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*** Double Update UPDATE *** Not "yet" Filed Compliant Against Deana Hood Candidate for Judge... Due to NEW Rule That Silences Complaints Against Lawyers Amy Burns Told Me "OK to Publish Here".... The Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility Will "Ignore It" Anyway... Right Joe Baugh?

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: If Anything Written is Wrong Please let me know... All I'm doing is trying to "bring down" the Good Ole Boy network Linked to Unethical CIA affiliated with Howard Baker-Tom Ingram-Carlos Ghosn
Date: April 7, 2014 at 3:10:17 PM CDT
To:,,, Rhori Johnston <>, Blake Farmer <>,,,,,,,,, Mark Silverman <>
Cc: Michael Dorris <>

Deana Hood - Tennessee Judicial Favorite et al.

This is an FYI if anything is wrong I will make clarifications and apologize— I’m still waiting for Howard Baker of Baker Donelson to say I’m wrong… Tennessee is home to a CIA clique that let the World Trade Center fall & people that know it are mad- cause I knew ethical people I was terrorized.  

For America to get healthy Tennessee needs FAIR COURTS and the judicial “rot” in the state must be exposed.  That’s what I’m doing…  GAME ON!!! 

One more time If I’m wrong please tell me… again I will clarify and apologize “if” I’m wrong.  I think ALL those laws trying to suppress the 1st amendment are “flopping”… Ya’ll would not need those unconstitutional laws if you were acting “ethically”  

Tennessee paybacks a bitch… & her name is SHARYN

Have a great day!

Sharyn Bovat
The State of Tennessee has put me through HELL & FBI I want RICO & was told 2 years ago “if” I proved the need for a RICO case I’d get one - was told to “play out” the civil case: I knew it was a waste of time cause I could NOT get a lawyer in Tennessee. My child has suffered - I’m pissed off & will hold someones balls under a lit match until the FBI cleans up the state that’s #1 in corruption (Daily Beast) & #1 in violent crime (FBI stats).   GET IT!!!!

Have a Great Day!!!!

Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility has a "past" history of ignoring complaints agains the Good Ole Boy network... This is an out of the box attempt for JUSTICE in Tennessee... the courts in the state that's #1 in corruption (Daily Beast) and #1 in violent crime (FBI) are "that" bad.

Preston Shipp Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee Supreme Courts

May 8, 2013 - Preston Shipp WHO Appointed You to be the Disciplinary Counsel to the Tennessee Courts? How Can YOU Say Kline Preston Did NOT Meet ...

  1. Sandy Garrett of The Tennessee Supreme Court's Board of ...

    Jun 12, 2013 - Sandy..... If YOU think it's OK for a woman to get asked "sexual positions" in an interrogaroy question then YOU need to be fired. Your decision ...

James Comey request from Sharyn Bovat PLEASE investigate Deana Hood & Joe Baugh Too.....
If YOU need a reference just ask Mike Dorris the FBI guy the CIA lied to about 9-11?

Deana Hood as been involved in a "bizarre way" in a case involving Troy Burns.. It's been alleged he's involved in CIA linked money laundering for the Good Ole Boys.. Treasury lawyer are aware... The guy does over 2 million in sales but tells the IRS he makes 20-30K a year. 

Amy Burns the future ex wife of Troy Burns has been abused in the Williamson County courts for a LONG time... the abuse continues.  It's been suggested Deana is "stalling" a contempt of court motion until AFTER the election. That might not be true. I'll email her and ask.  Keep watching "this" website" for Deana's response. 

Any questions or clarifications call me  Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

Below was written by Amy Burns... this is her description and ALL documents are available for a reporter-FBI agent-TBI agent or any caring human being to review.  This mom simply wants her little girl back....NOW!!!

Board of Professional Responsibility
10 Cadillac Drive 
Suite 220
Brentwood, TN  37027

March 16, 2014

Dearest Board of Professional Responsibility:  

This complaint follows the Original complaint filed in or around April 2013 regarding Ms. Patricia Ann McDade, Esquire – in the BPR’s records noted as:  (CAP 12001900) And Ms. Deana Carol Hood, Esquire in the BPR’s records noted as:  (CAP 13001039) 

On about April 18, 2013, I received a letter from CAP dated 
April 16, 2013 stating that CAP reviewed my letter about opposing counsel (Exhibit A).  CAP requested that I forward the decision made by Judge Robbie Beal regarding sanctions and/or if he found attorney misconduct against attorney Hood or McDade for the Board’s review.  Please make it known that my complaint against the two above attorneys was sent to the BPR for attorney misconduct and Not for relief from the Consumer Assistance Program.  

Although I am not clear as to why the complaint started with the CAP (Beverly Sharpe), I will however, help the BPR follow the chain of events as it occurred in regards to the complaints I filed against attorney Hood and attorney McDade.  

On or about February 16, 2014, I received a letter – again from CAP (and not from the Ethics division at it was clearly intended) which was dated February 14, 2014. (Exhibit B)  This response letter was sent 11 (eleven) months after my original complaint.  Essentially this letter stated that the CAP decided that the Board would not take further steps, “Since the judge found no willful misrepresentation.”

Absurdly, I now find myself Again writing to the Board of Professional Responsibility against the Same two attorneys, since it has become apparent that the ethics division has not reviewed the above mentioned complaints.  (emails available upon request) 

Per Beverly Sharpe, she has informed me that the complaints have now gone to the “head” of the ethics department.  I pray that this is where this letter finds its way.  So, in Addition to my original complaints (including the audios that I painstakingly provided to the Board), please include the following as evidence that attorneys McDade and Hood violated their ethical obligations as attorneys in this great state of Tennessee.   

