Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kim Helper- This Mom is STILL Being Abused By the Tennessee Courts … Did YOU Every Look at the Evidence?

See pictures of a little girl caught in a David vs Goliath courtroom drama.  Goliath is a Good Ole Boy and he has "card blanche" in the Tennessee judicial system. He cheats on his taxes and uses the "N" word and the Tennessee judges ALWAYS rule in his favor.  I was told sometimes you have to embarrass a society into acting ethically …. 

This little girls mommy wants justice and it's time Tennessee gave it to her!!!

The Superbowl is important to a lot of Americans right now but in Tennessee a battle is brewing between a mom from Michigan and her Good Ole Boy future ex husband. He has had "card blanche" in the judicial system for years… 

Amy Louise Burns could be the longest ugliest divorce in the state of Tennessee. Her child is the victim. It's time for America to tell Tennessee to treat this mom with RESPECT. If you wold like to hear audio of her "future" ex husband saying the "N" word Here it is…..  

I'll be posting his threatening to beat her next- then him asking her to cheat on the taxes 

SHARYN BOVAT 615-944-7599

Troy Burns "if" I'm wrong about you call me. FYI- I had it on my blog a LONG time ago that "if" I was wrong about Troy Burns being a money laundering I'd take down the video   All he had to do was call me & never did. 

I know MILLLIONS goes through your checking account each year and YOU don't pay the federal taxes you should. I talked to people that bought tractors from you and they said " he makes a lot more than he told Amy's lawyer".... that means you make more than you told the IRS - 

Troy Burns - How did YOU meet Tony Poma- Have you ever heard of BLACKWATER? I know the "Shadow" Detective is linked to the Shadow CIA and Troy Burn's the DA Kim Helper has helped in her courtroom people that are linked to the bullying of Martin Luther King & more.

A mom from Michigan stood up to her husband (who likes to say the word Nigger & comes from a KKK family). This mom had proof her husband hit her & said (on tape) he was gonna kill her & said (on tape) he was lying to the IRS BUT that did not matter in Tennessee.  Her future ex is a member of the Good Ole Boy network that is aligned with the popular Governor (Haslam). In Tennessee it appears that abusing a woman who complained about racism and lack of fairness is acceptable. FYI- she called the police during a moment of family tension (one that was "getting ugly" she called the police because she feared for her and her child's life) and his family took that opportunity to "swore out" warrants against her. She's been to jail 3 times on "trumped up" charges and she's lived in poverty.  The DA knows that he has over 2 million that flows through his checking account every year. The DA knows he pays no federal income taxes and the DA Kim Helper does not care, thus proving that being linked to the KKK gets you preferred treatment in the state that is #1 in corruption (DailyBeast) & #1 in violent crime (FBI) …  

Amy Burns was wronged by an IRS cheating Good Ole Boy money launderer & I can PROVE it!!!

Read about her fight with the Good Ole Boys

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kim Helper STOP the Corruption in Tennessee The FBI Knows the Courts are CORRUPT and I Pray to God That James Comey Will Clean Up the State...

On Monday, December 30, 2013 7:13 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

On Dec 30, 2013, at 7:24 PM, ******************

I understand.  That Is a consolation.  For the good of all; some must suffer. 
I pray they hurry.  A lot of suffering is going on. 
Thanks Sharyn. 

You know this stuff from the top.  I feel its ramifications daily and continuously.  Thank you so much for taking notice and Doing something!!!!!!!!   They have done wrong to both of us and to our children. 

Thank you Sharyn for having courage.  You matter.  You matter to us. 

Thank you. 


Sent to Tennessee Senator Jack Johnson, Mike Reynard of Marsha Blackburn's office and Mike Catalono of the Tennessee Courts.

On Jan 1, 2014, at 3:47 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:


I'm drafting a certified letter to sent to the Supreme Court…. I'd rather spend time with my child… but I can't cause I'm STILL fighting for my reputation….  Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean called me yesterday… Also a family member of a dead CIA field chief emailed me.  The Haslam/Iranian alliance has be to exposed.    ANyway-I've been told that some of my previous judges had a conflict of interest and I really want a CRIMINAL investigation…..  What Tennessee did to me was WRONG!!!   JACK JOHNSON I MIGHT GET IT!!!  Thank God the Martin Luther King Judicial Abuse happened in Tennessee and NOW I'm friends with the black caucus.   

