Wednesday, December 18, 2013

James Comey of the FBI- INVESTIGATE the Tennessee Courts!!! Also Kim Helper the Fax to Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson Did NOT Go Through and I Have to Get to the Dentist Office.... SO I'm Putting This ONLINE... It's For PUBLIC SAFETY.

Ms. Helper,

This letter is to inform you that almost 2 years I learned that my judicial problems were linked to an alleged  "porn" problem that my ex Lawyer had. (When I was told this I assumed he liked to read Playboy).  

The FBI & the DOD Inspector General are aware of this.

A few weeks ago I was in Senator Lamar Alexander's office and talked to his staffer about helping me restore my reputation back & a week later he was arrested for porn. I had told Mr. Loskarn about issues involving CIA drug trafficking that are linked to Iran Contra- Also issues about FedEx (they are the DOD's 2nd biggest vendor & my possible bio dad was the man who helped Fred Smith- World Airways was a passenger carrier so having an airline that did not have to worry about witnesses to issues involving "certain cargo" made sense.  Ed Daly of World Airways in the 70's was considered the godfather of the DOD contractors.  When I was 10ish I got to fly a jet that was dead-heading to Dulles with Mr. Rumsfeld on board. 

Because I was around high level people "that is why" people wanted me discredited in the courts. Now I'm going to DC every month & lobbying to find out HOW it happened.  

Then about a month ago I was sent a packet of FBI reports- lawyer affidavits and audio tapes from a man that was abused in the Tennessee courts by the same judges that denied Martin Luther Kings family justice.  It seems that in Tennessee I'm not the ONLY person who suffered from issues of abuse of power. 

OK- rant over.  Back to the point of the fax.  

My fax is based on concern of PUBLIC SAFETY.

This is to inform you about my concern about your ADA Terry Wood:

I had a 1st time misdemeanor and 2 other charges against me that were "trumped up" The 1st case against me for "stalking a corporation" was dropped by Judge Nations.  The 2nd time they jailed me was due to Terry Wood taking it to the Grand Jury (he says NISSAN played no role) well in Tennessee and in America you can NOT stalk a corporation - it's clearly in the law.  

The other charge against me was = to those of Occupy Nashville and they had "proper" notice - were I did not.  I can prove that court documents were altered too. NISSAN failed to offer the security tape and Kline Preston told me he told Terry Wood to get it.   A NISSAN employee told me that NISSAN destroyed the tape.  I want to know what happened?  If Terry Wood was not helping NISSAN was he helping Kline Preston.  Even "if" Kline did/does not have an "alleged" porn problem - it's still wrong what MR. Wood did?  

I was warned about Kline Preston prior to my jury trial and "that" is why I represented myself (I was told he was "compromised". Then I was told the "judge swap" Beal to Kurtz was done to protect me.  Judge Beal had quashed my subpoenas = thus taking away my defense.  Still I claim innocence of a charge = to a speeding ticket and believe that some day the State of Tennessee will give me my $50 back & my "reputation" this fax today is about a more serious issue & that is the possibility of your ADA being linked to an alleged porn issue.  

I also send a notice that I sent to Mike Catalano of the Court of Appeals & to NISSAN counsel Brigid Carpenter. I'm going to take my case against NISSAN to the Supreme Court because my Due Process rights were violated.

Your ADA says he did not "act" with the advice of NISSAN so if that's the case was he conspiring with Kline Preston.  If he did then Mr. Wood should be investigated for porn issues.  

Most people agree that an ADA would not take a case like mine to a grand jury and pursue so aggressively to have a carpool mom jailed - one who spoke out against discrimination and wasted spending of taxpayer money and the fact that NISSAN does business in Iran and shares technology with America's enemies.  Had Mr. Wood talked to me I would have told him.   

Also - I was forced to use Kline Preston because lawyers that looked into helping me were bullied - I have a lawyer that was contacted by Joe Baugh and told NOT to work with me. I was told "that" is a crime - would you like to investigate?  Please call Joe Baugh. I have already posted an email from that lawyer on my website and it's in my brief.  Odd that the judges in the Appeals court did "not pick up on it"... 

Oh well.  I might get to meet Anthony Scalia if my case goes to the Supreme Court (Recently I was invited to meet him at a Cocktail party but could not go- it was in DC. Last summer in New Orleans one of Sister Helen's friends told me that my case could go to the Supreme Court cause it's PURE Due Process...Did you know that the nun from that Susan Sarandon movie her brother was friends with Dick Cheney?  Oops I'm rambling)

Baker Donelson would not provide the audio of the Summary Judgement motion hearing to the Appeals court and Judge Timothy Easter did not address any of my motions - even those that I file immediately after Kline withdrew as my lawyer. It's obvious that NOBODY wanted the affidavit of Terry Wood to be scrutinized & the Tennessee courts knew that I could not get proper representation and let "a wrong get wronger" 

Kim Helper- I can 100% that your ADA Terry Wood "lied" and embellished on his affidavit - those issues will go to a US Attorney.

If Terry Wood was not prompted to prosecute me from an outside source linked to NISSAN then he could have a PROJECT SPADE problem.  I'm not accusing him of anything. I'm simply asking for investigation to find out WHY what happened to me happened?  

This letter is to give you the opportunity to evaluate the situation and if you believe their is any merit to the porn issue please do not let Mr. Wood work in juvenile court.

Seems like LOTS of people know Have been abused in your courts....Do you want to explain why?  

My goal is not to get money - i want JUSTICE. 

Happy Holidays!

Sharyn Bovat

I'm also sending Mr. Weingarten this he's doing the Haslam "independent" investigation & is friends with Eric Holder. My goal is for the DOJ to investigate the Tennessee courts systemic problem.  Already 6 people with cases like mine have been neglected by the process currently established in the State of Tennessee.  Let's face it you don't become #1 in Violent Crime and #1 in Corruption without "teamwork".... My goal is the help the state just like I tried to help NISSAN as a "change agent".... 

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