If indeed the BPR relies on a judge’s ruling (which clearly seems like “home-cooking” as Judge Chris Craft christened to me) in regards to the ruling of the independent Board of Professional Responsibility to make an unbiased decision – I will then submit to the Board the RESPONSE TO WIFE’S EXPEDITED MOTION FOR SANCTIONS AND OTHER RELIEF (Exhibit C) filed jointly by attorneys Hood and McDade to the Honorable Judge Robbie Beal of whom you/(CAP) based its decision to originally “dismiss” my complaints.  In addition, I am providing the sworn Affidavits provided to the court (Judge Robbie Beal) of both attorney Hood (Exhibit D) and attorney McDade (Exhibit E).  

With this further evidence, I pray that the BPR (ethics division) will find that not only did attorneys Hood and McDade lie (and please be clear that these were not ‘mistakes – they   knowingly   L i e d) on their joint RESPONSE TO WIFE’S EXPEDITED MOTION FOR SANCTIONS AND OTHER RELIEF, but that they Also both lied (and again these were not mistakes – they   knowingly  L i e d) on their sworn Affidavits (under     o a t h) as well.

Allow me please to explain:  

In regards to:

Their motion begins with misleading facts.  
The attorneys state that Ms. Hood represents the “Intervening Petitioner”, Ms. Evelyn Faye Burns.  

You see, Ms. Hood is still petitioning the court – otherwise, her client would be named as an Intervener.  The Response is sneaky, right off the bat.  And they assume others won’t notice.  I notice.  Hopefully, you notice.  Ms. Hood petitioned the court, for the sole purpose of obtaining a restraining order (Exhibit F) ; which, despite having the date re-set numerous times, has     n e v e r    been heard.  And interestingly enough, the hearing in which we were poised to ask that the intervening petitioner be removed from the case, was the very day Ms. Hood February 18, 2013 - announced in court that she was now Husband’s “co-counsel”.  Ms. Hood wanted to be sure that her nose was still in the divorce case, so that she could continue her vile attempt to ‘win’, with no regard for innocent victims.  Legally, and I may be way out of line here, speaking about the law, but as far as I know, an attorney must file a “Notice of Appearance” prior to becoming an attorney of record.  She filed the appearance on March ____, 2013 – After the court date.  

Counsel of record:  definition Black’s Law Dictionary – ‘Attorney whose appearance has been filed with court papers.’  Either Ms. Hood does not know and understand the law Or she blatantly defies the law.  In either case, it is unacceptable conduct by an attorney of our great state of Tennessee.  Wouldn’t you agree?  

The response states that Neither Attorneys Hood nor McDade knowingly made any false representation to this Court.  
They have knowingly made so many false representation to the Williamson County Courts, I’m afraid I won’t be able to count them all.  I’m certain that I have and will not catch every single lie that they have conspired together and/or individually, but I have uncovered such an exorbitant amount that any board, in any state, simply could not look the other way, no matter who is running for judge, or how many connections an attorney has.  Frankly, with the disregard to such horrendous violations, the BPR itself is beginning to look “bad”.  I pray not.  I really do.  

I will delve deeper into their response.  Since they both have signed the response, I will take it that both attorneys are in agreement with the response.  Therefore, I will treat them as one.  

They state that neither attorney Hood or McDade has ever knowingly misrepresented any fact or law to this court or any other for that matter.    
Clearly, they lie/misrepresent facts to the Williamson County Courts (both Chancery and Circuit Courts, which I will explain further).  

“On March 20, 2012, Mr. Burns’ Petition for Contempt alleging that Ms. Burns had willfully denied him visitation with the minor child, Ava Burns on 15 separate occasions and Mr. Burns’ request to name him the primary residential parent of Ava Burns was set to be heard.” 

Why did the attorneys leave out the other motions before the court?  Misleading?  Yes.  Definitely.  Here’s why:  

  1. The March 20, 2012 hearing included my Order of Protection – filed on October 18, 2011; five months earlier, having been re-set numerous times.   
  2. The March 20, 2012 hearing also included my Motion to Compel financial documents (still – “their” client hasn’t turned in several KEY financial accounts.)  They make no mention of this motion.  They are misleading the court.  They are maligning wife.  They are attempting to gain an unfair advantage.
  3. The March 20, 2012 hearing included my Motion to reimburse health care insurance and medical expenses.  Husband is still defying Judge Robbie Beals orders from October 2010 and still does not pay for my health insurance.  (Although, he has admitted to the court that he does pay for health care for his child born out of wedlock during this divorce proceeding)  Does something smell wrong to you??
  4. The March 20 2012 hearing included my Motion to advance attorney fees.  They failed to mention this as well.  
  5. The March 20, 2012 hearing also included MY MOTION for Cynthia Bohn to withdraw due to her refusal to file protection orders for us, (which you’ve seen my complaint against Ms. Bohn), and her disbelief that we WERE in a domestic violence shelter.  I notice that neither Ms. Hood nor Ms. McDade provided the courts with this information, do you?  I don’t see that anywhere.  
  6. The March 20, 2012 hearing included MY MOTION to Continue the hearing (sent from shelter at MSU – see FAX confirmation in court file, if it hasn’t been taken out, but MSU should have the cover sheet still in my file at the shelter, along with other key pieces of evidence).  Judge Derek Smith denied my motion.  Can you believe that?  Well, I’m sure you can, but nobody that I’ve spoken to, can believe it.  Who does that?  Did Ms. Hood or Ms. McDade make mention of this motion in their response?  Guess.  The answer, of course, would be No.  Is that misleading the court by misrepresenting a fact or law?  Yeah, it is.  
  7. Strangely, the one motion that Should have been on the docket (again, see complaint filed against C. Bohn) was the contempt motion against Mr. Troy Burns for allowing his mother to physically beat our child.  Of course you are aware, that there was an order put in place in January 2011 preventing her from doing so.  But……although “served” (which of course, he never was – see court file – and actually my last 4 petitions; including the one above were never served – yikes!!) The contempt motion against Mr. Burns was filed on March 9, 2012; but according to Ms. Cynthia Bohn, the court set it for a ‘special date’, and not on the upcoming March 20, 2012 hearing.  That is insane.  There are lots of individuals involved in this conspiracy, wouldn’t you say?  I would.   Maybe Pat McDade and Deana Hood believe in their hearts that they control the courts.  Maybe they do.  And if they do, That is wrong.  They are attorneys. Not court clerks.  Not judges.  They are attorneys.  That is all.  Again, something smells.  Do you smell it also?  I sure hope you do.  I’d hate to think that you stink too, pardon the pun.  
Sooooo, although Ms. Hood (who remember - should not even be in this case) states that “On March 20, 2012, Mr. Burns’ Petition for Contempt alleging that Ms. Burns had willfully denied him visitation with the minor child, Ava Burns on 15 separate occasions and Mr. Burns’ request to name him the primary residential parent of Ava Burns was set to be heard,” ummmmm, she omits the other SEVEN motions.  That is clear deception.  Furthermore, this above statement needs to be analyzed in depth for the BPR of the Supreme Court of Tennessee to fully understand who and what you are dealing with in regards to attorneys Hood and McDade.  
The petition for contempt against me has NEVER been heard.  Why???  Something smells, again.  

