Thursday, December 12, 2013

Judge Jeff Bivens, Timothey Easter & Robbie Beal - I'm Telling Kim Helper That I'm NOT the ONLY Person Abused in the Tennessee Court. A Powerful Guy Told Me "If Martin Luther King's Family Could NOT Get Justice in Tennessee HOW Can YOU?"

I had spoked to the staffer last week - he was aware of a scandal brewing of Lamar having donors that profit from IRAN. Also the Haslam family has a board member Mike Loya that "skirts" sanctions & is currently trying to buy MORE Iranian oil. Loftarn knew that Mitt Romney profited from Iran via Vitol, Blueknight and Charlesbank (his son Tagg too)... Also I communicated a NEW issue involving FBI Suppression and Judicial abuse in the Tennessee courts about Martin Luther King (involving James Earl Ray case in late 90's & Judges Quashing Motions.FYI Recently I (mysteriously) got a packet of 
NOW unsealed FBI reports & Affidavits from Tennessee lawyers- people want the Issue of racism in the courts I think THAT is why James Comey is making the new FBI recruits go to the MLK memorial. Issues are "most likely" getting exposed. I'm Not naming any judges, politicians or lawyers on this blog post BUT I told Lamar's now ex staffer. Also I did say that "racist words" were used by people in power & I was sent the audio tapes. I'm scared because this staffer was going to help me NOW he's charged with child porn? I want the FBI to investigate. They guy could be guilty but to me it seems like a "frame up" Today new source verified my concerns are JUSTIFIED!

He made 169K a year he did not need to "distribute" porn for money. I learned at a National Security conference that "framing people with porn is easy".... Once being accused it's hard to get back a reputation. Also ehe staffer was well respected & heavily vetted. He was NOT a newbie to DC. More suspicion is: A photographer was on standby "ready" to take the perfect "perp walk" photo outside his home .
Lamar Alexander IMMEDIATELY had a replacement ready Lamar Alexander said guilty or INNOCENT he lost his job. http://haslamfbiirsraid.blogsp......

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