The fact that I was told my ex lawyer was compromised due to a PORN problems (Ryan Loskarn seems to be "cutting deals" too - Ya'll knew I met with him a week BEFORE he was arrested?) I learned that Baker Donelson pushed to have my constitutional rights taken away - ADA Terry Wood was ALLOWED to LIE and not get deposed. Recently I've also learned the Tennessee Supreme court is run by a personal friend and former business partner of the Haslam family… which profits from IRAN…. Pilot Flying J got the cushy IRANIAN OIL for Pilot FLying J via their board member Mike Loya…. ALL this happened due to deals done that Howard Baker former Reagan guy and Senior Baker Donelson partner did to get Reagan Elected… with the help of my family.  when I whistle blew at NISSAN the whole damn state got scared.  Even Fred Smith of FedEx who know Ed Daly. Mr. Daly did not want the CIA drug trafficking flights and I remember hearing "thank god all that shits now being flown through Memphis…".   
MY possible bio dad Ed Daly (former owner of World Airways who saved a LOT of orphans -why I adopted) did the deals with Khomeini to keep hostages because he needed the DOD contracts….   Khomeini was able to "get rich" via Switzerland and UBS knows the details… ALL connected to Haslam.  NOW a bunch of Treasury lawyers are digging and I was told the IRS will provide JUSTICE for the abuse I 've received.  EVERYONE IN DC KNOWS The TENNESSEE COURTS ARE CORRUPT AND I"LL NEVER GET JUSTICE IN TENNESSEE…..  Still I have hope so I need an extension….. I want the system to work… below you'll see that I told the FBI about a friend of Senator Jack Johnson.. I hope he wants to avoid having to wear an orange jumpsuit and will "rat out" those that have hurt Amy Burns. i want Kim Helper EXPOSED!!!!    

for me ALL I WANT is judicial fairness and doing a letter  1st I want to know ANY conflicts of interest judges have …..   The FBI knows….. Mike Loya's dad had coffee with me too… before he died.  He told me my mom was "hot"……  

The Good Ole Boys are GOING DOWN in Tennessee & I'm tired….   No lawyer will represent me cause the courts are so corrupt.  This alone should be a reason to give me an extension on my letter to the Supreme Court…

I think Mike Catalono is an ethical person… I think Jack Johnson is corrupt.   I was told to NOT trust the TBI….   I'm SCARED!!!

Have a great day!!!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Emailed issue to DOD IGO (they're investing issues that are linked to Troy Burns)… Troy most likely has been helping the FBI… I have NO IDEA how….. 
Date: January 1, 2014 2:53:31 PM EST


Knowledge is Power…. former President Ford told me that: NOW YOU GOT IT!!!

This is complicated.. but there's a BIG internal battle at the DOD and in DC about the corrupt people that run the government….. The FBI has allowed for criminals to succeed.  Good lawyers have been bullied into being "team players"  I was told that Tennessee "sanctions" ethical lawyers….This is WELL KNOWN.   I want to help Amy and believe the only way is to get the Treasury lawyers to push the FBI to act ethically.   FedEx the the #2 DOD contractor and that Malmquist (?) woman's husband was corrupt and linked to corrupt FBI… Good news 95% of FBI is ethical (most of the unethical are in Tennessee) and THAT is why Amy is abused. ********  was abused by the judges that were put in place to protect those linked to "the alliance" that was created after the Halloween massacre. Basically Carter fired a bunch of CIA that were linked to the JFK murder and bullying of Martin Luther King (My grandfather was a lawyer for Kennedy & Kissinger's top people.  Anyway the corrupt judges are controlled by an alliance linked to Tom Ingram created in the Howard Baker and the Reagan days…FBI-  my "most likely" bio dad Ed Daly the owner of World Airways did the deal to secure the Reagan victory in 1980… he did the deal directly with Khomeini.

  Below was sent to 8 Treasury lawyers who want to clean up America… The FBI and DOD IGO too…   

Happy New Year!!

Fwd: Pilot Flying J Iranian Oil Purchased Part of Deal That Goes Back to Alliance formed By Reagan People to HELP Khomeini.  I Got It CONFIRMED!!!   

 “hostage crisis” was a political “management tool” created by the pro-Bush faction of the CIA, and implemented through an a priori Alliance with Khomeini’s Islamic Fundamentalists.” He says the purpose was twofold:
  • To keep Iran intact and communist-free by putting Khomeini in full control.
  • To destablize the Carter Administration and put George Bush in the White House.