Furthermore, the petition is ludicrous.  It was prepared by Ms. Hood on behalf of Troy Frank Burns.  She wasn’t his attorney.   There are only a few theories as to why Ms. Hood chose to accept payment by Troy Frank Burns on September 23, 2011 (nearly two years after I filed my counter-complaint for divorce – again, something is stinky).  None of the theories make for a good attorney in Tennessee, far be it; for one whom aspires to be a judge.  
In regards to the above petition against me, isn’t it ironic that when I asked Ms. McDade on March 26, 2012 when the contempt hearing against Troy Burns would be heard, she stated April 3, 2012.  Guess what?  Yup, it was never heard.  Never on the docket.  And guess what else?  Neither was the petition for contempt against me heard either – never – and guess what else?  According to C. Bohn office, the petition against me was going to be on April 3, 2012 as well.  Then guess what happened??  You won’t believe it.  Well, maybe you will.  But ---- when I confirmed this with Pat McDade’s office, I was told that it really wasn’t the day of the hearing, but that would be the day that I would “hear my constitutional rights read to me”.  Seriously.  I’m not an idiot, nor am I crazy.  They want to make me look crazy, of course.  And their web of lies can make one question reality, but sadly their venom injected into our justice system is a reality.  And it is a poison.  And I’m tired of being bit.  And you know something else, so is my 7-year-old daughter.   Again, it’s looking like conspiracy to me.  Conspiracy is a federal crime and shall be addressed federally.   

In the response drafted by Ms. Hood states, “Instead of appearing in Court to answer these charges, Ms. Burns absconded to Michigan and secreted the minor child at her mother’s home and at a domestic abuse shelter.”

Frankly, how would Ms. Hood know?  Did she conspire with Ms. McDade again?  Let’s examine this statement above for a moment.  
“Instead of appearing in Court to answer these charges…….”  What charges???????????????  Let me ask this:  Why of ALL the motions, didn’t the court hear THAT motion?  Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, makes ya wonder, huh????  Yup, me too.  Well, I can tell you why we fled (legally too, I might add – see Temporary Restraining Order number 6 for clarification if necessary to brush up on this area of the LAW).  We fled BECAUSE NO ONE IN TENNESSEE WOULD HELP US.  I repeat:  We fled BECAUSE NO ONE IN TENNESEE WOULD HELP US.  I repeat:  We fled BECAUSE NO ONE IN TENNESSEE WOULD HELP US.  AND I HAD THE LEGAL RIGHT TO FLEE!!!!  They could have filed an expedited motion for custody on March 13, 2012, BUT THEY DIDN’T.  Since they knew I relocated, why did they NOT file an expedited motion?  I can tell you why:  because they would have LOST.  They all knew (conspiracy) that abuse occurred.  They all knew.  Abuse occurred towards me and towards a then FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD.  They had the audios.  They saw the photos.  They knew.  They all knew.  

Also drafted in their response that I “…secreted the child at her mother’s home….”  Huh???  If the lying Private Investigator (also a conspirator) took photos of Ava at my mom’s house OUTSIDE, how could that be looked upon as HIDING?   Hiding usually means, well, hiding.  The photos taken were taken outside.  She wasn’t trying to hide Ava, and neither was I.  Why was Ava there on March 18, 2012, a Sunday?  Well, it was because her mom (me) was inside sleeping and preparing to register custody the following day.  Since the domestic violence and sexual abuse shelter did not provide child care in the morning, I needed my mother to care for Ava will I drove to the courts to attempt to file for custody – I mistakenly thought I NEEDED the certified copy of the custody order (in place for over 2 years!!) MSU Safe Place will affirm what I say to be true.  Ask them.  Don’t ask lying attorneys who only seek to ‘win’, whatever that means. They will only provide you with more lies.  They are good liars, I will congratulate them for that.  They are very skilled at deception.  It is when the BPR sees the truth and looks the other way that is troubling.  Is the whole state under some kind of hold from the devil?  It certainly does appear that way, I must be honest with you.  

