Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Judge Jeff Bivins, Judge Robbie Beal, Judge Timothy Easter & Terry Wood the Williamson County ADA... America Deserves Better Than YOU... Did YOU See That Jimmy and Bill Haslam Lawyered Up with Reid Weingarten.. That's a Blast from the Past... Remember WhiteWater? Remember ENRON, Remember Tyco? Remember WorldCom? Maybe Pilot Flying J Will Be in the Same Chapter as THOSE Companies?

Haslam Family Hires Legal ROCKSTAR - Reid Weingarten is the TRIPLE CROWN White Collar Lawyer...He's Represented WorldCom, Tyco, ENRON & More....Oddly He's Friends With Eric Holder... Lets See "If" Eric Will "Do a Good Ole Boy a Favor".... My Guess is The Brown's Owner is Gonna NOT Get the "Deal" He Had Hoped for.....

 I can't stand racism..... I can't wait to leave this cesspool infested with Good Ole Boy floaters.... 
YOUR ALL FULL OF SHIT.... Humanity takes a backseat to decency in Tennessee & a lady showed me a "spreadsheet" of corruption happening at the BRENTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH.... If I was a member I'd think about "changing"..... That place is a den of hypocrisy!!!

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