Friday, November 23, 2018

Kim Helper Should Send Herself to Jail

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: November 23, 2018 at 12:12:49 AM EST
To:,, Mark Silverman <>, Rhori Johnston <>,,
Cc:, "" <>,, "dANIEPM5 ]" <>
Subject: Nissan Whistleblower Offers Black Friday Deal to Nissan for Destrying Her Life When She Spoke Truth to Tavares

Black Friday DEAL 

I lost custody of my child
I can’t afford health insurance 


I told the truth 
I deserve JUSTICE
I know a ton of Federal Agents


I HATE Nissan
I’m tired of talking about Nissan

I’m emotionally drained & the reality is EVERYONE not cc’d should be going to jail EXCEPT for Rhori Johnston but if being a crappy friend was a crime he’d belong behind bars too.So please lets wrap this up.

As a PRECEDENT we’ll use the Renault Three ( I saved the lives of the 3 Renault execs falsely accused as spies at Renault after I got a tip that Ghosn was framing them) . Whatever the men at Renault got I’ll take (about 2 1/2 million euros I believe).

Good Ole Boys… DON’T discount my settlement because I’m a woman. I think Nissan has discriminated enough. Mark Stout is a MiniMe of Greg Kelly IF he doesn’t get fired then Nissan is doomed. 

Had the FBI listened to me when I first whistle blew America wouldn’t have given them 1.4 Billion for the Nissan Leaf BUT I learned a lot of that money is in “off shore accounts”…. A friend of Dee Kelly told me. Evidently money for the Electric Car is in Aruba with Natalie Holloway.

Could you please make the deal before Nissan goes Bankrupt…. I think it’s a real possibility. The corruption with Nissan and the State of Tennessee is DEEP. IDB bonds were abused and I heard Nissan bonds are “junk”…. If ppl want to not settle it’s OK I’m sure after I recover from stuffing myself I’ll have the energy to BLOG LIKE A MANIAC and tell ppl how ABUSED I was in Tennessee by the courts and by the people who I thought were my friends. After seeing so many deal in my email box I thought I’d offer one to Nissan. 

The car execs “lack” of a moral compass reminds me everyday I’m bless to live in Florida and in Virginia. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharyn Bovat

This offer expires….. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Note to Kim Helper


Amy Burns emailed me today saying she wants the blogs that mention her down. I hope she cut a deal and is NO LONGER being bullied judicially by you and TN.

I'm in Cuba and the internet access is slow and limited. I will do what Amy said when I get back.
In the past she has asked then changed her mind. I'm a blogger that wants to expose injustice.

If you did a deal and are upset the posts are not down it takes time and i need a list of what she wants down. Technically she gave me permission a long time ago BUT I want her to get resolution. So "if" you did a deal then please know that I need a list.  Also I'd like you to STOP bullying people in the courts.

Anyway .... I hope to hear from Amy & hear that her Williamson County nightmare is over.

Sharyn Bovat

Friday, February 3, 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Odd How Jeff Sessions Will Help the Black Community MORE When He Leads DOJ Than Loretta Lynch & Erica Holder COMBINED Just By Prosecuting the RASICT ALL WHITE Crony Corrupt Prosecutors in Tennessee "Justice in TN is just as clean as the water in Flint Michigan" ... Sharyn Bovat

This is a pic of me when I learned CIA vendors associated with NISSAN got FIRED... #HappyDay 😘

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Soon the corrupt at Nissan & TN courts will look back on the Obama era as "the good ole days"... I pray Obama Frees the excessively jailed blacks the ALL white group of crony prosecutors in the TN for profit prisons & makes room for ya'll.

I just can't 

believe Loretta Lynch didn't have her DOJ crackdown on the racist lopsided convictions. The NAACP reached out to me and blacks go to jail 3-5 times longer than whites in TN when their convicted for the SAME crime.  Damn ya'll are a tough nut to crack BUT good news for average non racist America -