Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jack Johnson, Rhori Johnston, & Beverly Burger Children at Davis House Have Had Their Lives Suffer Due to the Good Ole Boy Network

DCS Issues Pulls the Heart Stings of NISSAN Whistleblower.

Too Many Times Women Abused in Courts - Victimized By the Child Advocates that Are Funded By Big Corporations  Women Have Told Sharyn Horror Stories About People They Thought Would Help Them.

One Lady Has "Clear as Daylight" Evidence She Was Not Treated Well By the Davis House:

Using the Spirit of World Airways Owner Ed Daly - I'm Gonna Save Some Children.

In America A Child Should NOT Have to Live With People That Beat Them JUST Because Their Daddy is Friends with Bubba. :It's Time for Respect for ALL People and Especially the Children.

 Daly spoke softly but authoritatively. His interests were immediately practical: "We need to know exactly where on the island the two battalions of Vietcong are located, what sort of weapons they have." Daly usually wears open shirts and has a nervous habit of fingering the two talismans he wears around his neck, a medal from the Pope and a miniature revolver. This day he was in uncharacteristic shirt and tie. His only show of nerves was to whip off his glasses. "We need maps," he said emphatically, "if there's a deep-water port, and we can get some air cover and ships..." 

Before YOU Give Money to a Charity.... Check Out Who Runs It?   

Call Me and I will set up a meeting that will make YOU not want to give to the United Way.

Sharyn Bovat


My Friend Mark Silverman KNOWS I'm Telling the Truth.... So Will a National Reporter "real soon"
It's Time for the Good Ole Boys to Respect Women.... Even if they're NOT from Tennessee

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