Monday, July 15, 2013

**Update*** Forget About Zimmerman - The REAL Civil Rights Trial is Going to Be in the Williamson County Courts on January 30th, 2014.

My Goal is for TV Cameras in the Courtroom.    

In Tennessee it appears the people that "launder money" have VIP access in Kim Helpers courtroom. 

Why does Kim Helper let a man have VIP access to the judicial system: When he "most likely" does not pay his fair share in taxes?

Can someone from Comdata call me up.  I have some questions.  I'm sure Comdata is innocent it's just that they might be "mis informed".... I want to share with them some information and they can always make CLARIFICATIONS.

Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

I told TREASURY lawyers about ALL the money that Troy Burns "allegedly" funnels through his businesss.  It's on his bank statements.

That money was traced to people linked to the HASLAM family.  It's just 'Good Ole Boy" stuff.   I hear people have "pulled out the microscope".... Troy Burms told the IRS he made about 20k.... Trascripts show that he wanted Amy to LIE.   Still Kim Helper keeps "trumped up" charges against her.  Troy does business with Comdata.  I told that to people in DC.....   Game on.

****If any of this is "inaccurate" let me know and I will clarify****.

Why does Kim Helper seems to "protect" a guy that likes to use the word NIGGER?

Why does Kim Helper Likes to protect a guy that that threatened to physically abuse his wife?

ALL I want is for a child to have fairness.  Her mother has been ABUSED in the Williamson County courts.  Call Sharyn Bovat at 615-944-7599 to make clarifications.

This explains that Troy would get a deposit then write A check to his mechanic for that amount + a little extra.  This happened numerous times.  For the last few years millions has been going through Troy's checking account and he either says on his IRS statement he lost money or he made in the 20-30k range.

Discovery documents show he deducts his maid - liqueur and makes trips to Athens Alabama each month and buys a prepaid credit card.  Who is getting 2-3k each month from Troy?  Also there was a mysterious tractor sale to a man named Kevin Gilmore at Rocking Chair Farms.
He bought a tractor and then got a FULL refund  -  that tractor might NEVER existed.   Sales go to Canada.  I have copies of checks. Some months 1/2 million + is processed through checking account- still he makes no money or technically lives at the poverty level.
Oddly he writes checks to companies connected to organizations that support the local judges. More soon