Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tom Ingram YOU Better Tell Governor Bill Haslam There are "Issues" with Judge Chris Craft of Shelby County-Memphis: Personally I Have None BUT Several have Told Me Things... I've Told Them to Send PROOF... When is the Hearing on Supreme Court Judges?

"I was surprised there were only five for a Supreme Court position,"Haslam told reporters recently.

From page 9 of Chris Crafts Supreme court Judicial application: 

I was also sued in federal court a few years ago in my capacity as Chair of the Private Probation Services Counsel along with several other governmental employees by a pro se plaintiff who alleged that the Council should have punished a probation company for violating her daughter's probation. She had appeared at one of the Council's public hearings in Nashville unannounced, to orally complain. I allowed her to speak and then informed her that she would have to file a written complaint against the company before we could investigate, and gave her the forms to fill outandfile. 

One guy sent me a cd and says Judge Craft got caught LYING on tape... That tape is going to a US Attorney.  If it's authenticated then Houston YOU might have a problem....

Below are the names of the Judges applying to the Tennessee Supreme Court.... 
Judicial corruption is BIG in Tennessee and my goal is to expose the "bad eggs" I'm NOT saying Judge Chris Craft is bad... All I'm doing is using my American right of Free Speech to "try" to make Tennessee more transparent. God knows Governor Haslam is doing everything in his power to STOP that from happening....

Click name of each Judge that applied for Supreme Court and see if their application is OK.
Mail me and Inconsistencies with PROOF of any alleged wrong doing and I will post it.. 

Sharyn Bovat
PO Box 3631
Oak Brook, IL

I have to do this cause the mainstream media in Tennessee is "in bed" with Haslam profiteers & I have plenty of time to do it cause after I whistle blew about FRAUD and discrimination happening at NISSAN they destroyed my image and the Tennessee courts helped them. Gannett KNEW this was happening - they knew I told the truth and they did NOT report it. NOW I have to go to the Supreme court but was recently told info that's gonna ROCK Tennessee -  odds are some of the judicial abuse done to me is linked to a BIG child porn bust called Project Spade.  People were "comprimised and let the "Railroading" of me happen.   Already the FBI has the name....  God Bless America and Thank You Jesus for getting me out of Tennessee.

Christopher Bright Craft

Criminal Court Judge
30th Judicial District
William Lewis Jenkins, Jr.
Wilkerson Gauldin Hayes Jenkins & Dedmon, Attorneys
Holly M. Kirby
Court of Appeals/Western Section
John Brook Lathram
Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC - Memphis Office
Steven J. Mulroy
Professor of Law
Humphrey's School of Law/University of Memphis


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