Their response also stated that I “…..secreted the minor child at a domestic abuse shelter.”  Who goes to a domestic abuse shelter to hide?????  No one that I know of…..  And would you be interested in just how we were discovered???????????  Do you know the answer?  Would it surprise you if I told you that the private investigator hired by Troy Burns, GPS’d my cell phone?  Well, that is what he told authorities in Michigan.  We have the police report to prove that what I say is the truth.  They also used a warrant that was NOT signed by a judge to spook the campus police into contacting Alyssa Bauman (weekend volunteer) into opening our room.  I was NEVER served with a warrant, the petition; Nothing!  This will all come out sooner or later.  But what this means for you, the BPR, in regards to D. Hood and P. McDade is that they lie.  They purposefully and knowingly lie.  They lie.  

My daughter has been stolen.  Really.  She has been stolen and why so many look the other way is unfathomable.  Perhaps you have no children.  Perhaps you condone spousal abuse.  Perhaps you condone child abuse.  I cannot understand.  

When Ms. Hood states that neither she nor Ms. McDade ever knowingly misrepresented any fact or law to this court or any other court for that matter, again, of course, they LIE.   
They deceived the Circuit Court as well.  It was either Ms. Hood or Ms. McDade or both attorneys who misrepresented the facts.  
Most recently, an order signed on August ____, 2012 was given to the DA’s office – note:  how the “entered” date is in question.  
Also given to the District Attorney was the FALSE affidavit of private investigator Tony Poma.  He lied on his affidavit.  He lied on his affidavit.  He lied on his affidavit.  And it has been proven in court.  The two attorneys in question gave a perjured affidavit to the DA’s office; offering false information to my detriment.  That is unacceptable and clearly it must be against the law.  Also, the Chancery court order that was originally given to the DA’s office was built upon lies also.  The judgment is currently on Appeal with the Supreme Court.  That is another web of lies all together.  I am more than willing to bring before the Board the documents, orders, motions, court transcripts, emails, court docket, audios, etc. to bring to light this unthinkable twist of lies regarding my two tort actions filed in the Circuit Court which unbelievably, have been ‘consolidated’ into my divorce and subsequently dismissed by former judge Derek Smith.  Dates are falsified.  Numbers are altered.  It runs the gambit of deception.  I would be honored to show their craftiness of deception.    

The attorneys state that I did not appear on March 20, 2012, but “instead of appearing in court to answer these charges (contempt), Ms. Burns absconded to Michigan and secreted the child at her mother’s home and at a domestic shelter.”
-I told Ava’s school BEFORE the hearing.
-I told the court BEFORE the hearing.
-I told my attorney BEFORE the hearing.
-I told the Refuge Center BEFORE the hearing.  
They speak another lie.  Why didn’t Ms. McDade request an expedited hearing for her client?  Why not?  Please ask her that.  It is stated in number 6 of the temporary restraining order with couples go through a divorce.  It spells it out right there.  And I did nothing illegal as it also spells it out clearly that if abuse was taking place, I could leave with the minor child over 100 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just in case, they or the BPR is unaware of this law.  It says it on the temporary restraining order.  I am familiar with this law as I’ve relied on this law.  I’ve done nothing wrong.  If I’m mistaken, please inform me.  What I read is in black and white.  I received this in October of 2009!!!  

The attorneys in this complaint allege in their Response that “So, when Ms. Burns purports that she was not present at this hearing, she neglects to inform the Court of the reason she was not present.”  
That is another sad and tragic lie.  I indeed did inform the Court of the reason we were not present.  I told the court on March 20, 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   PRIOR to the hearing.  Perhaps Ms. Hood and/or Ms. McDade need to review the court file!!!  I have proof that I sent the fax from MSU Safe Place asking for a continuance due in part, to my then-attorney Cynthia Bohn threatening (and following through to my dismay) to withdraw from the case.  

Since this original complaint began with my informing the BPR that both attorneys LIED to the Court on erestingly, I understand that Dr. McMillan comes with much “clout” if you will, with the courts.  I understand his wife is former judge Marietta Shipley and founder of MTCA, an alliance with many members in the state of Tennessee.  Even with such clout, his testimony is bogus and as far as I can tell.  It should be stricken from the record and he should be held accountable criminally.  Let me explain:

Dr. McMillan was hired by Patricia McDade according to Dr. McMillan himself.  He did not have permission to ‘counsel’ my daughter.  I had primary custody (~90% custody) when Ava went to see Dr. McMillan.  I had NO idea that he had ever seen her until I read the transcript from March 20, 2012 hearing, which was NOT available to me until March 18, 2013, although I had personally requested the transcript numerous times prior to Ms. Reguli obtaining the transcript.  
Ms. McDade states herself on August 7th, 2012 that it was the worst case of parental alienation she had ever seen.  This is on the official court transcript.  Ms. McDade was giving her opinion to the court (Derek Smith) to the detriment of myself.  Let it be noted also that the visits that I withheld visitation from my husband Troy Frank Burns were only AFTER he refused to answer the question if his mother, Evelyn Faye Burns would abuse/hit/spank our child, Ava Grace.  There is a Tennessee law that states that I could be found guilty if I knowingly allowed my child to be placed in harm’s way.  Failure to protect my child is also known as aggravated child abuse.  Again, I was following the law.  Also, when there was a Temporary Order of Protection against the grandmother, I DID allow the husband to exercise his visitation rights.  When one of the four (there were 18 – most of them PROVED that my daughter was being abused by the paternal grandmother, but NOT played in open court!!) audio tapes were presented in court my daughter told her father that she was to call 9-1-1 if she saw her grandmother.  This was when the OOP was in place!!  

