Monday, January 4, 2016

***UPDATE*** James Comey Can YOU Tell the Memphis FBI that ConnieReguli is "Most Likely" Being Retaliated Against By the Tennessee Boardof Professional Responsibility

The mainstream media in Tennessee is VERY biased and they hurt people that are 

trying to expose issues This quote below I posted on the Nashville Post, they deleted it, &

I complained & they put it back.... 

Supreme Court upholds Brentwood lawyer's suspend Nashville Post (subscription)-Dec 29, 2015

... disciplining of Brentwood attorney Connie Reguli as well as a Williamson County Circuit Court order that she pay restitution to a former client.

FYI: Connie did not get suspended's probation, like a misdemeanor, the funny part is they did the SAME thing to me and worded it to sound a whole lot worse than it is. The way it's written makes a lawyer sound horrible.  It's bullying on their part. FYI  I looked into the website allegations that Sandy Garrett's people accused Connie Reguli of and a LOT of lawyers have bigger problems if the state goes after rhetoric FAIRLY.  I hope the Feds read the brief Connie Reguli filed that upset the TBPR always sides with the corrupt. It's just sad.

UPDATE #2  my comment posted at Nashville Post that was deleted is BACK sometimes when you point out unfairness people do the right thing:):)  I have screenshots showing they deleted it

I'm defending Connie Reguli because I met her at the TN State Capital 
lobbying to STOP judicial corruption .. I have been told by the Feds that allegations that Connie spoke out about are being looked at.  I think the timing of the "decision" against her is VERY 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Multiple People Think Franklin Attorney Connie Reguli KNOWN for Taking Whistleblower Clients Was VICIOUSLY Targeted by the TBPR & Corrupt Judges Let it Happen  Oops Connie Reguli is a "Brentwood" Attorney... everything else is accurate:):)

The FBI needs to stop the judicial corruption in Tennessee.  
Please call me for details on HOW i believe Connie Reguli is being railroaded. 

I need Connie to get he license back cause she’s one of the ONLY lawyers in I trust to take on Kline Preston whose REALLY corrupt. Also I’m beginning to think the State of Tennessee terrorized me in the courts cause I’m an illegitimate Kennedy.  Is that true?  Maybe Loretta Lynch’s ppl can tell me:):)  

Supreme Court upholds Brentwood lawyer's suspension

Nashville Post (subscription)-Dec 29, 2015
... disciplining of Brentwood attorney Connie Reguli as well as a Williamson County Circuit Court order that she pay restitution to a former client.

Board of Professional Responsibility | Tennessee ... › ... › Boards & Commissions

Tennessee Supreme Court
Sandy Garrett Chief Disciplinary Counsel Board of Professional Responsibility 10 Cadillac Drive, Suite 220. Brentwood, TN 37027. Phone: (615) 361-7500 Ext.

Sandy Garrett of The Tennessee Supreme Court's Board of ...

Jun 12, 2013 - UPDATE*** Sandy Garrett of the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility Did NOT Respond to My Complaint in a Professional Way.
You visited this page.

Sandy Garrett the LAWYER you need to go after is Kline Preston...

How come nobody thought it was unprofessional that I was told I'd be jailed in contempt of court if I didn't answer a question about "sex acts" and the case had NOTHING to do with sex 

Preston Shipp Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee ...

May 8, 2013 - Preston Shipp WHO Appointed You to be the Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee Courts? How Can YOU Say Kline Preston Did NOT Meet ...

Friday, January 1, 2016

***UPDATE*** James Comey Tell the Memphis FBI the Victims in TN are Getting Restless: My 1st Email in 2016 Was a Response to a Michigan Woman Whose Been Terrorized By Racist Good Ole Boy's That Used the Judicial System as a Form of Southern Aggression. In Williamson County Tennessee the Courts Deny Custody to Mom's Who Complain About Excessive Spanking and Having Their Child Exposed to the "N" Word. Being Politically Correct in Tennessee is NOT Accepted in the Culture & That Needs to Change.... The Mainstream Media Won't Write About Issues I Exposed Cause of My "Most Likely" DNA But They Sure as Hell Could Write About Amy Burns Getting Burned By Kim Helper, Judge Jeff Bivins. Judge Robbie Beal, Judge Timothy Easter, Judge Deana Hood (Who LOST an Election Cause I Showed she Was a Racist BUT then Got Appointed)..... My Rant Could Go On & On BUT I'm Making Crepes:):)

"...One of the Bondsmen - whose first name is Kyle - (from Detroit, Michigan whom was poised to take me to Tennessee to be JAILED!!!)  (Sitting on the porch swing with them - while I was handcuffed in my nightgown - My mom and I learned that he is going to be on "Survivor" this February - he truly was a "nice" bondsman and had nothing but the TRUTH to say about the Tennessee judicial system...i.e. - at least a half dozen floors in the "Bat Building" downtown are strictly designated for BONDSMEN - i.e. sooooooo many people get arrested in Tennessee - pretty much a racket...) ..."

