Monday, October 19, 2015

***UPDATE*** James Comey iWant the Feds to Investigate Judicial Corruption in Tennessee so the Bad Guys Will Go to Jail. Governor Bill Haslam Has "Padded the Parole Board" so a State-wide Corruption Crackdown Won't Be Painful. The Hardworking Americans that Want Corruption Stopped Want the Bad Guys in Jail: For a Long Time. The FBI Sends a Lot of Corrupt People From Illinois to Jail... Why Not Tennessee?

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to see a letter asking FBI to investigate fraud linked to FEDERAL GRANTS: The State of Tennessee is looking at having the TBI tackle the states corruption problem BUT the State boards are loaded with corrupt Good Ole Boys and if the Feds prosecute corruption the "bad guys" will get meaningful jail sentences.  Currently Gov Haslam has appointed his "buddies" to the Parole Board in anticipation of upcoming corruption trials.


is happening in Crossville & it's almost as bad as in Williamson County 

This got LOTS of hits in the last week:

I'd love to keep ranting about HOW CORRUPT the courts are but I'm too busy with elections issues:):)

after the primary "this moderate" is gonna be popular cause I specialize in the demographic that's gonna decide "who" controls the White House:):)

I've decided to work on the Presidential campaign of the candidate that promises to "clean up judicial corruption"....