When “Ms. McDade did not have the benefit of the transcript from the hearing on March 20, 2012, which occurred approximately one year ago.”………. well, she could have gotten the transcript.  I certainly asked for it myself – from day one!!!!  I asked Cynthia Bohn for a copy of the transcript.  She stated that I would be allowed to obtain the transcript.  Ms. McDade DENIED my request - - - even after I offered to pay ½ of the per diem AND for the cost of the transcription of the hearing.  Ms. McDade DENIED my request.  I have the emails as proof.  So, when Ms. McDade states that she did not have the benefit of the transcript, it was due to Ms. McDade NOT wanting the transcript.  Note:  the transcript from her client’s deposition in June 2011 took over one full year for me to obtain from Ann Woofter receiving various excuses as to why I couldn’t obtain the transcrpt.  Ms. McDade didn’t want the transcript “out” then due to proof that her client admitted abuse, adultery, threats, financial discrepancies, child abuse, etc. during his deposition.  She didn’t want the court transcript “out” due to husband’s ‘witness’ testimony, truancy lies, private investigator lies, etc. and the proof that I DID inform the court PRIOR to the hearing that we were in a domestic violence shelter and requested a continuance!!!!  (transcript available)  

It was ONLY after Ms. Reguli requested the transcript, that Ms. McDade obliged.  I paid ½ the per diem fee – just as I offered nearly ONE YEAR prior.  Definitely she is misleading the court/BPR.  

Ms. McDade must have ‘forgotten’ in August 2012 that she heard Dr. McMillan’s testimony outside the courtroom when she stated it was the worst case of parental alienation she had ever seen.  Protecting a child from physical ABUSE is much different than alienating a parent – refusing visitation, wouldn’t you think??  The child’s safety is more important – and that was my reason for not allowing visitation - and the husband had the opportunity to confirm that abuse would not take place during his visitation, but HE would NOT confirm.  Therefore, I legally withheld visitation and only after his mother became an active participant in our legal matters.  She was absent for two years as discovery documents will show.  

In regards to Rule 11, I find it ironic that Ms. Hood and Ms. McDade seem to fully understand this Rule when it pertains to them, however, when THEY file a Rule 11 motion, THEY seem to NOT know the rules.  For example, on August 31, 2011, Ms. Hood filed a motion on behalf of her client AND Ms. McDade’s client (although she wasn’t his attorney!!) I was not given the 21 day notice or privileges this Rule states.  They filed it just one week prior to it being heard in court and it too was riddled with more LIES.  This response shows that indeed they knew Rule 11, but that they themselves, did not follow the protocol themselves.  
Ms. McDade knowingly made this false statement as she’s done time and time again in this tortured, interminable litigation.   
The excuse that “It is illogical to accuse Ms. McDade  of knowingly making false statements to this Court about what Dr. McMillan testified to at the March 20, 2012 hearing when Ms. McDade voluntarily made the transcript of the proceeding available to Ms. Burns’ counsel without any obligation to do so.  The sole reason for making the transcript available was to extend professional courtesy to Attorney Reguli, courtesy that has not been reciprocated” is illogical.  Why was I denied the transcript for nearly one full year??????  I was pro-se, but still I should have been extended the same professional courtesy given to attorneys as that is what the rule of BPR state, correct?  They did not want me to have the transcript, and as you can see – they had good reason.  The hearing on March 20, 2012 - that changed custody from the mother (me) – having full temporary custody since the beginnings of this divorce in 2009 to the father was purely diabolical.  The expert witnesses/witnesses Ms. McDade offered to the court (Judge Derek Smith) were ALL a sham in addition to the FACT that I personally requested a continuance PRIOR to the hearing due to being fearful of not only the husband and the paternal grandmother but also of the Court itself…..  

Let’s examine their witnesses: 
Dr. McMillan did not have my permission to evaluate my daughter.  This is against the Tennessee Psychological Association Rules and the American Psychological Board Rules.  Plus, Dr. McMillan only played a fraction of the tapes he supposedly listened to – had they played all of the tapes offered as evidence, the court would have heard my daughter pleading with her father to protect her from his mother.  She told her father (in the audio tapes presented to the court and in the court file) time and time again that the grandmother was abusing her.  AND furthermore, grandmother was prevented from doing so, since Judge Bivins signed the order on January 11, 2011 preventing her from doing so.  He also did not meet with me prior to giving testimony relating to ‘parental alienation’.  
Private Investigator Tony Poma did observe my daughter at my mother’s home.  My mother was NOT hiding my daughter.  My mother was providing child care for me from Sunday March 18
th, 2012 (the day he took photographs of my daughter at my mother’s house) until the next day – while I attempted to obtain custody in Michigan per the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act).  It was later discovered that this witness LIED and perjured himself on the affidavit the two attorneys in question provided to the DA’s office in regards to my criminal case for trespassing at the MARITAL home.  Tony Poma is also a proven liar.  
The other witness was Wm. Squires from Williamson County Schools in regards to truancy.  My daughter was NOT truant.  In fact, records from the shelter in Michigan will show that I was enrolling my child in Red Cedar Elementary School prior to this hearing.  The records were still sealed per Pat McDade’s own admittance in court before the Honorable Judge Beal in April 2013.  There was no evidence of truancy.  

Please note that also on August 7, 2012, even Judge Derek Smith believed that Dr. McMillan testified that this was the “worst case of parental alienation” he’d ever seen.  Clearly, Judge Smith, was also convinced by Ms. McDade’s assertion as well.  Is this a mistake?  Clearly, her motives were intentional.  Clearly, they both have set out to malign me with the courts!!  By simply reading the transcript from August 7, 2012, you will see that they presented lie upon lie to the court.  They presented false evidence to the court in regards to my discovery and depositions.  I am able to provide the FACTS to the BPR in regards to my discovery and depositions, which were falsely relayed to the court, as I turned in my discovery time and time again – the husband STILL has not complied and this is currently before the court.  In regards to my depositions, the attorneys had twice the opportunity to depose me, but they chose not to do so.  In fact, the last opportunity to depose me, Ms. Hood took the liberty as a judge and told me that the second day of depositions were CANCELED.  I have the emails as proof.  