Click Link for UPDATE:

The Memphis FBI knows Troy Burns is a racist CIA money launderer & a TAX CHEAT.  The Tennessee courts have protected him... Why?

On Jan 1, 2016, at 8:19 AM, Amy Whitney <*******> wrote:
Explain to me how the "retainer" works.  And I also am requesting an itemized statement.  
When was the order entered?  
My mother wants her money back.  

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Re: Attached: Motion to Withdraw
Date: January 1, 2016 at 8:44:37 AM CST
To: Amy Whitney <***********************>,
Cc: Trudy Bloodworth <>, "" <>, "" <>, Chris Butler <>, Frank Daniels <>, "TOM.BARRETT@HOUSE.MI.GOV" <>, "" <>, Jamie Kuri <>


I'm not a lawyer BUT a presidential archives guy told me my DNA is that of a former Attorney General: Robert Kennedy is my "most likely" bio dad & like you I have "Yankee" ancestry.  

Here's my advice CLEARLY summarize the most hideous abuse you suffered in TN and get a publicist.  I was told because my "conception" is classified that my story won't be told BUT ppl know TN is truly the poster child for corruption & ppl in the DOJ promised me those that terrorized me will be punished one way or another. 

Happy New Year!!!

Amy i❤️you cause you have the courage to stand up to bullies. So keep fighting for humanity.

This New Years Day I pray the FBI in Memphis follows through and makes the lives of hard working Americans better by then simply doing their job. I was told at the Lockerbie Memorial service the DOJ respects me ....  I think "getting lynched" in TN is gonna have a whole new meaning:):)
Lastly Amy have hope the new FBI Director James  Comey's guys are AWESOME they believe that justice isn't a birthright to the elites they believe it's an American right... 

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On Jan 1, 2016, at 8:19 AM, Amy Whitney <***************************> wrote:
Explain to me how the "retainer" works.  And I also am requesting an itemized statement.  
When was the order entered?  
My mother wants her money back.  

On Friday, January 1, 2016 8:58 AM, Trudy Bloodworth <> wrote:

The court granted my motion to withdraw. I am no longer the attorney of record for you.

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On Dec 31, 2015, at 5:29 PM, Amy Whitney <*****************> wrote:
To whom shall I send a Motion to Dismiss??  I'm not certain, as apparently I have Two attorneys of record.  Or must I wait until I am pro-se; which I thought I was, Mr. Crigger, according to the Honorable Judge Binkley.  I'm confused. 
Mr. Troy Burns' testimony under oath in civil court PROVES that there was Not an order preventing me from being at my marital home at the time of my arrest.  Can you imagine??  In addition, his mother, whom had me arrested once before (of which has been expunged afte months and months of   h e l l  and lots and lots of $$$) for NO reason except to humiliate and harass me - is listed as the Victim of aggravated trespassing.  The problem she has with this is:  she doesn't Live there - she didn't live at MY house (of which, consequently, I was awarded a portion of in the divorce; thus also Proving it was My home at the time...)  She is also heard laughing in Both audio/videos of both False arrests.  Her testimony about the trespassing is pathetic.  She doesn't remember most of it - - and she did Not want to look at the videos showing herself laughing and calling me a "stupid bitch" either.  They have polluted the system and in doing so, have hurt many many innocent individuals in the process.  (Mainly a little girl.  A real true and very much alive little girl...)  Thanks.  Please let me know where to send the Motion.  It depicts the Truth. 
Don't allow those two criminals anymore leeway in your Honorable Courts.  They only crush more people in the process.   

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 4:16 PM, Amy Whitney <**********************************> wrote:

My records show that it is expected to be heard tomorrow, November 13, 2015. 
You may want to double check.

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 1:45 PM, assistant <> wrote:

The attached was filed today in your criminal matter and a hard-copy has been mailed to you via the US Mail.