Friday, August 21, 2015


It’s a complicated story & I don’t have my regular computer… I had to do a DOD compliment wipe on my laptop before  going to Russia last month and still haven’t gotten it restored. Here’s something I put together. I have LOTS of issues. BUT they’re all intermingled. it’s written in 1st person but the ghost writer might change it. 

       Hello my name is Sharyn Bovat & I'm the person that triggered Al Gore's 2010 separation from Tipper- it was nothing sexual just my passion for truth-justice & human dignity on why he wanted to date me in 2010, when asked by a staffer if I wanted to date him I was rude cause I thought it was a joke … why would a guy that almost became an American President want to date me ? 

The answer is he knew my bio dad is probably Robert Kennedy my Dad that raised me was in Laos running drugs for CIA and my mom a former Chief Stewardess of Transocean Airllines hires women to spy for America & trained them post WW2. My grandfather ex Naval Intel went on to work for John McCone Kennedy's CIA director & in 1964 when i was conceived a guy that worked in Presidential archives told me LOTS of women were sleeping with Robert Kennedy and the illegitimate kids were used as weapons against the Kennedy family. 

The reality is I'm not a weapon I'm a human being and luckily Al Gore noticed that and he saved me in 2012 from being maliciously prosecuted in TN Trumped up charges alleged by the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn's allies happened in July 2010 & haunted me for over 19 months:  I was accused of a crime that does not exist (Email Stalking a corporation) jailed 3 times after I told the President of NISSAN North America Carlos Tavares ( the new Peugeot CEO) of fraud involving the Electric Car (what was later to be named the Nissan Leaf). In 2009 I was told by the Renault NISSAN CEO’s former mistress Catherine Perez who became the highest ranking woman at the Japanese car company (who I met when I managed her international relocation) that NISSAN was gonna go bankrupt unless they got a bailout & Carlos Ghosn’s execs were doing a “hail Mary pass” applying for a DOE electric car loan.  NISSAN was gonna use the tech then had from the C.A.R.B. days (the 90’s when CA required all automakers to produce EV’s) that tech was deemed  a failure back then & the execs knew before taking the 1.4 Billion dollar stimulus green loan the car would be a failure.   It's a complicated story but real & this book will explain HOW a foreign company that did business in Iran (broke US Sanctions) was able to get over 1 Billion US tax dollars & how it’s linked to CIA cover-ups that have gone on generations.   

Email from the best friend of late Brian Kelley of the CIA….  I have lot of people that know the CIA stuff is real BUT out of respect to them I have to make the book fiction 

By the way, I found several emails from you 30 minutes ago in my SPAM folder. No clue how they ended up there as some from other friends did as well. That's why I missed them including many from Chicago. I know your pain with who your real dad is, CIA, Lockerbie, etc. It sucks and it is awful. I wish we could all turn the clock back. Today I accepted we cannot and must enjoy the present and be positive about the future. I bit the bullet despite the bad memories. 

God bless you in your journey.

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