Why did Ms. Hood request a trial court (Honorable Judge Binkley) to impose sanctions on behalf of her client AND Troy Burns (not her client)?  Unethical?  Yes.  That is unethical.  Again, she filed this motion on September 11, 2012 to be heard on September 18th, 2012.  I was not given the 21 day notice before filing.  I was NOT given the 21 day notice before filing.  This is unethical.  This is unethical.  As Ms. Hood informs the court HERSELF, “The court of appeals held ‘The 21-day safe harbor provision serves the important dual role of providing (parties) notice and fair warning that an adversary is proposing seeking sanctions, and acting as a deterrent to frivolous unsupported, or otherwise improper pleadings being filed with the court in the first place…” Bradford v. Pitts 2012 WL 273663 (Tenn.Ct.App.)

In regards to the affidavits submitted by attorneys Hood and McDade, let me shine some truth on these two affidavits. 

First, let’s start with Ms. McDade. 
1) Again, Ms. McDade FAILS to tell the whole truth.  One needs to merely see the court order from that day.  The other motions on the docket were not heard that day.  Isn’t it odd that only the custody motion was heard?????????????????  Equally as strange is that Dr. McMillan told me via my voicemail that it was “his job” to determine if I was able to reunite with Ava after she was illegally taken from the domestic violence/sexual abuse shelter – and that I was ordered to see him.  That is a lie.  Clearly, conspiracy is/has occurred in this horrible case of injustice.  

2) Ms. McDade states that “instead of appearing in Court to answer these charges, Ms. Burns absconded to Michigan and secreted the minor child at her mother’s house and at a domestic violence shelter.”  Where does she get her proof????  How could she possibly make such an accusation???????????????  Please ask her.
The fifteen charges of contempt are all documented where I asked Troy Burns if his mother would abuse/hit our child.  He did not respond.  It is all documented.  Would you allow your child to go with your spouse if you KNEW that your child would be placed in harm’s way?????   Please note that for the first year (this has been going on for a loooooooooooong time – due to Mr. Burns not turning in his financial documentation to account for millions upon millions of dollars) Mr. Burns rarely wanted to see Ava.  Then, he did exercise his minimal visitation.  However, after two full years of his mother’s absence – due to her threats on then 2-year-old Ava – she reappeared and it was her and her son who filed bogus assault charges against me – which have been expunged by the Honorable Judge Denise Andre.  These charges were the reason that I filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit against both Troy and his mother, Faye.  These lawsuits (although both in default) were consolidated into our divorce and subsequently dismissed by Judge Derek Smith.  Do you see a conspiracy her?  I certainly do.  And I am not the only one either.  From that point forward (October 2010) my daughter would come to me to tell me that my husband’s mother (please check Maury County DCS records!!!) was striking her – enough to cause BRUISES (that is child abuse according to Tennessee LAW).  So, I did what any sane parent would do; I protected my child.  Please know that it was only after Troy would not confirm that his mother would not hit Ava, did I refuse visitation.  Clearly, when a temporary order of protection against the grandmother in late 2011 was enforced, I did allow her father visitation.  The record will prove this.  You see?  They are trying to not only fool the court, but also they are trying to fool the Board as well.  And I agree, they are not amateur liars.  They are both very skilled.  And as they saying goes, “the best lies are the ones told with a little bit of truth in them.”  But we are talking about an innocent child here!!!  My daughter and I are both innocent.  Greed, power, and ego has entered this very simple divorce action.  And I will stand for it no longer.  Will the BPR do the right thing?  I will gladly come to the office and testify or meet with any and all attorneys to prove to you what I am saying is the T R U T H.  How long will you let this go on?  Please allow me to come to your office and PROVE my statements before the BPR.  I will take this to the highest level necessary.  I hope it will not be necessary and that Tennessee will face the facts and not let intimidation and retaliation rule.  This is America.  Do not forget.  
3) Ms. McDade states in number 3. of her affidavit (sworn under OATH) that “Dr. McMillan had been consulted to, among other things, review audio tapes of the minor child.”
    What “other things” is she referring to here?  Please ask her that question.  
     Well, according to Dr. McMillan HIMSELF, he was hired by Pat McDade.  Although his testimony was provided to the Honorable court/s that he was the FATHER’s Expert witness.  The father’s witness.  I have copies of cleared checks that were paid for by Troy Frank Burns.  Yet, when I asked Dr. McMillan for the records of MY daughter (my OWN child!!!) when he saw her in late 2011 – when I HAD PRIMARY CUSTODY – that I could not have copies of the file; and that the files BELONG TO MS. MCDADE.  How can that be possible?  I can assure you that Ms. McDade is NOT Ava’s mother; nor is she Ava’s father.  So, let me ask this question, how was it that Dr. McMillan was allowed to testify in court in the first place?  Again, something is terribly WRONG.  
    Ms. McDade states “I DID NOT, nor have I ever made a knowingly false statement to this Court or to any other.”  
Perhaps Ms. McDade is delusional.  Clearly, she has made numerous false statements to this court (Wmson County Chancery Courty) and She provided FALSE affidavits to the DA’s office in the SECOND bogus arrest orchestrated by my husband and his mother for trespassing at the marital home!!!  Yes, this is true.  A liar she is.  Black and white proof says so.  

