me really really sick, is that she doesn’t care one little bit that she hurts you. 

So, honey, I don’t know really, what Judge Beal will decide tomorrow.  He may take their lies and disguise them as truth and we will remain apart and they will say I’m crazy (a psychiatrist named Dr. Stephen Montgomery – mom has the recording to Prove he lied – told the courts (judges) that mom was delusional because I thought you were being hurt.  Can you believe that?  I hope the judge doesn’t listen to that.  PLUS, that guy, Dr. Montgomery, a psychiatrist, is not even allowed to perform a parenting evaluation (he didn’t even talk to dad or YOU), but he can’t even do those tests, so he is not even supposed to tell the judges anything at all – Only a psychologist (different than a psychiatrist – dad paid him about $10,000) can perform a parenting evaluation.  And guess what?  He did have me take a test – the kind you fill in the bubbles – And had a person, a psychologist who could testify (tell the court judges) if they thought Mom was a “bad” mom because she was crazy (for believing you, sweetie) – guess what the test showed, that a psychologist graded???  Guess????  She said mom was A-Okay!!!!!  Better than A-Okay!!!  “optimistic” “self-confident”.  She said (I have her name somewhere – I will save All my papers for you in a secret place that I will make sure you know where) that MOM was NOT crazy.  I hope the judge doesn’t try to believe that mom is “crazy” and can’t take care of you.  As we both Know, mom Always and will forever more, protect you.  
I’m just scared honey, tonight.  I’m tired too sweetheart from the pain and agony of not seeing you; of being called a liar; of being accused of being a “bad” mom, of not sleeping, of my hair turning gray and falling out, and Mostly, my dear, I’m tired of You being crucified for telling the TRUTH.  

I will continue to fight if the Truth does not win tomorrow.  But it may take more time.  I want you to be happy.  I want you to live a good life.  I want you to have lots of friends.  And I want you to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  Help people, but be aware that there Really Are BAD people.  Test them out, don’t automatically believe people are who they say they are.  Most people though, my dear, Are GOOD, like you and like Your Mom.  Always be strong.  Never be ashamed.  And when you are old enough, help people, help children like you are now, be allowed to tell the truth and help them so that others will see their truth.  Mom told your Truth and Mom’s Truth, and even if we don’t win, or we lose to the bad guys, don’t let that stop you from trying.  Not ever.  
I will need to take a bit of a break after tomorrow if we are not together, but I will carry you, as always, in my heart with me wherever I go.  And I’m really and truly sorry that I told you a year ago that we would be together soon (the first three days of final hearing in April 2014 got continued for ONE full year, honey, so Mommy didn’t know that that would happen, or she wouldn’t have got your hopes up.  Just like she did a couple other times since then…I still have hope honey, but I can no longer give you false promises.)  
If I can’t help you, honey, I hope it’s okay if I try and help other little kids.  Maybe by doing That, someday it will help You be with your loving and protective Mom again.  Until then, my baby, You will Always be the miracle God sent to me.  I’m sorry if my efforts fail you.  But Know, it wasn’t because I didn’t fight.  
I love you.  I miss you.  And most of all, I believe you.  

Your Mom

Hey, guess what?  Guess what my name means???
Amy Louise – it means “beloved” (Amy) “God’s warrior” (Louise) 
Look yours up, check it out.  I did.  It’s good Ava.  You are a GOOD one.  
I can’t bear the thought of it, but this may be good-bye.  I will forever cry inside – even when you can’t see it on the outside.  

Continue to pray to our loving God, that in His time, we will be victors; and not the victims.  


the man who got the special treatment in the courts is a CIA money launderer.... i have proof call me 615-944-7599

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James Comey Tell the FBI Agents in Tennessee to Expect a FESTIVUS Card in Their Mail Boxes REAL Soon:):)

Williamson County DA's office Kim Helper & Terry Wood Judges: Jeff Bivins, Robbie Beal, Timothy Easter  Lawyers Kline Preston & Brigid Carpenter (Baker Donelson) & Others 

Sharyn Bovat (me) was terrorized in the TN courts after I whistle blew that NISSAN was committing fraud with the NISSAN Leaf and discriminating against women, gays and blacks (proven to be true). I was offered a check from Mark Stout to be silent BUT wanted the legal system to make NISSAN act ethically.  Instead of me & the TAXPAYERS getting respect I was gas lighted in Tennessee and my child was bullied in the Williamson County Schools, I want Mike Looney help accountable!!

The bullying of Sharyn Bovat in Tennessee (it still happens by corrupt people in other states) but in Tennessee it ended the day after bullying done to me was documented (on this blog) a BIG TIME celebrity bought my house in Franklin: ALL CASH two week close & for more than it was listed for:):)  I learned that lots of people were reading my blogs and I have over 5 Million Google + views. 

I was told that I'm on the last mile of a marathon & soon the people in Tennessee that terrorized me will understand that the commitment of god loving Americans to the commandment "treat others the way YOU want to be treated" is alive & well.  

Evidently Eric Holder was "close" with the TN Good Ole Boy network that bullied me. His best friend Reid Weingarten is a lawyer for Jimmy Haslam the brother of the Governor that appointed the judges that terrorized me.  Luckily he' GONE and Loretta Lynch is in.  She's got NO TIES to Tennessee corruption & she wants to "make a statement".....  For that I say THANK YOU JESUS!!!

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***UPDATE*** James Comey iWant the Feds to Investigate Judicial Corruption in Tennessee so the Bad Guys Will Go to Jail. Governor Bill Haslam Has "Padded the Parole Board" so a State-wide Corruption Crackdown Won't Be Painful. The Hardworking Americans that Want Corruption Stopped Want the Bad Guys in Jail: For a Long Time. The FBI Sends a Lot of Corrupt People From Illinois to Jail... Why Not Tennessee?

Please click HERE
to see a letter asking FBI to investigate fraud linked to FEDERAL GRANTS: The State of Tennessee is looking at having the TBI tackle the states corruption problem BUT the State boards are loaded with corrupt Good Ole Boys and if the Feds prosecute corruption the "bad guys" will get meaningful jail sentences.  Currently Gov Haslam has appointed his "buddies" to the Parole Board in anticipation of upcoming corruption trials.


is happening in Crossville & it's almost as bad as in Williamson County 

This got LOTS of hits in the last week:

I'd love to keep ranting about HOW CORRUPT the courts are but I'm too busy with elections issues:):)

after the primary "this moderate" is gonna be popular cause I specialize in the demographic that's gonna decide "who" controls the White House:):)

I've decided to work on the Presidential campaign of the candidate that promises to "clean up judicial corruption".... 

Monday, September 21, 2015

***UPDATE*** James Comey is the FBI Really Doing Something ... iThink YES!!! Kim Helper Williamson County DA & Judges Jeff Bivins, Robbie Beal, Deana Hood & Timothy Easter The First to Squeal Gets the Best FBI Deal.....

This got LOTS of hits in the last week:

I'd love to keep ranting about HOW CORRUPT the courts are but I'm too busy with elections issues:):)

after the primary "this moderate" is gonna be popular cause I specialize in the demographic that's gonna decide "who" controls the White House:):)

I've decided to work on the Presidential campaign of the candidate that promises to "clean up judicial corruption"....