Wednesday, October 26, 2016

James Comey Maybe the FBI Should Find Out If Kim Helper are You Just a Minion of the Clinton Foundation's Ally NISSAN. YOU Abused Me Why?

The NISSAN Leaf is a crappy EV and NISSAN did not create the jobs promised for the 1.4 Billion dollars that they took as a loan with a Rutherford County IDB bond as the collateral.  The taxpayers are gonna suffer cause NISSAN ripped them off.  YOU Kim Helper should be in Jail!!!

Before i left DC I learned a private security guy was watching me: Ppl are worried because a reliable FBI informant told me about issues involving Seth Rich- I passed on the information to the Feds and "as usual" they won't tell me anything.
The Podesta ppl have invited me to q lot of stuff the last year, even a luncheon with Sidney Blumenthal. The event I was invited to in Vegas is aligned with the same ppl. They invite me just to 'pump me for info" & I go just to see what info they're pumping me for. To them politics is a game, to me it's a way to survive.
I miss my Shirlington life & will be back soon. 
In 2010 ppl aligned with Colin Powell who remembered me in the 80's/90's asked me to blog about issues that matter to the DOD 
In 2012 I learned Petraeus & the Tampa crowd who sent a ton of emails wrote about me & my blogs about corruption. In 2011 I was asked to blog about 3 men in Renault that were falsely accused of being spies. I used to date a respected FBI counter-intelligence agent & ppl connected to him told me in January they were innocent. I bought the domain in January - two weeks later the CEO of Renault said he had "multiple proofs they were guilty. In March 2011 the men were 100% vindicated, given over 2 million euros & offered their jobs back. 
The country of France owns Renault & they didn't like seeing my blogs naturally float up on Google searches that showed proof the CEO of the French owned company was corrupt- long story short I was told by a guy at AEI before an Eric Schmidt speech that My blogs were a main reason why the French insisted on being able to remove things from the Internet. 
I've now learned that the Clinton Foundation was a BIG player in making "the right to be forgotten" happen.

The NISSAN Leaf is a crappy EV and NISSAN did not create the jobs promised for the 1.4 Billion dollars that they took as a loan with a Rutherford County IDB bond as the collateral.  The taxpayers are gonna suffer cause NISAN ripped them off.  YOU Kim Helper should be in Jail!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

*** Update & Clarification **** Ex-Judge Robbie Beal Used Poor Judgement When Sleeping w/Wife's Friend Dana Ausbrooks

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Re: Dana Ashbrooks should be arrested for stalking based on what happened to me when NISSAN swore out warrants
Date: October 18, 2016 at 12:25:28 PM CDT
To:, "" <>,, "" <>,,, Blake Farmer <>, Michael Dorris <>, Michael Reyes <>, "" <>


Dana Ausbrooks has reached out to me & I’ve diligently clarified & apologized on my blog. I’m basing my apology on her word. If others give me data it’s not true then I’ll post that BUT i want to believe that not everyone in Williamson County is not out to get me and are evil: It’s my hope she’lll see my story, read my blog & will help me make the courts fair.   Also i have been told that MULTIPLE ppl that i’ve blogged about are now working with the Feds and ppl are trying to clean up corruption in Tennessee. Thank You Jesus!!! 

It would be nice is the Tennessean gave a rats ass. Ppl are still suffering in the courts.  Now with the new era or transparency Ppl in the MSM (not Gannett) are looking into doing a story about the corruption happening with American taxpayer money in TN & the Good Ole Boy Network linked to Clinton…. for that iAgain say THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

Anyway … I gotta go get ready for a trip to Vegas:):)

Have a great day!!!



Please call me 615-944-7599 I’d like to ask you a few questions,  you can record the call. 

Dana are your aware from President Clinton’s behaviour in the oval office people have different definition of “sex”…. my source about why Judge Robbie Beal left the bench is a good one & from ppl i trust. 

I’m adding this email chain to my blog that I’m clarifying that were clarifying. Also so your character is not hurt I will make a formal apology & show your email that you said you did not have sex with Robbie Beal I don’t take things down I clarify & apologize. 

Someday we’ll get the truth about WHY Robbie Beal left the bench.

Many people in Williamson County  believe the courts are corrupt. 

I’m happy to know that YOU Dana Ausbrooks are not part of the problem & want to be part of a solution. Together I hope you can help me make WIllaimson County a FAIR place to live for ALL.

Have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

On Oct 18, 2016, at 11:46 AM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:


Thank you for reaching out.

I’m confirming you did NOT have sex with Robbie Beal & ALSO had NO relations with Robbie Beal?

You were never alone with him? 

Thank you 

Sharyn Bovat

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Re: Dana Ashbrooks should be arrested for stalking based on what happened to me when NISSAN swore out warrants
Date: October 18, 2016 at 11:01:45 AM CDT

Mrs. Bovat,

I received an email from you yesterday. I do not know who and do not
believe I have ever met you.

I do not know why you are targeting me on your blog. I have never had
sex with Robbie Beal. I am asking you to please take my name down off
your website.

Thank you,
Dana Ausbrooks

Sharyn Bovat  10/18/16 10:24 AM >>>

Guess there's meat to my dish?

Looks like Ex Judge Robbie Beal was compromised when he made decisions
on the bench. I've respectfully given Dana the opportunity to respond to
the allegations ... She has chosen to "stalk" me.  I say stalk because
she did to me what NISSAN accused me of (Stalking a Corporation) which
is ridicules but it ruined my reputation & hurt my child.

I'm going to assume someone will "swear out a warrant" so  Kim Helper
can aggressively prosecute?

Have a great day!
Sharyn Bovat
Dana Ausbrooks has reached out to me.... after my YouTube video... I'm in the process of vetting her statement.

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Check back for UPDATES ... If ever I blog and am wrong i apologize - in 7+ years it's ONLY happened TWICE: still ppl in TN harass, bully & let Nissan continue the fleecing of the American taxpayers.  All iWant is RESPECT & for a "bad guy" to be put in jail so my kid learns that Justice for Whistleblowers happens.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: October 16, 2016 at 11:04:10 PM CDT
To:,,, "" <>,, "" <>, "" <>, Michael Reyes <>, Michael Dorris <>,
Subject: The Judge that QUASHED my subpoenas (took away my defense) Robbie Beal Caught Having Affair - was COMPROMISED iWant Him CRIMINALLY Investigated 
Hello Corrupt TN

You ppl make Donald Trump look normal: He never used sex to hurt ppl BUT Beal let Sex Compromise his decisions - I will INSIST on a retrial:):) 
I will be telling my member of congress Dan Beyers & Peter Roskam  to INSIST the FBI ensure the courts are protected from sleazy judges & im not too happy the ppl in TN have unethical commissioners - or just commissioners that are bimbos­čśĆ

An injustice happened & NEW evidence is showing Amy Burns BURNED by Deana Hood  & the Yeager family .. It's DISGUSTING that Amy fears going to TN because Kim Helper has a warrant for her arrest & the crime is?

Nobody can explain to me HOW the KKK familjy that abused a child got custody when the hardworking family in Michigan is missing their child/grandchild.

Robbie Beal was Amy's Judge & he fucked Amy JUST like Dana Ausbrooks !!!! (Well not the same way) ... The whole thing is icky!!!

Dana Call me if you didn't sleep with your friends husband & I'll apologize..

Have a great night!!
Sharyn Bovat

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