She pathetically tries to convince the court (and the Board) that she “did not have the benefit of the transcript of the hearing which occurred approximately one year ago.”  
    Again, you simply need to ask her why?  Why didn’t she have the transcript??  I, personally, volunteered to have it transcribed within a week of the heinous March 20, 2012 hearing, but she refused.  I asked and I asked and I asked.  She refused.  She didn’t have the transcript only because she didn’t want to be reminded of the evil she took a part in on March 20, 2012.  Certainly, if the poor woman wanted the transcript, she could have asked her dedicated court reporter, Ann Woofter for it.  Certainly Ann would have gotten that to her pronto.  Ask Ann.  
4.  Ms. McDade’s affidavit states that Ann Woofter was the court reporter at the said hearing.  I have the transcript of the hearing and that appears to be correct.  You know what else Ann Woofter noted on March 20, 2012????  She noted that Judge Derek Smith recused himself THAT DAY.  That is what she noted.  As I pointed this out to the BPR previously in my lengthy complaint against Cynthia Bohn, (which I am appealing) that the stamp filing was ‘originally’ marked for March 21, 2012 for Judge Smith’s recusal.  Perhaps could there be even more individuals involved in this conspiracy?  Perhaps.  Time will tell.  

Ms. McDade states that I failed to appear at said hearing.  Doesn’t asking for a continuance due to being untrusting and fearful of the  Tennessee judicial system and fearful of my super duper abusive husband and his child-abusing mother DIFFER from ‘failing to appear’?  I’m thinking that it most certainly does differ.  Again, here is Ms. McDade lying to the court – and with this affidavit, Judge Beal took them for their word, (under oath and all) and subsequently made a decision that they (both attorneys) made a simple mistake and that they should not be sanctioned.  Perhaps, if Judge Beal knew that he was being lied to on their own affidavits, he’d have a much much different ruling.  However, since this is now before the BPR, it is up to you to decide if lying to the court about lying to the court is “unethical” or not.  It is quite simple to me and as well as to most others I speak with regarding this ever popular court case.  I do realize that when the BPR first saw this complaint it was directed to the CAP.  That of course, made ZERO sense.  It was brushed off.  It was only after I provided the ruling of Judge Beal did the BPR make any sort of decision, if you will.  This was provided to me in an email from CAP and it was dismissed.  Hopefully, however, we have that issue cleared up now, and this complaint is before the correct division of the BPR.  
Ms. McDade does state that “without any legal obligation to do so and out of professional courtesy to Ms. Reguli, I authorized the court reporter to make a transcript of the hearing upon Ms. Burns paying one-half of the per diem and paying for her copy of the transcript.”  Well, that was simple for Ms. McDade.  The question does beg as to WHY she did not extend this courtesy to me.  I asked for it waaaay back in March of 2012.  She refused.  I was Pro-Se and you know the rules:  She should have treated me JUST like she treated any other attorney.  She even won the professionalism award a while back.  But she did not follow the rules.  No, she did not.  She held her cards very close to her chest.  For good reason too.  This hearing was a mockery and an insult to justice.  My daughter was given to an abuser.  Do you really and fully understand the veracity of this?  Could you ever possibly understand what has been done???  It has been two years of clearing away the cobwebs to find the truth.  And it isn’t nice.  It isn’t nice at all.  My little girl is just that.  A little girl.  How can you, they, possibly look the other way????  How???  Please look and SEE and then take action.  

5.  Why would it be “illogical to accuse me (Ms. McDade) of knowingly making false statements to this Court about what Dr. McMillan testified to at the March 20, 2012 hearing when I voluntarily made the transcript of the proceeding available to Ms. Burns’ counsel without any legal obligation to do so?”  Well, now that the BPR has all of the FACTS you can see how Ms. McDade wiggles her way around the facts and only points out a tiny fraction of those very key facts.  That is called Mis-Leading or Mis-Representing or, in other words, LYING.  Call it whatever you’d like, but I can tell you, it isn’t anywhere close to being what attorneys are sworn to be, and that is ETHICAL.  

6.  Ms. Hood ONLY came into the case after two years of legal wranglings.  She attempted to protect Derek Smith, who wanted to obtain a judge’s seat and I was badgering him to file charges against Evelyn FAYE Burns for beating my child until she bruised.  My daughter told Deputy Aaron Ferguson.  Sgt. Twanda Curry took photographs.  (guess what??  The officer “forgot” to bring them to court on August 7th, 2011 when I was pro-se…..”  he said he thought I picked them up – ummmmmmm NO – he was subpoenaed to bring them to court – c on s p I r a c y -  most likely!!!!  Unless you call it something else.   (alliance??, I’m not sure….)  but regardless, Deana Hood only entered the divorce (being paid by Troy Burns with marital funds fyi – on September 23, 2011 – the EXACT time I was pushing then DA Derek Smith to file abuse charges against Evelyn Faye Burns for hitting my daughter until her lower back and upper buttocks bruised…. The photos taken were still red – they turned to bruises two days later… as that is what happens to red strap marks….they turn from red to bruising!!!  And remember:  there was a restraining order AGAINST the grandmother)  disgusting, huh??  Have it be your child.  Well, hopefully this is becoming more clear to you.  And now with Deana Hood hoping to get a go on the bench, she did what all unethical lawyers would do, she buttered up any and all judges/possible judges she could think of…. One of them was Derek Smith.  Theory?  What else COULD it be?  Evidence will show that on numerous occasions, Ms. Hood attempts to misalign me with the courts all the while appearing to be on “their side” by making mention that I reported other attorneys to the BPR to then Judge Smith, telling Judge Binkley on her September 11, 2011 motion for Sanctions (trying to sanction me from filing recusal requests against Derek Smith and Tim Easter that were ALREADY filed) about my motions that I filed in a blatant effort to be “judgey”, if you will, for her OWN selfish gain and favor with the courts.  Deana Hood has filed motions for someone else’s client, spoke on behalf of others’ clients, written orders, etc. and basically poked her nose in where it didn’t (and still doesn’t) belong!!  There truly is NO legal basis for her to be in my divorce case.  If there indeed is one, please, I implore you, ask her to provide you with that answer.  It was ONLY after Ms. Reguli filed a motion to remove the “intervening petitioner” (see – she is still not considered an “intervenor” for anyone who is keeping up….) from my   d I v o r c e  last Spring.  Lo and Behold, Ms. Hood announced in court on February 18, 2013 (the day she should have been kicked out the case) that she was now co-counsel for Mr. Burns.  Seriously.  This is true.  How much more “fishy” aka unethical examples do you need?  Keep in mind that although she announced in court in February that she was co-counsel, it wasn’t until March 2013 that she filed a “motion to appear” on behalf of Troy Frank Burns.  Please see this as wrong.  I beg you.  Isn’t right – right?  And Wrong is wrong?  The truth can’t be explained any other way.  It simply is the truth.  I didn’t make it up.  I simply recognized it along with the opposite of truth – lies.  Sometimes lies are a little bit harder to find.  But if you dig enough, you’ll find them.  

