Sunday, February 5, 2017

Note to Kim Helper


Amy Burns emailed me today saying she wants the blogs that mention her down. I hope she cut a deal and is NO LONGER being bullied judicially by you and TN.

I'm in Cuba and the internet access is slow and limited. I will do what Amy said when I get back.
In the past she has asked then changed her mind. I'm a blogger that wants to expose injustice.

If you did a deal and are upset the posts are not down it takes time and i need a list of what she wants down. Technically she gave me permission a long time ago BUT I want her to get resolution. So "if" you did a deal then please know that I need a list.  Also I'd like you to STOP bullying people in the courts.

Anyway .... I hope to hear from Amy & hear that her Williamson County nightmare is over.

Sharyn Bovat

1 comment:

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