Monday, February 17, 2014

***UPDATE*** Kim Helper- Gail Kerr Wrote About Davidson County Problems with Domestic Abuse... Too Bad the Problems in Williamson County Are WORSE.... When Are YOU Going to Wake Up an Protect Those that are TRULY Victims?

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Is Chas SIsk Related to Fred Sisk. Is Gannet CORRUPT?
Date: February 18, 2014 at 12:11:48 PM CST
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I’m curious? is Chas Sisk related to Fred Sisk?

FYI- I’m putting together a packet for a US attorney showing cronyism in the Tennessee mainstream media. You’d be amazed at how many local reporters are related to those whose relatives work for the State of Tennessee & or corporations that have abused me & they ignored the story. The fact is the media has the “right” to report stories they want. Still “if” the papers get government funding then a conflict of interest emerges.  I’ve discovered that papers in Tennessee have “skirted” laws.  I do not know if that will be reported.   Still I want my reputation back and I’ve got people listening… People that can “make change”..

Pleaes let me know- I want to put ONLY accurate information in my letter.

Is Chas related to Fred? 

Sharyn Bovat

Sure - let me double check on Kerr's message.

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can i post this?
ot proves gannett ignores you too

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He called me back after I called him. I told him about wmson co political corruption. He said he'd call back. I told him I'd meet him anywhere. I never heard back!

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From: Amy
Date: January 17, 2013 at 7:22:43 PM EST
Subject: corruption - DCS, Davis House, Williamson county sheriff 

Tony - I spoke with you before. My daughter is still sufferring. All the above agencies had knowledge and evidence (photos, testimony from my daughter, police reports, etc).  I can show how a detective stated on a police report that if a stranger best her and caused bruising, uy would be criminal, but since it was the grandmother they weren't going to press charges. I HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE. Please call me. My daughter is suffering. The story is about suffering after leaving an abusive home. We have been beaten and abused by the system who was (I had always believed) supposed to help us. 
the secret report said victims sometimes waited up to four hours for an officer to arrive. Think about that. Your husband has beaten you up. You are bleeding and it takes four hours for help to come. Kind of hard to believe in the system after hearing that, isn’t it?
The unreleased report detailed how frequent it was that judges and night court commissioners blamed the victim. Police failed to photograph the battered woman’s injuries. And, in a startling accusation that police leaders deny, the secret report said Metro police officers were given more points for ticketing speeders than for investigating charges of domestic violence. Metro’s legal director, Saul Soloman, called the report a gathering of “unsubstantiated observations.”
If I had experienced a broken arm, black eye and bloodied nose, I’d be hopping mad to be called an “unsubstantiated observation.”

Monday, February 10, 2014

DOD Whistleblower Urges the FBI to Investigate & the US Attorney to Prosecute the Williamson County DA Kim Helper & Judges Jeff Bivins, Robbie Beal & Timothy Easter i Hope You Go to Jail. It's the ONLY Way to Make America Healthy.

I'm terrified of living in fear: If NISSAN can accuse me of "Stalking"  a corporation then I should be able to accuse NISSAN (a corporation) of bullying, slandering,
& threatening to kill the whistleblower.    

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Look at This - it's CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT!!! An Easy Way for America to "Call the Loan" Tell Nissan they violated the law. Make them payback America - they're sending jobs to MEXICO this is only fair
Date: February 10, 2014 at 1:21:17 PM CST

 I could not file a False Claims due to the “trumped up” charges NISSAN and the State of Tennessee (corrupt politicians) discredited me so fraud could happen & because it happened the taxpayer lost over 3 Billion dollars ( BAD BOND DEBT) The Williamson County DA should be arrested & the judges…along with ALL NISSAN executives that knew that i was innocent. I have proof they knew. Bottom line- If I could be arrested for “stalking a corporation” then they should be arrested for the 5 years of bullying, multiple death threats & an attempt to kill me.  That seems logical?   Making an example of NISSAN is the only way to make America healthy!   

The Nissan loan (bailout) was illegal cause NISSAN used collateral backed by the taxpayers…a 2 Billion dollars Rutherford County IDB Bond.  Obama used a “bundler” from his elections (The Paul Weiss Law Firm) to review the loan and it was financed by the Federal Financing Bank. In the end the NISSAN Leaf will cost the taxpayers. 3.5 Billion: Nissan promised 1500 green jobs and they’d make 200k batteries a year… so far the demand is just 25k leafs a year and Japan has the capacity to build 50K I was told that the car comes in a “kit” so the parts are Asian and only 100-150 real jobs will be created but when the subsidies dry out then no jobs.  

What makes it a crime is the car promised to congress got 100 miles per charge - the Leaf was rated at 73 miles per charges…The technology they claimed to have they did not.  I was told by NISSAN employees the cars battery is technology from the 90’s when California at C.A.R.B. requirements.  Nissan for the Leaf used technology the CEO Carlos Ghosn said was a “failure” and he did not offer jobs to those that did the EV when moving the company to Tennessee.   

During that time NISSAN was drawing down on the Dept. of Energy loan I was facing misdemeanor charges that were sworn out by Rob Trayham of NISSAN corporate services. Because of the charges I could not obtain a lawyer to file a False Claims Act ... I was told that the charges of "stalking a corporation" took away credibility.  The charges also destroyed my child was bullied. In November 2012 when i learned Carlos Tavares was still using my home address for his Costco membership... I flipped. Had I really been harassing Carlos Tavares which is "what" the Willianson County ADA implied "over and over again.. Baker Donelson too... "if" that were true Mr. Tavares would have not used my home address.  He also would have sent a letter to the courts.  The fact is Carlos Tavares was going to be one of my witnesses BUT a Tennessee judge quashed it. 

I suffered 19 months fighting in the Tennessee courts and America is now Billions more in debt. It's estimated that "just" NISSAN North America has 6 Billion in IDB debt via Rutherford County  Time has proven that issues I blogged about since June 4th 2009 are true... I testified at the Tennessee State capital about the judicial abuse in 2011... those politicians did not listen.. they did get donations from NISSAN & some got cars. 
A former NISSAN employee told me they took the tech off a dusty the shelf… A few years ago I was told that since NISSAN  does business with IRAN - it would have been illegal to have given NISSAN money "had" they had the technology they told Congress they had.  I learned the Dept. of Energy money the way they said it was…I was told "consultants" were hired an paid via Bermuda.  I was in Washington DC in January 2011 and the same day I talked to a guy a Federal judge agreed to an order allowing the IRS to open NISSAN's books.  2 years ago I was told that NISSAN was hiring American scientist using American taxpayer money to create tech that would directly go to Putin (Autovaz) & to Khomeini (Renault) Carlos Ghosn is smart...  When the Dept. of Energy loan is not repaid it won't hurt the bottom line of NISSAN... it's the taxpayer.

I have a lot more - emails and documents will be provided to a journalist that will report the story of DOE fraud... You'd be amazed at the bipartisan network of bankers, politicians and foreign companies that took Stimulus money in 2009-2010 knowing they were scamming "the average" taxpayer.  It's time for RESPECT.

Sharyn Bovat