7.  Again, although Ms. McDade does not follow her own code of conduct, why would she expect any other attorney to do the same?  She did not give me 21 days notice when her ‘partner’ Deana Hood filed a Rule 11 Sanctions Motion on behalf of both her client and Ms. McDade’s client (you must read the motion carefully as Ms. Hood starts out representing just her client in the motion, but then finishes the motion on behalf of both her client, Evelyn Faye Burns, and Ms. McDade’s client, Troy Frank Burns.   So, although Ms. Hood filed the motion for sanctions against me, it was on behalf of Ms. McDade’s client – she should have read it first herself before submitting it to the court.  But again, the question begs an answer; if she knew the rule when sanctions were filed against HER, shouldn’t she should have known those same rules when she filed sanctions against another person?  It sounds like she forgets and remembers things (such as the law) at random and only when it benefits her cause.  

8.  I reiterate, I was never given 21 days in regards to her motion either, for what that is worth.  

Regardless of Ms. McDade’s sheer forthright determination to hide from the truth, let the truth speak for Herself.  No matter how much Ms. Patricia Ann McDade attempts to deflect, derail, or deny the truth, the truth still remains.  And the truth doesn’t lie.  It just doesn’t.  

Please hold Ms. McDade accountable for her atrocities she willfully committed at the expense of my daughter and my own liberties.  

Now, in regards to Ms. Deana Hood’s affidavit.  Let’s dig into that for a moment.  I will pull out all the lies that I see.  Perhaps the BPR will uncover more than I, and of course, that is all well and for the common good.  

  1. She too states that she never knowingly made a false statement to this Court or any other tribunal.  Shame on her.  She knows better than that.  Lying is what she does best.  She knows that too.  Why would she want to cover that up?  
Ms. Deana Hood has lied more times than I ever thought an attorney would ever dare attempt to lie before a tribunal, let alone lie to me personally, as I will, with great disgust share with the BPR.  

  1. “I did not appear at the March 20, 2012 hearing nor was I co-counsel for Mr. Burns at that time.  I was not present to hear the testimony of Dr. David McMillan.”  
Ms. Hood WAS however present when Dr. McMillan testified in April 2013.  Was she not aware then that Dr. McMillan had no business testifying in court whatsoever – remember he was hired by Patricia McDade.  Ms. McDade owned my child’s file; according to Dr. McMillan himself.  Why didn’t Ms. Hood question this at that time?  Surely, she must have known.  Didn’t ‘co-counsel’ Ms. McDade inform her that Dr. McMillan’s testimony was moot?  So, clearly – although she did state in open court that Dr. McMillan was NOT dad’s expert witness.  Well, I have a question here?  If Dr. McMillan was NOT dad’s witness and he sure as heck wasn’t my witness, whose witness was he?  Perhaps he’s been in the wrong court?    What was he even doing in our divorce?????????????  I am opening up the question that surpasses the statement in question of whether or not Deana Hood Or Pat McDade mistakenly thought Dr. McMillan stated that “it was the worst case of parental alienation he had ever seen…..” or not….  How about what in the world was Dr. McMillan doing in our divorce at all?  This should utterly alarming.  Please ask attorneys Hood (#18042) and McDade (9550).  Their answer will be illuminating.  

  1. Ms. Hood states that “there was not a transcript of the hearing until Attorney Reguli requested same.”  I, requested same, numerous times prior to Ms. Reguli requesting the transcript on my behalf, as mentioned above in this complaint.  

  1. Perhaps Ms. Hood recalled hearing Ms. McDade state in open court on August 7, 2012, that “This is one of the worst cases I’ve seen of parental alienation with the mother trying to totally alienate that little girl from the father.”  (pg. 90 of the court transcript)  Or perhaps Ms. Hood may remember that former Judge Derek Smith stated on August 7th, 2012 - that “the reason  that I put Ava in custody of Mr. Burns is because – and this is the hearing you did not attend – is there was a child psychologist who testified that that was one of the worst cases of alienation of affections that he’s ever seen.”  (pg. 94 & 95 of court transcript)

  1. Ms. Hood, herself, failed to serve the Motion for Sanctions against ME before filing same with the Court in September 2012.  

Again, upon seeing her Motion for Sanctions, the Board will agree that Ms. Hood was attempting to put herself in a positive light with the court by defending judges Smith and Easter in regards to the two recusals I filed with the court; to which, not surprisingly they did not even respond.  

  1. Ms. Hood did not give me 21 days to respond to her motion filed on behalf of someone who was not even her client.  Something clearly is very very wrong here. 

Hopefully, the Board will do the right thing, and will aid in providing us the justice we deserve.  

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