Monday, December 29, 2014

James Comey is the FBI Ever Gonna Bust the Rich People That Hurt America? I'm Losing Hope that Crony Corruption in the USA is Just Common & Swept Under the Rug... Why is America NOT a Fair Country?

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Date: December 28, 2014 at 8:06:10 PM PST
Subject: James Comey is the FBI Gonna Do RICK Investigation for DOD Whistleblower? Some Think the Corrupt People Control The Govt. Their Making Me Lose Hope - I told Amy Burns I'd Blog More IF The FEDS Allow Her to Be Railroaded 
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iGot MORE docs from Amy and 6 people will prove there's a pattern of Civil Rights abuse in Franklin TN-

Lots of people abused by Haslam linked Good Ole Boy network contacted me over Christmas.

These people are becoming HOPELESS & their stressing me out.
Look at you tube video - 

Between all the corruption IGNORED by the Feds and my panicking of Good Ole Boy retaliation that linked to sleazy CIA deals I'm starting to have PHYSICAL signs of the stress  

The abused people in TN are angry and they represent a LOT of America
Ya'll gotta FIX IT...  Please do RICO in TN & someone help Amy Burns cause I don't want to have to go back and blog MORE about Tennessee's Cesspool aka the Williamson Count Courts.

FBI do ya'll protect the connected rich people & ignore average America? Sure looks that way- please do something & Happy New Year!

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One of my viewers told me Bernie Ecclestone's Germany "deal" shows the CIA/Clique that's abused her & AMERICAN taxpayers  that led by business leaders who own Formula 1 teams - NFL teams and own futball clubs are winning - their linked to the CIA torturers & Dick Cheney.

Ecclestone's deal was like the Cleveland Brown's owner Jimmy Haslam & paying a fine means NOTHING to them.

UNLESS these crooks go to jail my life will be miserable.

These greedy people have HURT a lot of people and many victims of the CIA/MIC clique contacted me this week - I have 4 NEW corruption issues and now I have a facial tick...

The FBI needs to get tough of ALL fraudsters... 

 I'm one person and can't deal with all this corruption. It it's NOT gonna stop then one of the corrupt people please hire me.  Give me health insurance.  I don't need to keep fighting if I'm NEVER gonna win. It's just sad...not for just me but for America.

Have a Happy New Year!!!